Da Xiaoshan had already bandaged his wound while speaking he told Zhao Yuan that my stepfather and adoptive mother would definitely be murdered by Qin

Please support the original copyright belongs to the author. Title Song Emperor Jiangshan Author Shaoxing Eleven Copywriting This is a story of monarchs and ministers teaming up to defeat traitors and collaborating with the Northern Expedition to finally reset the world. A problem student at the Military Academy wakes up and travels to the Southern Song Dynasty.
This is the third time after Yue Fei’s death. The entire Southern Song Dynasty is filled with a terrifying and decadent atmosphere, and this country is also slipping step by step into an incurable abyss. Will the arrival of the protagonist finally change this situation, and what will happen to his secret relationship in the end? What content tags Qiangqiang travel through time and space search keywords protagonist Xiaoshan Zhao Yuan supporting role Zhao Gou Qin Hui Han Shizhong Xin Qiji other Tanmei protagonist Gongdi Shou Qiangqiang Emperor Shou Southern Song Song Zhao Gou Yuefei Zhao Yuan Qin Hui wedge Song Shaoxing Eleventh year New Year’s Eve Lin’an this year’s winter It’s extremely cold, even Lin’an, which has always been warm, is no exception. The entire capital city seems to be covered by dark clouds, and it’s impossible to let people take a breather.
This atmosphere has shrouded the entire city since Yue Fei was imprisoned three months ago. Today, it is even more gloomy. The four howls seem to be about to turn the Jiangnan warm town into the Northwest Gobi.
In the palace south of Lin’an, some palaces have not been repaired. Now on New Year’s Eve, the craftsmen are all going home for a reunion.
The canine teeth usually reveal a ferocious face accidentally. The emperor Zhao Gou is sitting in front of the desk in the bedroom.
Because of wars, the treasury is empty. The palace has never been expanded. Even the emperor’s bedroom is very small.
The front office is behind the sleeping hall. More than a dozen candles were burning on the candle holders. The candlelight could only illuminate the emperor’s desk, but not those flies and dogs in the dark.
The flat yellow silk has not been written for a long time, it is already New Year’s Eve, the death of Yue Fei can no longer be delayed, if it is after tonight, it will be spring, the important minister who will kill the country in spring is really unknown When thinking like this, Zhao Gou’s pen fell half an inch, but stopped again Before living there for a month, he had sent someone to the Kingdom of Jin to ask for his biological mother, Webster. At that time, he still had some confidence in his words.
If he did not return the Holy Palace, I would not be afraid to go to war again.
But if Yue Fei died, I am afraid that he would not have the guts to say such things in his life. Having said that, Zhao Gou just felt a headache. He put down his pen and rubbed his temples with his fingers.
Before that, he didn’t treat Yue Fei’s affairs differently from the other two generals. Solving the problem of being outside and fighting for each other, the military power of Han Shizhong, Zhang Jun, and Yuefei was collected.
These three people were transferred back to Lin’an and appointed as privy envoys, so that they would be high and powerless. Being able to obstruct the negotiation of the Song and Jin Dynasties, Zhao Gou thought so and did so.
In April of this year, he had already taken over the military power of the three generals, which is considered a big deal in his mind, but what he never expected was to wait for him to take over. After taking over the military power of the three generals, the Jinren suddenly said that if they wanted to negotiate peace, they would kill Yue Fei.
These eight words made Zhao Gou’s brain completely troubled. He is determined not to go to the Northern Expedition. Naturally, he wants to negotiate a peace, but he wants to kill Yue Fei, which really makes Zhao Gou feel embarrassed.
Zhao Gou doesn’t want to kill Yue Fei. Yue Fei is himself.
The promoted ones are loyal, reliable and have strong combat effectiveness. They are knowledgeable and interesting.
They are much better than Han Shizhong who repeatedly refuses to listen to his greetings and act privately. Besides, Yue Fei has no military power.
Killing him will not do him any good. Can the Song Dynasty stand up to fighting again? Zhao Gou hesitated in his heart.
He knew clearly that Jin Guo didn’t want to fight any more.
At this time, negotiating a peace is the best chance, but is he really going to kill the big officials in the court? If you don’t use it, you can say it’s an emperor’s mind, but if you kill someone, I’m afraid your reputation will be bad in a hundred years. It’s because of Zhao Gou’s indecision. This matter has been procrastinating for more than three months. There was another person beside Qin Hui, who was frowning in the East Wing of his Prime Minister’s Mansion. Qin Hui’s wife, Mrs. Wang, saw such a scene when she entered the East Room. Putting a half-peeled citrus, Mrs.
Wang saw this and asked with a smile, what else is there to worry about? Why is it so sad? Qin Hui shook his head and said, “It’s so easy. If you can’t get rid of Yue Fei, you can’t be sure that the emperor will use it again.
If there really is a Northern Expedition, it will be the day I die.
Qin Hui’s worry is not unreasonable. He was able to do so so quickly The position of the prime minister is entirely because Zhao Gou does not want to fight, so he is an official who is closely related to the Jin people.
It’s like ten years ago. Ten years ago, Qin Hui just returned from the Kingdom of Jin to the Southern Song Dynasty. Zhao Gou appointed him as the prime minister, but because the main combat faction is powerful, the generals are strong enough to fight against the Kingdom of Jin. He, the prime minister who advocates peace, is less than capable. He was dismissed from office in eight months and was thrown into a remote area for six years. In the same place, he must never fall twice.
As long as the Song army can fight again, as long as Yue Fei is not dead, Qin Hui can’t sleep well all day. Seeing Qin Hui, Wang sighed and thought about it I want to say that you guys are really useless. Yue Fei has been imprisoned in Dali Temple for four months and he can’t even find a crime. Is he not a human? Temper had no choice but to explain the crime patiently. He found two of them, but those were the two complaints he said after drinking.