Cough cough Shen Qiong wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth looked up and saw that it was Zhu Deshou who came he

At twilight, the bustle falls.
On Gudao West Road, Shili Street, there is an inconspicuous shop. It is an old fortune teller, Tianji Pavilion.
At this time, the house is dark.
In order to save electricity bills, Shen Qi never turns on the lights.
At night, he simply closes the shop.
Shen Qiong touched his hungry belly and looked back at the calligraphy and painting hanging high in the house. The six characters are majestic and magnificent.
The strokes reveal the author’s immortal demeanor. It is said that this calligraphy and painting is from my great-grandfather when Tianji Pavilion opened. Written by hand, it has a history of many years. Seeing the secrets, watching the secrets, this is the sentence that Shen Qiong murmured, which is about to die Assuming that Shen Qiong was a child, he often clamored to learn, but unexpectedly, his father was unwilling to teach him at all, and told him earnestly to study hard to get ahead. As for these skills of pretending to be tricky and deceiving the neighbors, it doesn’t matter whether he didn’t learn the skills of his father’s hard work until now. Seeing the sky is true.
Grandpa did not live past his 60th birthday. Father also died of a serious illness two months ago. All that is left to him is this lonely old shop.
He spent all his savings in order to treat his father. It can be said that it is heavy. Qiong is destitute now, and even eating three meals has become a problem, Shen Qiong sighed and came to the door, the sky began to rain slowly, fell on the ground, and it was raining, it was raining, close the shop, anyway, no one would come here This shop is their Shen family’s family business for many years. Even though Shen Qiong didn’t learn much skills from his father, he still didn’t want the shop to close in his hands. He lit a candle with the light from the window and put the book of Yin Yang Six Arts back. Although his father left the bookshelf, he left behind a lot of books enough for Shen Qiong to look at for several years. He was planning to go home and cook some noodles to eat.
Suddenly there was thunder in the sky. There was a bang of lightning and thunder, and Shen Qiong’s phone fell to the ground. A lightning strike Shen Qiong quickly picked up the phone and wanted to call the fire brigade, but found that the screen of the phone was flickering, could it be broken? He pressed it hard a few times and found that there was still no response. With a sinking head in his heart, he walked home. The place where Shen Qiong lived was not far from the shop, only five or six minutes away. Since his parents divorced ten years ago, he began to live alone.
At that time, he hated abandoning them. Now that my mother thinks about it, she can understand that in today’s society, science and technology are advanced, many people are against superstition, and there are not many people who come to the door to make fortunes.
Like my father, he is as stubborn as his father. Naturally, he has to eat the northeast wind. He also has a younger sister who follows her father and her sister follows her mother. I thought it would be easier to live with my mother’s younger sister. When he got home, he told himself not to think too much. Take a hot bath to warm up your body first, and then talk about the sound of running water.
Why is the water in the sink getting cold? Maybe there is no gas? Shen Qiong While making complaints, he wiped himself dry and walked out. It turned out that there was no gas.
It was bad luck. He thought that this would not work. He picked up his phone and wanted to find a part-time job to earn some living expenses. update what the hell The old Wang’s website next door updated WeChat, and Shen Qiong struggled for a long time without finding where it was updated, until he saw that there was a small red dot on the location of a nearby person.
A prompt box pops up to view nearby people.
The function has been updated. You can get the information of nearby people through this function.
This information is real information. Please do not disclose it at will. He continues to click and enters the nearby people interface. Fame can be used to increase the level of the current reputation value.
Nobody. The following is the profile of nearby people. Li Ruyu, within 100 meters, the profile picture is Shen Qiong’s aunt, Li Anping, within 100 meters. The profile picture is Qian Jun, the uncle in charge of collecting utility bills on the seventh floor. Within 500 meters, a stranger that Shen Qiong has never seen is probably Yan Fangming who passed by downstairs. Within 500 meters, the profile picture is Ren Xinghai, the owner of the small shop downstairs. Within 1,000 meters, there is another stranger Shen Qi has never seen before Dome keeps refreshing and then a reminder pops up on WeChat. Because your level is too low, you can only detect five people.
Increase your level to detect more people and observe more detailed information. He clicked on Li Anping’s information, which is the information of the uncle who charged the water bill He was shocked to see that there were too many data in it.
He could only see the simplest age, height, sex, and health values. A lot of other data, such as singing, culture, acting, car skills, cooking skills, etc., were all question marks.
Take a second look at the health value of the other party.
It seems simple, but it is very important to know whether a person is healthy.
There are many definitions.
Some hidden diseases cannot be found out through ordinary inspections.
If you can see the other party at a glance through the health value Whether it is healthy or not, Shen Qi’s heart is hot.
Here is an introduction that after increasing the level, more information can be observed. It should be the information with question marks.
Those information are the real valuable information. After countless times of groping, you can know what you are good at and what you are not good at, and if you master this information, wouldn’t it be that he swallowed excitedly and repeatedly muttered, “Spying for secrets is going to kill your life, I have to take it easy, but I’m not counting for secrets.” Well, WeChat is a technology product. I’ve come to a conclusion through technology.
Shen Qiong comforted himself, saying that there is no limit to the road. With this function, sooner or later, my Shen’s old store will become famous all over the world.
At that time, luxury houses, famous cars and beauties will not be my choice. All in all, he is about to reach the pinnacle of his life. Thinking of this, Shen Qi couldn’t help laughing.
He instantly became alive and well, feeling like he could kill a few tigers.
This night, he couldn’t sleep and kept brushing the people around him.
he found a pattern