Could it be that reinforcements are coming How can there be such a thing in the city Strong reinforcements Helicopters Four helicopters are coming from

Drunk Tiger City Enmity This is a crazy world. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by this crazy world, there is only one way. We only have more crazy dragons and blood than this world.
The story in this article is purely fictional.
Any resemblance between these works is purely coincidental and should not be linked to reality. Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. From scratch. The main text. It seems to be God’s arrangement.
This month of the year is destined to have some unusual events. The head of the village, Liu Zhugui, asked the villagers in Xiaogou Village to pay an extra 40 kilograms to the country this year. After collecting grain, there will be some inexplicable fees in the village. Those who have to build a house in the village pay a land occupation fee of 200 yuan. Those who have children in the village pay 50 yuan for education investment. For a small village like Xiaogou Village with a little more annual per capita income, the ten yuan management fee for live pigs caused an uproar among the villagers on the spot. Some bold villagers stood up and questioned the fees. According to the villagers in Xiaogou Village, although there are not many educated and even junior high school students, things like the village director who randomly increased the amount of state grain requisition and stipulated land occupation fees still feel wrong. If a family runs rampant in the village, it will run rampant in the village.
You usually scrape away the trivial things, but you have to let people live. Even the emperor in the palace is probably not as arrogant as you, but Liu Zhugui only said yes to the villagers’ questioning.
The above regulations collect the money to save up the village’s economy. Such excuses naturally cannot satisfy the villagers. Although the farmers in Xiaogou Village are a little simple, although they are kind-hearted, they are not fools after all.
Thinking about doing something for the development of the village, I’m afraid the tractors could be driven to the moon. Naturally, the villagers’ meeting broke up badly. When they finally left, Liu Zhugui even threatened a few words, saying that whoever dares to make trouble dare not cooperate with the country’s policies. Just let him know how powerful it is. In Liu Zhugui’s words, it is to let those villagers who dare to jump know that the cowhide is not a blown train or a pushed one.
On the third day, Liu Zhugui took his cousin Liu Chao and his two sons all the way to Wang Lizhi’s house in the village to kill Wang Lizhi’s house.
I asked a few people to help repair it, that is, to add some tiles.
Wang Lizhi saw Liu Zhugui and others coming, and he was a little puzzled.
Looking at them aggressively, Wang Lizhi really felt a little bit drummed, so before Liu Zhugui and his gang entered the door, he He hurriedly greeted him, ordered his wife to pour tea, and took out a box of Dazhong Jiu from his pocket, nodded and handed it over.
This cigarette is for entertaining today. A few people who came to his house to help bought it specially, although it was only more than three yuan a pack, but there are really not many people in this place who can afford it.
My son screamed strangely.
The filter tip Wang is not straight.
You are still a high-end man.
Where are you? After soaking for a long time, it was difficult to lift the guy below. I went to see a doctor and spent a lot of money.
The doctor in the county said that soaking in cold water for too long time damaged some of the tissues below. Men’s physiological functions. For this disease, he took less medicine and spent less money. If it weren’t for someone’s help, I’m afraid the family wouldn’t be able to uncover the pot. Some good things in the village found out, so they gave him the nickname “Wang Buzhi”. It’s not that he’s from the same village at the moment, although he knows it, he’s just saying it behind his back. Besides, Wang Lizhi got this disease when he responded to the country’s call to build a reservoir in the county. Everyone sympathizes with him, so few people call him that in front of him. Wang Li looked at this man who was almost 20 years younger than him and called him an embarrassing nickname, but he didn’t dare to get angry. He still looked at Liu Zhugui with a smile on his face and asked carefully, Village Chief Liu. Nothing happened. Liu Zhugui took a sip of Da Chongjiu and didn’t look at Wang Lizhi. He just looked at the house that Wang Lizhi’s family was repairing and asked, Wang Lizhi, are you doing well? Some muddy Liu Zhugui bared his lips with a half-smile, showing a few black and yellow teeth, stared at Wang Lizhi, and asked, did you come to the village meeting that day? Wang Lizhi seemed to understand, okay? I don’t want to talk nonsense, bring it, Liu Zhugui said, and stretched out his hand in front of Wang Lizhi. The land occupation fee for building a house is two hundred yuan. Wang Lizhi was stupid. He just repaired the old house. Two hundred yuan, but that money should be used where it should be used instead of paying some inexplicable land occupation fees. Village Chief Liu, you see, I am just repairing an old house and I don’t occupy much land.
I can’t afford another two hundred yuan. Ah, Wang Lizhi is almost begging for less nonsense, but I can’t come up with what house you can build! Liu Zhugui’s second son, Liu Laoer, yelled and pushed Wang Lizhi staggeringly. Wang Lizhi almost fell down, but he still begged Liu Village to Liu Zhugui. You see, I’m just adding tiles. When I build a house next time, I’ll pay you the two hundred dollars. Liu Zhugui sneered and didn’t speak. Next time, Liu Chao shouted.