Covering Yang Lige I glanced at her and asked I said there is only this one dish are you afraid that there is not enough

Yang Luofan is rumored to be asking who is the number one player in League of Legends in the world.
Even if the Korean Dynasty is making a comeback, the number one player in League of Legends is still Yang Luofan from China.
It is a pity that this legend of League of Legends and the pioneer of Chinese e-sports died in a plane crash.
In the tavern of the Summoner Canyon in Valoran, a young man is drinking a glass of Calrogis here. This wine is brewed by Ezreal, which is sweet and intoxicating.
A girl walked in and grabbed Yang Luofan’s hand and said otherwise.
Go back, Yang Luofan shakes his head, the price is too high, even if the star world wandering god can open the gate before Ao Xing guides me back, it will hurt the source, if we go back now, it will delay its birth, the war is too late, the girl next to me is called Wang Luoli It has been two years since they came to this world, many things will happen in two years, they became husband and wife under the witness of many heroes in Valoran, but Yang Luofan often calls Xu Danjing, Huali, Su Zimu and their names in his dreams, Wang Luoli is not angry, she is also She misses her relatives in that world, but she has no regrets.
Accompanying Yang Luofan to this world, otherwise he will be lonely.
She is afraid that he will be lonely. It has been two years since the last World War. It’s a pity, but it’s because of my illness that I couldn’t give birth to a child for him. Wang Luoli feels very regretful.
It has been a long time, although he is smiling, there is a touch of sadness in his eyes. Although he is smiling, he is not happy in his heart. He is not happy.
Nothing is important.
This world has never been peaceful.
There is light, but at the same time there is darkness. Valoran It’s just a temporary calm, the son of fate has only one, and he hasn’t completely isolated the invasion of the Dark Continent It’s becoming more and more unusable. Every time it takes less than two hours, the phone will automatically shut down. Wang Luoli came to this world purely by chance.
Time God’s call and yearning for Yang Luofan made her live in this world magically. When life was short, he chose to take care of his parents. When his health was getting worse day by day, Wang Luoli chose to leave, not wanting to burden his parents. She has never been a good girlfriend because she knew that Yang Luofan was pretending too much. Maybe the end result of many people is to break up with everyone and stop dealing with each other.
He is a bad guy and has always been like he met Xu Danjing first. They have liked each other for many years, but no one has said that they like them first.
They both have a good face and look forward to it. Who can let go of their self-esteem first and then hold the hand of one of them? It’s a pity. It’s a long road.
There are too many people you met. The person you loved at the beginning may not be the one you can go to the end with. Yang Luofan opened the phone and it was him.
Become a professional player from a passerby to the world’s number one viewer At that time, in order to preserve this precious memory, he specially bought a memory card. At that time, Apple 4 just came out, and now Apple 6 should be out. There are many familiar people, many opponents, and those who have been with him all the time. My girls, they have never left, they are waiting for themselves to make a choice, no matter what choice they make, they will not blame, they will only regret Xu Danjing’s class monitor in high school was the person I liked at first sight, at that time she was always in various ways I can’t bear to see myself, but later I found out that I really like it.
I’ll never see her again.
I hope she can find a better Su Zimu High School Class 5 Hua is the first girl to dance in the musical fountain for herself.
She stayed in the major and now should be Graduated, right? Huali used to be the sister of Huatu, a teammate of Dragon Clan, who lost her eyesight due to an accident. She is also Qiu Yanling, the first female commentator of League of Legends, the first team in North America. She came out of League of Legends by chance. I have been accompanying Yang Luofan in the game, and there are many, many people.
Zhang Wei, Wang Dong, Hong Fu, and the ugly doorstep. The scene of the ugly gate of Yang Luofan is in front of me.
The corners of Yang Luofan’s eyes are uncontrollably moist. After ten days of determination, the two of them appeared in the palace of the God of Time.
Kieran walked out of the mural with the clock on his back, looked at the two of them and said, Are you sure you want to go back? Yang Luofan nodded solemnly.
If I want to go back, I must go back. Luo Li couldn’t but Yang Luofan asked suspiciously why if she returned to your world, she would be a dead person back then. There is no more chance Yang Luofan wanted to say something but was interrupted by Kilan You must know that you don’t have much time, if you can’t find another destiny, Ao Xing will never be able to be born when the great darkness strikes again The parallel interface will be broken, not only Valoran, but the entire six-dimensional interface will disappear. Yang Luofan has never smiled.
He looks at Wang Luoli and his wife, Wang Luoli, gives him a reassuring look and says, “Don’t worry, I will take care of you.” Let’s go, my man is destined to be the one who will do great things.
Yang Luofan nodded to Kieran and said to the God of Time, let’s start. The big clock behind the God of Time kept turning, data emerged, and the environment changed.
The little old man kept swimming and shuttling through the nothingness, Bard, God of Time, long time no see, Bard turned his head to look at Kieran, the darkness is coming, I need your power to open the dimensional channel, and send the Destiny to return to his world