Cursing Zhou Cheng got a little angry slapped the table violently and yelled enough you’re endless and people don’t like you what’s wrong with you

Talent Zhou Cheng Year and Month Issue South China University of Technology male dormitory room Zhou Cheng is lying on his stomach on a hard bed in the back.
The ground is full of cigarette butts and empty wine bottles. There is no one else in the dormitory except him. The school is seeing off the old and welcoming the new. It is estimated that there is no one else in this batch of graduates except Zhou Cheng. Today is the last day that the school requires all graduates to leave school.
The new batch of students who have entered the university have already arrived. Visiting the male dormitory, Uncle Zhang is the building manager of this building and has always been dedicated to his work.
At this moment, he is spitting and introducing the bright spots of the dormitory to a large group of students and parents who are curious behind him.
Gigabit fiber optic hot and cold water is supplied hourly, microwave, refrigerator, smart TV are all in place, and the library and gym will be open every week. Undoubtedly, Uncle Zhang’s passionate and heroic explanation made everyone laugh in response.
A parent who is good at flattering people answered the words smoothly, then I will definitely leave the child to Uncle Zhang.
Uncle Zhang has worked hard hahahahaha, if you want to say it’s clean, it’s not me, Lao Zhang.
When you came up modestly, you can see that the school has not been established, and the little red flag of sanitation has been covered.
I have a lot of rounds. Everyone said that it’s not a hygienic pacesetter.
The red flag was almost hanging on the top of the building.
Who could not have seen that Uncle Zhang took everyone up to the third floor? By chance, he saw the door of the dormitory with his excited beard trembling. He forced himself to suppress the rising blood pressure and coughed twice.
Tell everyone to be quiet. This dormitory has produced many talents this year. Let’s not talk about it. Now there is one person who seems to be lucky.
Zhou Cheng made two loud voices and explained. Have you heard of it? It was on the news not long ago. It is the first year since the establishment of our school that a person who has obtained a double doctorate and is under the age of 20 years old recently took the Beijing Civil Service Examination with almost full marks. I won the first place in the interview and also got the first place in the interview, and I was interviewed by several big leaders. Oh, this guy is really good. In two or three years, I think he will be a big leader. If we want to meet, I’m afraid we can only watch the news network.
Haha Zhang Uncle pushed open the bedroom door as he talked Only Zhou Cheng himself is left. At this moment, Zhou Cheng is still lying on the bed, showing his big white legs, and there is a fly lying on his floral underpants.
The ground is full of cigarette butts and empty wine bottles.
All the students and parents were also dumbfounded, but the air did not solidify at this moment, because the flies lying on Zhou Chenghua’s pants seemed to have alarmed Zhou Cheng, so Zhou Cheng played a loud My fart, this fart scared the flies and woke up Uncle Zhang To ease the embarrassment, Uncle Zhang greeted the fart while shaking and explaining to everyone Haha I guess this kid is too happy because he drank too much last night I see this kind of scene a lot every year during the graduation season There are still a lot of big boys crying, Zhou Cheng, Zhou Cheng, wake up, Zhou Cheng twisted his big white legs, finally opened his eyes, first looked at Uncle Zhang, and then saw that the room was full of people, he couldn’t help but ouch, and quickly pulled it away The white shirt covered the flowery pants. Zhou Cheng thought it was Uncle Zhang who urged him to leave school, so he hurriedly apologized in embarrassment and said sorry to Uncle Zhang, I will pack up and leave school right away. It’s all right. These are all freshmen who came to report. I’ll take them when I’m free.
Take a tour of the dormitory building and meet you, a once-in-a-century talent, how you are sober and didn’t say a few words to these juniors Uncle Zhang looked at Zhou Cheng cheerfully, but Zhou Cheng showed a bitter smile to everyone and only said hello everyone Afterwards, he quickly started to get dressed, and the undeterred Uncle Zhang was still looking forward to the person in his eyes giving a few refreshing words to the little guys behind him. Zhou Cheng was assigned to report to no department in Shangjing. Don’t forget about you, Uncle Zhang, haha Zhou Cheng smiled bitterly and did not answer. More things happened these days than he encountered in his entire life. Last night he wanted to find someone to confide in, but now he is really not even in the mood to talk.
Uncle Zhang brought a new life again. We went to visit the dormitory, calmed down again, put on clothes, packed the bedding and toiletries, and cleaned the dormitory. After Zhou Cheng took a deep breath, he leaned on the wooden bed and wanted to smoke.
When he found that the cigarette case was empty, he took out his phone and looked at it. The blessings and inquiries from the three roommates in the dormitory are very uniform, and they are all asking what department he is assigned to.
Every line is full of envy that he can hold a golden job as soon as he graduates, and it is a golden job in Beijing. Uncle Zhang is right, he Zhou Cheng It’s indeed a talent, but it’s just a pity. All of this has completely changed in the phone call I received yesterday.
Zhou Cheng is not bad, not bad.
Double Ph.
is the first place in this written test and interview.
Your assignment has been decided.
We thought about it and decided to arrange you first.
Go to Qili Village, Heishi County, Xianyang City, Qinxi Province to exercise. Remember to do a good job as the village chief.
We have high hopes for you.
This time, we not only inspect you, but also do specific things for the pilot of this new model. It’s inconvenient to say more. Report on time on September 1st. Go to Heishi County first. Someone will take you there. We’ll send you your materials and files.
The scenery that has been accumulated in a short time is completely wiped out.
The civil servants in Beijing who thought they were ironclad