Could it be that it was for tomorrows competition between me and Senior Brother Xiao Mengtao was stunned for a moment then lowered her head

Why don’t you talk? The last generation of the world, which is performed by fantasy gods and immortals.
A boy from a fishing village is struggling to move forward. His goal is endless. The sky walks and is strong.
A gentleman keeps striving for self-improvement.
He keeps breaking the yin and yang, and the world is where to find the road to immortality. The Dao is ruthless, what is immortality? When he comprehends reincarnation and climbs to the top of the Three Realms, what will his understanding of eternity change? Whether it is a god or a fairy or a human being, what is the meaning of existence in the supreme world? Officially start uploading on 12th every day, no less than two updates per day, about 3,000 words per update, new books in the first month, new books with 10,000 words are hard to come by, please open an account for collection, keep voting for recommendations every day, new books need to be promoted, please help vote for recommendations with numbers If you are a book lover, please bookmark and add to the bookshelf. Book friends who have recommendation votes, please insist on voting for recommendation every day. Shuuyu is not a god without publicity. Without the support of you book friends, no one will care about the new book. If everyone can go everywhere to replace Shuuyu I will be more grateful to promote the new book Xianshenyi. The text is divided into volumes to explain that each volume of Xianshenyi tells a big story. 100,000 words include four to six episodes.
Each episode has about 60,000 to 80,000 words. There are more than 20 chapters without words. Try to do this to make the structure of the book clearer and more reasonable. It is less likely that some parts of the plot are too procrastinating. Haha, silence is science. The doctor likes to set up a framework before writing a book. This is a personal habit. Everyone understands it. The sub-volumes after about ten o’clock will no longer explain the text citation Genesis citation Genesis Supreme Interface There was once a huge black hole, this black hole crazily absorbed all the energy passing by around it.
The core of more and more black holes is gradually collapsing and condensing.
The smaller the core of the black hole shrinks, the more energy it contains, until one day the core of the black hole has collapsed to a size of several inches, but its mass and energy are immeasurable, and it is incomparable around the black hole. The vast area is pulled by the huge suction force of the black hole core to form a vast and empty space. At this time, the Creator appears around the black hole. The Creator’s supernatural power is so powerful that he is not afraid of the infinite suction force generated by the black hole, even he actually Holding the core of the black hole in your hand is like playing with a jade bead. I don’t know what the purpose is or what the creator used. The black hole core suddenly exploded in the palm of the creator. The abundant energy contained in it suddenly became difficult. The speed of imagination spreads wildly to the surroundings. In an instant, the tiny core of the black hole turns into a vast and boundless energy field, and it is still expanding rapidly.
A brand new world is thus formed. At the beginning of the world, there is a gray atmosphere everywhere. Contains extremely thick energy, this breath is the air of chaos It’s too monotonous. The Creator made another move.
He just waved his hand towards the world. Immediately, large swaths of chaotic air began to separate, some floated up, and some settled down.
Condensation into the earth is for Huang Yuan. From then on, the mysterious yellow of heaven and earth gradually took shape, and then further evolved. The mysterious yellow of heaven and earth derived into the four basic elements of earth, fire, water, and wind, and gradually formed all things in the world, such as the sky, mountains and rivers. The whole process is extremely long, but it seems to the creator. It’s just that in the blink of an eye, the Creator feels that it’s not enough. Although this world is full of heaven and earth and everything contains infinite energy, it’s still too clean, because this world has no life. The lifeless world is just a dead thing. This world spit out a puff of air and dropped a drop of blood.
This aura turned into the appearance of the Creator and was later worshiped as the Primordial Immortal. The Lord left this brand-new world and never appeared again.
The original immortals and the original ancestor gods, like this world, were created by the Creator.
They inherited a small part of the Creator’s supernatural powers.
Although a small part, they are powerful enough.
They will soon have They have developed a very profound wisdom, but wisdom is a double-edged sword. They gradually understand that as long as they continue to absorb the energy contained in this world and the other side, it is possible to transcend this world and become an existence like the Creator. At the same time, they also know that there will be competition between each other. The war between the Primordial Immortal Venerable and the Primordial Ancestor God has almost never stopped.
The Primordial Immortal Venerable can use the energy breath between the heaven and the earth to transform it into a terrifying fairy technique.
Raise your hand and the sky and the earth will change color. The Primordial Ancestor God can absorb the energy between the heaven and the earth into your body. Make your own god’s blood extremely powerful. Stomp your feet, and the world will fall apart.
In their battle, this vast new world was torn into countless interfaces.
Each interface has its similarities and its special features. The whole new world is also known as In the Great Thousand Worlds War, the Primordial Immortal Venerable was first inspired.
He began to create his own followers. He imitated the Creator and created countless kinds of beings called angels.
Each angel contained a trace of his breath. These angels can also absorb them.
The energy between heaven and earth has become a great help to the original immortal god. After seeing the threat of a large number of immortals to him, the original ancestor god also began to create gods.
These tribesmen have a trace of his blood in their bodies. They are called heavenly gods and gods because of the war. Since they were created, they naturally became sworn enemies.
The battle between the gods and the gods has been going on forever, but the original gods and the original ancestor gods coincidentally no longer show up. Only the gods and gods are constantly being created.