Could it be that this person has some other trump card The wound has long been restored to its original state except for the previously

Only a cultivator explores the sky to search for the truth while retaining the false. As a mortal, I covet the power to surpass mortals. I am equal to the sky, live the same life as the sky, and cultivate the truth.
What is true? Is this day the truth? The road to heaven is doomed to be rough and difficult. This is the story of a young man with a strong will who travels to the stars and the sea for his love. From an inconspicuous corner of the grades office, the young man squeezed into the innermost part of the crowd with a slightly green expression. The people behind him kept pushing him to the outside, and the score was still so low. The young man gritted his teeth and his eyes were full of resentment. There is no one anymore.
The combined results of the two martial arts academy assessments are not as high as mine once. A young man with big ears in a restaurant waiter costume seems to be comforting the young man.
He patted the young man on the shoulder and shook his head.
It’s a cultivator’s daydream.
Forget about her. Do things peacefully and save some money to find a beautiful wife. Now that housing prices in the city are so high, you can’t even marry a wife if you don’t go to work. Do you beat people like this, brother Jian? Anyway, it has increased by eighteen times compared to last year’s one point.
It shows that the potential is still amazing.
The person who spoke deliberately bit the word “potential” very hard. He Xiaojian, who is like a mirror, naturally understands the two colleagues. They can’t become cultivators or even a martial artist. Naturally, they don’t want to become martial artists and then use martial arts to become a cultivator. Alas, Father He sighed and heard his father’s sigh full of disappointment. Quite a few left with their bodies bowed slightly. He showed a stooped look and sighed slightly.
He Xiaojian was very ashamed in his heart. Their family was not rich, and they all depended on their father and mother to sell some wood carvings on the street for a living. Looking for the martial arts gym to temper his body and gain energy. His father even sold his ancestral house, but He Xiaojian, who was unwilling to do so, glanced at the examinees who surrounded the Donglai Martial Arts Academy’s results announcement office.
While looking at other people’s bitter faces and looking for a sense of commonality, at this moment, the chit chatting of several uncles blew into He Xiaojian’s ears along with the wind. Every June, the energy and spiritual power assessment really involves billions of dollars in my Great Zhou Kingdom. The fate of the common people, after all, this is a turning point in the fate of our common people.
We are not those princes and generals who are born with high officials and rich salary.
One of the uncle’s tone suddenly became agitated. It is good to pay homage to Guangzong Yaozu.
If you can take another step forward and become a cultivator with martial arts, you will go all the way to explore the sky and gain the power beyond ordinary people. The uncle who replied is full of hope. His son will also participate this year. Speaking of the assessment, I am also envious of those who have spiritual roots. They are born to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, cast spells and drive magic tools, just like immortals. Yes, I heard from Coach Lin that spiritual cultivation is much better than warriors.
There is a piece of news. The well-informed uncle said yes. The girl who walked out of our Donglai County with a perfect score in the spiritual power test last year was also highly valued when she arrived in Biyou Palace. Maybe she is already a fairy now.
The people who heard this suddenly took a breath of air The unwillingness in He Xiaojian’s eyes was even worse. A slender figure flashed in his mind.
Is the gap between the two of them so big? She was getting farther and farther away from herself, and she couldn’t catch up no matter how hard she chased him.
He Xiaojian taunted himself slightly in his heart She is just a lowly commoner and she is already the pride of the sky Worry, Keer, how is your assessment this year? It’s that uncle’s familiar voice. He Xiaojian looked towards where the voice came from. A dejected teenager in sackcloth was squeezed out from the crowd. He whispered that he was still very close to passing. Ah, I can take so many exams for the first time.
The uncle happily patted the boy in sackcloth and said that we will prepare for another year.
We will come again next year. The boy in sackcloth looked a little withdrawn, and he replied, “Father, it’s so hard. It’s really hard to temper your body and train your strength.
” The uncle sighed helplessly, he naturally knew how hard it would be to hit the body naked with a stick, if it was better, how could he have given up at the beginning, now he can only pin his hopes on his own next generation haha, a brazen sneer came from He Xiaojian He squinted at the handsome young man who was walking by. He was wearing a precious sable gown, and the sleeves were embroidered with gold flowers with gold thread. He looked at the worn clothes on his body. The young princes of the county prince’s mansion are hereditary, and the young prince of the county prince’s mansion was born to live a life of being a gentleman, stretching out his hands to eat and open his mouth. He looked down at He Xiaojian, these civilians in sackcloth, with a haughty face, and his tone was full of Be proud, you lowly commoners, it is your natural duty to be a servant, don’t yearn for dreams of yellow beams that fly on branches and become phoenixes, those are all tricks made up in drama books to fool you, He Xiaojian snorted coldly seeing this The arrogant and domineering little prince glanced at them and said, “Don’t take it seriously.
” He Xiaojian, who was insulted by his nose, turned all the unwillingness in his eyes into anger. Hehe, the little prince of the county palace with a smile raised his chin and looked at He Xiaojian with disdain, and said, “Why are you dissatisfied, boy? You want to hit me.
I want to see you scumbags.” He Xiaojian stared at the young prince of the county palace, and the two panicked colleagues quickly grabbed He Xiaojian.