Couldnt sleep at all Wang Quangui said bitterly why did he miss that woman again Wu Mofeng joked how could he think about it now

The soul returns to the Ming Dynasty, November 1, BC, was a day when all the officials of the Ming Dynasty cheered.
The treacherous official Wei Zhongxian finally resigned. From now on, our civil servants will rule the world haha. The wise and powerful emperor Zhongxing Daming is just around the corner. The Chongzhen Emperor, who praised him all the time, was in a good mood. After that, the Chongzhen Emperor summoned Wang Chengen and all the families back to the palace with a happy mood Well, Emperor Chongzhen shook off his words and continued to talk about it.
Now that the eunuchs are gone and all officials return to their hearts, I can flex my muscles and rejuvenate Daming. Haha, the more I laugh, the happier I don’t pay attention to the road ahead. What? Chongzhen only felt that after the darkness in front of his eyes, he didn’t know anything anymore.
Sending the Emperor of Ming Dynasty on the road. Hearing the sad voice of Wang Chengen in the TV drama, Chongzhen felt sad too.
Oh, it’s so heart-wrenching and sad.
Chongzhen is so sad and deplorable. It’s a pity that my Han people, a great country, have since fallen into the hands of Jian slaves Shaking my head and eating the remaining watermelon with difficulty, I casually threw it away, wiped my mouth with my little hands and continued to scroll the mouse to watch the wonderful comments. Chongzhen is a young man of the 21st century. At the same time, he is also a fan of Ming Dynasty, just look at some things from the Ming Dynasty. This may have something to do with his parents giving him this name. He is very curious about what the old man thought of giving him the name Chongzhen. It was given to him by his parents, and he was very helpless, but maybe it was because of the name. When he grew up, he couldn’t help becoming interested in the Ming Dynasty in history.
After reading the comments, Chongzhen didn’t feel happy.
Sure enough, the comments were more exciting than the TV series.
Haha, I felt the same as myself.
It’s a pity that some people say that Chongzhen has committed crimes by himself, and some people say that it’s normal for the country to die.
Some people say that if you become Chongzhen, you can definitely turn the tide.
Seeing this Chongzhen, you’re so powerful, why don’t you go to heaven? Haha, I laughed for a while and thought I’m thirsty again, summer really can’t live without this iced watermelon, so I got up and went to the refrigerator to get a piece of watermelon and continued to eat. Suddenly, Chongzhen felt his feet slipped, and then his body leaned forward.
Coincidentally, his head hit the foot of the bed. Chongzhen only had time to shout out. Just one sentence, the eyes are dark, and I don’t know anything. The time freezes on a certain day, year, month, and slowly opens my eyes. There is a strange scene around me. The ancient architectural style and all kinds of antique furniture. Where did Chongzhen wake up with difficulty? The first sentence I came, Your Majesty, you are awake, you are finally awake, I am worried about the death of the old slave, the imperial doctor, come here, the imperial doctor, Wang Chengen excitedly called your majesty, the old slave, the imperial doctor, what the hell is it? That’s not the case. Chongzhen thought about where this is. Chongzhen asked the second time with difficulty.
This is your bedroom.
His Majesty Wang Chengen replied gently in the bedroom. The body is lying on a wide bed at this moment, it looks like a dragon bed in a TV series, please, I will see when I am still wearing a set of white pajamas, I usually sleep naked, Chongzhen thought about it again Go down to see if there is a camera or something. After watching for a long time, there is nothing in the end.
The Chongzhen doctor came in at this time, then knelt down and quickly checked the dragon body for His Majesty. His Majesty looked at the dazed Emperor Chongzhen, Wang Chengen, and carefully called Chongzhen, who was thinking about something, to come back to his senses and look at the eunuch in Ming Dynasty clothes. Could it be that I have passed through this fucking time? It’s impossible, isn’t it unscientific? Ah, Chongzhen was thinking about asking you are Wang Chengen, he was taken aback and cried, the old slave is Wang Chengen, Your Majesty, do you still remember Wang Chengen, oh, the name Wang Chengen is a bit familiar Wait, what did you say? Wang Chengen’s Nima Chongzhen suddenly felt as if he was trampled by ten thousand grass mud horses, maybe because he was surprised, he seemed to have regained some strength.
Is it the Ming Dynasty now? Your Majesty, what are you talking about now? What is it? Wang Chengen said in a daze.
It can’t be such a fool, I just watched this TV series, and I felt sorry for Chongzhen, and I felt sorry for the Ming Dynasty. Why the fuck did I become Emperor Chongzhen by myself? Alas, after that, Chongzhen passed out again, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, What’s going on, Wang Chengen is anxious According to the pulse condition, His Majesty is fine. Now this situation should be caused by excessive fright, so you can take some calming medicine and rest well, but why don’t you hurry up and grab the medicine? Why did the imperial doctor rush out and the next day was warm? The sun shines on Emperor Chongzhen’s quilt, Chongzhen groans comfortably, slowly stretches his waist, thinking in his heart that everything last night was a dream, it must be a dream to wake up. I opened my eyes and hoped that my familiar kennel would appear, but I was disappointed.
It was the same scene as yesterday. Your Majesty, you woke up again. This annoying sound is not as good as the alarm clock of my broken mobile phone. The alarm sound of my mobile phone seems to me that I have really traveled through time.
I mourned for a while.
Chongzhen said that I was about to speak and suddenly thought that something is wrong.
Didn’t the emperor always call himself me? Can’t tell the truth? I woke up and how long did I sleep for three days It’s been three full days, Your Majesty, God bless me, Your Majesty Ming, you finally woke up, quickly call the imperial doctor, by the way, call the empress and the two imperial concubines together, there will be a little eunuch outside the door to publicize, let me be quiet