Could it be that he really wants to talk to Gu Ruoxi later There was no response so she had to raise the volume you

Chapter 1 I will work hard, Mom and Dad, what happened to you calling me back in such a hurry, Chen Yang wiped the sweat off his face while talking, his chest and back were soaked in sweat, his body stinks to death Stay away from me Li Meifeng covered her nose with distaste all over her face, did you hear what your mother said? Get away! Father-in-law Gu Zhengyi even found an air freshener and sprayed it on Chen Yang twice. Chen Yangzhi was sweating because of it He just delivered a courier outside and received a call from his father-in-law.
He thought it was something happened at home. The battery car broke down halfway, so he ran all the way back.
How did he know that his father-in-law disliked him as soon as he entered the door? Chen Yang, here is only 200,000 yuan You agree to divorce Xiaoxi and your money will be yours immediately Li Meifeng takes out the prepared check and throws it on the tea table What the hell did you ask me to divorce Ruoxi? You have been married to our family for three years, and now you are still a courier.
Every day when you come home, you are sweaty.
To be honest, I am really blind.
How could I let Xiaoxi marry you? You are the one who wanted to marry Xiaoxi at the beginning. Being able to line up from the street to the end of the street is enough to break through the threshold of our house. You don’t even piss and take care of yourself. The toad only Gu Zhengyi followed, but they didn’t say that it was all because of the illness of their daughter Gu Ruoxi.
Three years ago, Gu Ruoxi was indeed the number one beauty in Zhonghai City. In addition, she was able to manage the company very well, so there were too many people who pursued her in Zhonghai City.
The serious illness changed completely.
At that time, Gu Ruoxi had an unknown strange disease after returning from a business trip to Africa. Her skin was red, swollen and festered, her body was also getting thinner and she had been to countless hospitals, but she couldn’t be cured. Gradually, the most beautiful president of Zhonghai City became the president. The ugliest woman.
The people who pursued her before ran so far. In addition, this strange disease is so contagious that even her parents dare not get close to her.
In desperation, Li Meifeng and his wife came up with it. He used Chongxi’s method to save his daughter, and Chen Yang married Gu Ruoxi under such circumstances.
Since then, Chen Yang has been serving Gu Ruoxi from morning till night, and she has recovered from her illness after more than a year. Gu Ruoxi is like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, her appearance is more outstanding, her temperament is more noble and elegant, this is not right.
As soon as her daughter’s illness is cured, Li Meifeng and his wife began to plan to drive Chen Yang away and find a more capable husband for their daughter. The old couple can also enjoy the glory and wealth.
Parents, I know I don’t have much ability now, but please believe me.
I plan to contract the current express delivery point in the near future. I will work hard and I will be able to give Xiaoxi happiness together day and night. Chen Yang is also in love with Gu Ruoxi, and now getting him divorced is more painful than killing him. Chen Yang, Xiaoxi’s company is in urgent need of three million turnover, or her company will be destroyed. Bankruptcy, what do you use to help her, don’t say three million, I guess you can’t even get three hundred now, Zhao Hu is different, he said that as long as Xiaoxi marries him, immediately inject 10 million to Xiaoxi, that’s a thousand Wan ah, Li Meifeng’s tone was full of envy at the end. This Zhao Hu is the most powerful person among Gu Ruoxi’s suitors. His father Zhao Liming is a billionaire in Zhonghai City.
It’s Zhao Hu, alright, Chen Yang, don’t you want to contract express delivery? Come and take the 200,000 yuan and work hard in the future. Gu Zhengyi, who won’t worry about not being able to find someone, picks up the check on the coffee table with one hand and covers his nose with the other.
The check was stuffed into Chen Yang’s hands. If it wasn’t for the worry that Chen Yang would go out and talk nonsense about Gu Ruoxi’s name, the husband and wife would be reluctant to give Chen Yang 200,000 yuan. But 200,000 yuan can be exchanged for a billionaire son-in-law.
It’s a good deal, cut it, I said he would definitely agree, who has a grudge against money these days Gu Zhengyi walked back to his wife and whispered, I thought he had a bit of a backbone, but it would save trouble like this Take a good look at Chen Yang’s status in the hearts of their husband and wife.
Even Doudou, the poodle raised by Li Meifeng, is not as good as Doudou.
At Gu’s house, Doudou eats high-end dog food, sleeps in a dog cage worth several thousand yuan, and is sometimes beaten Li Meifeng took it to a beauty shop to take a bath and it cost hundreds of dollars for a beauty treatment. What about Chen Yang? It can be said that they have no status at all. Just when Li Meifeng and Gu Zhengyi thought that Chen Yang would accept the check and agree to divorce, Chen Yang made a move that shocked their jaws.
He directly tore the check into pieces. I won’t divorce Ruoxi, and parents, you can rest assured that as Ruoxi’s husband, I will definitely help her through this difficult time, even if she sells her blood and kidneys. It sounds like Chen Yang, I’m sorry for you, uncle, hurry up and come back to me. The customer called and complained that you broke his things.
As soon as the phone was picked up, there was a loud scolding sound from inside. I have delivered the courier for more than two years and it has never been delivered. I’ll go back now, Chen Yang frowned, then he said hello to Gu Zhengyi and his wife and left, this guy has a bit of a backbone, my wife, I think this guy thinks that 200,000 is not enough, if this guy If you really dare to open your mouth, then just hand him over to your future son-in-law. I heard that Zhao Hu knows a lot of people in the society.
Hehe, let’s do it like this.