Cuizhu herself does not Realizing that she has a crush on Zhu Xiaolian if Zhu Xiaolian is with other people her favor wont sublimate maybe

Chapter 1 Unexpectedly, in the laboratory of a university in Huaguo, Huang Chao is carefully operating the vapor deposition device to prepare graphene film. This device is the latest model just purchased by his laboratory. He watched the operation process several times when the engineer was debugging it.
Now is his first time using it independently It’s no wonder that he was still in the laboratory trying vapor deposition experiments on Saturday night.
He followed the operating procedures and changed the gas in order to feed the carbon source.
He was still thinking that these gases are flammable. The instrument won’t blow up. The instrument shows that everything is normal. Huang Chao gradually felt relieved and felt that he should hurry up and go back to sleep. Just when Huang Chao was already relaxing, he suddenly felt a bright light in front of his eyes, and the whole stove seemed to have turned into a huge xenon lamp. Ah, Huang Chao let out a low growl, covered his eyes with his hands, and felt that his eyes were about to explode in pain. It was over, the instrument exploded, and he died this time, but there was no explosion. The previous pain was like an illusion. Huang Chao slowly took away his hands. The instrument in front of him is still working normally.
What’s going on in the laboratory? His eyes backed away for a while, and then he took his hand away. If others saw it, they would think he was bored playing with the metal substrate and quickly cooled it down. Huang Chao opened the instrument and found that there was only a mass of melted and deformed metal in the quartz tube. He expected a little bit of graphene.
No, the experiment failed. Huang Chao sighed, packed up his things and returned to the dormitory. I don’t know if the failure was related to the strong light just now.
I lost everything in just a short journey. I must have caught a cold. Hurry up and go back to sleep.
Cough cough. I’m so tired. I’ll start exercising tomorrow. Huang Chao comforted himself and went back to the dormitory with difficulty. Thick foils are absorbing his life energy. When the tube furnace exploded with strong light, a magical reaction occurred in the hearth that Huang Chao could not see.
A dissipating fragment of two-dimensional space in the void coincidentally. It coincides with the forming carbon monoatomic layer in the space debris and interacts with the atomic layer. The carbon atoms are all annihilated. The huge energy of the explosion saved the space debris from dissipating. The full name of space debris is two-dimensional space consciousness. It can make people lower the dimension and go back and forth to the virtual universe generated by the divergence of human consciousness collection. Simply put, it allows people to travel to the world of novels, movies, animations and games. Human Consciousnesses Perceived by Nascent Foils In less than a second, it had bound Huang Chao’s blood gene and mental fluctuations. In Huang Chao’s mind, there was an extra space foil with a thickness of zero. The function of this two-way foil was severely damaged, and only the most The basic functions need to be repaired by constantly collecting energy from the fantasy world.
Now it has just combined with Huang Chao and can only absorb Huang Chao’s life energy to start it up, so Huang Chao has serious symptoms of weakness. Fortunately, Huang Chao is just a modern ordinary youth, not a fantasy.
The child of a certain family in mainland China, otherwise, the space-time foil will absorb the life energy he cultivated, making him lose his cultivation overnight and become a waste that everyone despises. When Huang Chao returned to the dormitory, his roommate Tian Quan was watching the video.
He saw Huang.
He looked super weak and asked what happened to Rhubarb.
When he went out at night, he was still fine.
Because of his burly body, Huang Chao got the nickname Rhubarb. He couldn’t complain about this nickname. Which village doesn’t have one or two rhubarbs who came up with this nickname? They really should be beaten alive.
Die and eat it, it’s okay, maybe catch a cold, Huang Chao sits powerlessly in front of the computer, thinking about going to bed early and repeating this experiment tomorrow, I can’t keep failing alas, I’m done if this continues, he doesn’t even dare to think about his future because of everything He had no clue, he just felt extremely confused, and then tiredness completely swept him away.
Huang Chao’s eyes went black and he lost consciousness. The space foil absorbed a small amount of energy and could only satisfy the first time travel, so he immediately searched for the travel destination and projected Huang Chao’s consciousness there. A certain game icon on Huang Chao’s computer desktop flickered slightly, his consciousness traveled through countless space barriers and came to a world full of ember energy. Torchlight, wake up, are you okay? I am lying on a cold and damp hard object.
In front of my eyes is a samurai wearing silver armor and a red lining, holding a bow and arrow in one hand and looking at him seriously.
Where am I, Your Majesty the Blessed One? Your temporary near the torch light The torchlight in the camp was destroyed in the battle just now. We found you fainted on the roadside on the way of retreat, so we brought you here together. The red armor warrior explained that Huang Chao was dizzy and took a few seconds to accept. If the information in this sentence is not mistaken, the other party mentioned Torchlight, he was taken aback, he was joking, he actually traveled to the game world of Torchlight, he played this game for a long time, at this moment, he immediately saw that the person in front of him looked young and had flaxen hair The silver-armored samurai with black hair is a conqueror.
In fact, he is a soldier who guards the gates at every intersection on the map.
But look at the opponent’s strong body and neat and shiny equipment. In this world, he is just an ordinary soldier.
This world was probably very dangerous back then. Conqueror corpses can be seen everywhere when playing the game