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Since then, the secular marriage rules have collapsed. The daughter of the noble family and the prostitute have an encounter and hustle and bustle caused by ulterior motives. In the end, I don’t know who I am not afraid of.
The state of the world is so cold, people’s hearts are fearful, how noble, how humble, and how to end this life, I only want to be with you to help and share the rivers and mountains Si Qingyan, who never likes to be bound, probably never expected that she would be so disregarding gains and losses, disregarding consequences, and not asking why A day of making a promise to others Looking at the glazed eyes filled with joy Only joy is left in my heart Content tags rich family family travels through time and space sweet texts through books search keywords protagonist Zhusheng Si Qingyan supporting roles other boys a word introduction A long-distance race of love between a noble daughter and a lowly prostitute.
Love at first sight.
Love volume.
Side Yangliu Yiyi tea house restaurant or Lin Li chanting poems and juggling people’s voices to storytellers A four-story carved building with tiles stands proudly on one side of the world I didn’t expect us Li Xin Yichu that idiot turned out to be the first to marry Tianxin Pavilion Terrace railing The field of vision is wide, boats, boats, boats, silk and bamboo are leisurely, and from time to time there are a few coquettish chants, which make people’s hearts itch.
The jade-necked, thin-bodied jug was lifted high with the left hand, the jade-necked thin-bodied jug was bent, and poured into the mouth when the jug was empty before continuing. The Liu family and the Xin family have exchanged in-laws since their ancestors. It’s just taking advantage of the auspicious sun to push the boat along the water to get a lottery. If you also want to marry a noble son, donate 180,000 taels of silver to be an official. There may be a family in Shengjing City who is willing to marry you.
One of them is leaning on the railing. The wide sleeves are full of wind and the chin is raised lazily and recklessly. I don’t know what I’m thinking of.
My brows and eyes burst into a smile.
Under the bright sunlight, my figure is elegant and graceful. Printed into eyes, mouth twitched, blushed, face stunned for a long time, finally couldn’t help but call Dao Si Qingyan, Miss Ben is a serious woman, no matter how eclectic she is, she will marry Funashi in the future, can you stop confronting her We laughed like this, we didn’t know what was wrong with us, Ji Yanyan shook his arms, as if he felt goosebumps, a woman is fine, why do she do this, it’s tempting to break the ban I looked away, raised the wine cup and poured a big sea again. Fortunately, I got used to it, otherwise, after drinking, what would happen? For the sake of our friendship for many years, on the day of your wedding, it is not impossible for me to enter the inner house of the Ji Mansion together. Huan Jiuran was stunned and almost spit out wine, hurriedly turned his head, covered his lips, coughed a few times, and swallowed the wine again Xiabie Ji Yanyu subconsciously thought about the picture, his forehead shuddered, and he quickly stood up, blushing, shaking his hands, please don’t wait for such a blessing, you’d better find someone else to enjoy it, right? This lady doesn’t want the beautiful girl who worked so hard to get married to be seduced by you The brocade curtain swayed lightly, wearing a light brocade sword-sleeved gown, a tall and slender woman with clear eyebrows suddenly stepped in.
For some reason, she looked a little unhappy. What are you talking about? The smile that I saw in the garden at the back of the night faded in an instant, but Ji Yanzhen was in high spirits. Seeing Xin Yichu, how could he care about these things? Immediately, his face became more hippie.
Of course, he was talking about you and Qingyan.
Moisturizing and nourishing Xin Yichu’s complexion turned black, gritted his teeth, and raised an evil fire. Huan Jiuran raised his eyebrows and thought in secret, he couldn’t resist the urge to help his forehead, he twitched his mouth and hurried forward to pull Ji Yanyu, Ji Yanyu was stunned and blinked a little Didn’t realize it haha ​​You came just in time when you weren’t here and you didn’t know how Ji Yanyu was dismissed.
You Huan Jiuran looked at Xin Yichu and laughed out of dislike. Ji Yanyu was obviously looking forward to getting married so she decided to attack you I said let her donate an official position, maybe there will be a young man from a family chasing her to marry. I didn’t think she would be annoyed.
I have to say that she looks down on him. Do you think it’s funny? The newly married husband has been married for a long time, but he still misses her. He wanted to please him, but even the daily politeness was always perfunctory. How could it nourish Xin Yichu pursed his lips and nodded slightly? It’s all mixed in the wine, Xin Yichu raised his neck, poured his left hand, covered the case with his left hand, tightly clenched each other like a guest, this is the first time she hated these four words so much, the three of them looked at each other in dismay, it’s always inappropriate for others to meddle in the affairs of the wife and husband’s boudoir.
That’s all for sighing helplessly, Yi Chu let me watch you, don’t be so eye-catching, Ji Yanyu realized that she was talking about something bad, Si Qingyan swept her eyes away, hurriedly licked her face and bowed to Si Qingyan, begging for mercy, but the two of them couldn’t However, Huan Jiuran did not refuse Huan Jiuran’s proposal and said a few words before leaving. He walked to the wooden escalator and Ji Yanyu saw something.
He suddenly bent down and the cat came behind Si Qingyan.
In the past, Ji Yanyu patted his chest with lingering fear and stood up. What’s the matter? It’s just that after drinking too much wine, Ji Yan’s stomach became anxious for a while, and when she was caught, she felt confident and confident, so you should go back on your own. Miss Ben, I’m going to speak slowly