Could it be that these two people deliberately want to delay Ben Gong’s time Open your mouth to explain and you should be able to

In the end, not only died, but also suffered a lifetime of infamy. After being reborn, she determined to see how that scumbag succeeded in usurping the throne, so she decided to follow the path of a scumbag, leaving the scumbag with nowhere to go. Gu Yanhe never understood how he did it. Everything was done by others until one day he discovered Qiao Mingjin’s shocking secret Chapter Chapter This marriage was accepted by the minister in the third year of Yongle. The vermilion palace walls in Chang’an City were full of pear blossoms.
It was originally April.
It was just the right time, but Qiao Mingjin had no time to take care of the spring in the garden. She walked in a hurry, wearing a smoky long dress that swept the floor, and accompanied by gusts of warm wind, the pear blossoms that fell on the bluestone slabs were rolled up.
After passing through the imperial garden, she walked straight towards the Golden Luan Hall. Going to count the time, Emperor Ming Qi should be discussing her marriage with Marquis Yong’an in the Jinluan Hall at this time, discussing the marriage between her grand princess and hussar general Gu Yanhe, what kind of role Gu Yanhe is, she knows nothing but the surface He was gentle and courteous, but in reality he was vicious and vicious.
No one in the world treated her more cruelly than him. His eyes like cold pools flashed in his mind.
Qiao Mingjin couldn’t help but took a deep breath.
Emperor Ming Qi wanted her to marry that man Isn’t it going to push her to the tiger’s mouth? In the previous life, she had had enough. He will never give him another chance to torture himself in this life.
The Golden Palace is ahead of him. The smile looks both forced and creepy.
The guards in front of the gate of the Golden Luan Palace just glanced at her and immediately opened the gate for her.
They dare not neglect Princess Jin’s tyrannical temperament.
The entire palace knows that they have to risk their lives.
No one dares to provoke her, but she is the only one who has lived two lifetimes and still thinks that the road is unimpeded because of her beauty, which dazzles everyone’s eyes. Before she took a step into the palace, Qiao Mingjin heard the voice of Marquis Yong’an, Your Majesty the wise Hussar General Fengshen Junlang and Princess Jin are also unparalleled in the world.
These two are indeed a match made in heaven. Qiao Mingjin’s voice came into the main hall accompanied by a chuckle, Qiao Mingjin’s voice came into the hall, Yong’an Hou heard the sound, and there was a thud in his heart, he quickly turned around and bowed to Qiao Mingjin who was slowly walking into the hall Pretend to be surprised, but still go to help him, why is the Marquis so polite? Quickly ask Yongan Hou to stand up quickly and never give her a chance to meet him. Qiao Mingjin narrowed his eyes slightly to see his movements. Looking at him at a young age, he is indeed a handsome man. He is so afraid of her because he is afraid that she will take him into the princess mansion if she is happy. Yong’an Hou has become your own family, even you have discussed with him the lifelong affairs of your son, but he is extremely sympathetic to his son. Now not only Yong’an Hou trembled, but even Emperor Ming Qi was stunned for a long time Qiao Mingjin She is the only daughter of him and Empress Wan. He has been married since Qiao Mingjin was born. He held his Ajin in his hand as an offering, but his Ajin hadn’t been close to him since the incident when he was six years old.
No matter what he did, she would just stare at him coldly.
After a long time, he thought she hated him and he was afraid of her. When he was angry, he talked less and less with her, and the two of them became more and more estranged, even though he is Daqi’s emperor and she is his eldest daughter, from the beginning to the end, no matter how she treats him, he has never been annoyed by her being so close Emperor Ming Qi fantasized about this scene for countless times in his heart. He was clearly ecstatic, but the words in his mouth were still extremely serious. Ah Jin, this is the Emperor Jinluan, discussing business matters with Marquis Yongan. Don’t mess around.
The serious matter you are talking about is the lifelong event of this minister. Why would you rather discuss this matter with Marquis Yongan than have a word with Marquis Qiao Mingjin? Hearing the volume, he murmured aggrievedly, after all, the importance of Yong’an in the heart of his father is very important.
The tone is not light or heavy, just enough to make Emperor Ming Qi’s heart tighten. At this moment, his whole attention is on Qiao Mingjin, for fear that she will frown again. Brow, Ah Jin, if he wants to stay here, then stay here, just as the father also wants to ask if you are willing to say it, then he added that if Ah Jin is not willing, then this marriage will be over, no one can mention Qiao Mingjin again gently Sighing, I have indeed reached the age for marriage, but I still don’t understand this hussar general, I want to hear from Marquis Yong’an, and then I will tell you how my son and this Gu Yanhe are so perfect for each other. Uncomfortable, he lowered his head, controlled his emotions and kept calm, replied Hussar General was born handsome and handsome. He also had a day when his ideas would run out in Yong’an Hou, but these few words were quite eloquent when he wrote to impeach her in the previous life, Qiao Mingjin.
Emperor Ming Qi thought that Qiao Mingjin suddenly said such a sentence because he had never met Gu Yuhe. He told her that Ah Jin, that hussars general, was really good. Qiao Mingjin looked sideways at Emperor Ming Qi and asked, “Father thinks he’s good.” In his previous life, he personally led troops to wash Chang’an. He just rode by with a sword and let Ming Qi The city of Chang’an that the emperor spent his entire life guarding for a time only left countless dead souls. In this life, her father actually stood in front of her and told her that he was good. In the first life, she had to let Emperor Ming Qi see Gu Yanhe’s true face in advance. Before Emperor Ming Qi answered, she said that she was young, famous, literary and martial arts, and both of them were far superior to her peers.
Gu Yanhe was really good. at a glance