Contrary to Qin Xiaolans expectations she couldnt help screaming raised her hands to cover her mouth Xiaolan married me before Qin Xiaolan could react Wu

Chapter 1 A mercenary with a nuclear bomb, Jiangning City, Dongcheng District, Roadside Barbecue, The owner of the food stall has buns, but Ling Tian sat on a small bench and yelled at the sweaty boss, Brother, you really know how to joke I am this There is no steamed stuffed bun in barbecue. The boss wiped off his sweat and walked over with a smile. The little brother looked at the menu.
Beer buy one get one free mutton skewers five yuan one skewer chicken legs six yuan one two bottles of cold beer two servings of fried noodles lamb skewers only fifty yuan Ling Tian definitely can’t afford it anymore, the key is that he can’t get enough to eat, okay, the boss is very efficient, the four bottles of beer are quickly brought up after turning around, dong dong dong, under the boss’s bewildered eyes, Ling Tian finished it all in one go A bottle of cold beer followed by a second bottle of beer was opened, and the second bottle of cold beer came to the bottom with almost no panting It’s really rare.
You can take it easy! Seeing that Ling Tian is about to open the third bottle, the boss hastily pressed his hand to remind him, after all, this is ice cold beer, not room temperature, haha, laughing twice. Ling Tian took it out of his pocket. A crumpled piece of 50 yuan was handed over and said, bro, you are busy, I will give you your money first, brother, I didn’t mean that.
Before the boss finished talking, Ling Tian started again. The boss shook his head and smiled, so he just stopped.
Pay attention to the boom, boom, boom, when the third bottle of beer was finished, a white Maserati president galloped forward with a thunderous roar, and there was a screeching sound of brakes, the white Maserati drifted beautifully like a flame Parked steadily in front of the store next to the barbecue stand.
A bearded foreigner in a camouflage military uniform got out of the car and took a cold look around. He quickly walked into the small store and soon the bearded man came out with a face full of intoxication.
It seems that he was addicted to cigarettes and went to buy cigarettes. At this moment, the windows of the Maserati rolled down, and another foreigner yelled at him, “Boom, boom, boom.” Ling Tian had already finished the fourth bottle of beer at the food stall, and wiped the foam from the corners of his mouth.
Glancing at the bearded foreigner, blood wolf, what the hell are those fellows doing? They dare to come to Huaxia Bungda, frowning slightly, Ling Tian’s eyes flickered coldly, and glanced at the imported Yamaha heavy locomotive parked on the side of the road, muttering inwardly. Maserati disappeared at the end of the road amidst the roar of the engine.
Waiting for Maserati to go away.
Ling Tian turned over and jumped on the locomotive. A young man suddenly stood up and shouted while rushing over, my brother lent you the car, I will return it to you later, Ling Tian operated it as fiercely as a tiger, the front wheel of the locomotive was raised high like a cheetah, and it went away in an instant, only Ling Tian’s voice wafted In the air I care about you, mother, that is my new car, my god, your mother, asshole, watching my beloved car being robbed, this young man has ten thousand mud horses galloping past in his heart. Grandpa’s site is still Someone dared to snatch Eighth Master’s nephew in a fair and fair way, you’re pissed off, the mouse licked the cat to kill you, uncle, the motorcycle you bought for me was robbed, well, after a burst of cursing and roaring just now, the young man hurriedly took out his mobile phone, but he was not the first It was time to call the police, but to the underground emperor Qin Baye in Dongcheng District.
Besides, Ling Tian was driving a Yamaha heavy-duty locomotive, mingling in the traffic, and followed the Maserati president far behind. Under the moonlight, the white Maserati stopped in Dongcheng. Ling Tian saw two foreigners driving an unconscious woman into the unfinished building from a distance in the outskirts of the city. It seemed that this car should belong to that woman.
It was a little rich woman quietly approaching the unfinished building.
Ling Tian muttered to himself, but he didn’t know who this rich woman was, who could make the poisonous scorpion cross the sea to fight the poisonous scorpion. The mercenary group that is less than one hundred on the world mercenary strength ranking does not say anything about its strength. Strong and definitely not weak Ling Tian used to be the wolf king of the blood wolf mercenary group. Blood wolf ranked third in the world rankings. It’s not that Ling Tian bragged about a mercenary group like the poisonous scorpion. He could destroy a group of them by himself.
Ten years ago Ling Tian left the Jiangning Children’s Welfare Institute for self-reliance, but life was more difficult than he imagined, and he almost died in less than two months. Fang Gang, the head of the blood wolf mercenary on the street, happened to pass by Jiang Ning and rescued him. From then on, he became a blood wolf. Ling Tian, ​​the youngest member of the wolf mercenary corps in history, has grown very fast. It only took three years to become the most capable member of the blood wolf besides Fang Gang.
He has led the blood wolf to complete some almost impossible tasks many times. Completed missions Since then, Blood Wolf’s status in the mercenary world has risen wildly.
Five years ago, Blood Wolf started a ranking battle with the mercenary regiment that was ranked third at the time.
Fang Gang and the three members paid their lives in that battle. Before he died, Fang Gang begged Ling Tian to be the next Wolf King. Although Ling Tian was already tired of the life of a mercenary, under such circumstances, he could only agree that the blood wolf would be in the army five years later. The status of the mercenary world has been completely stabilized. Ling Tian, ​​who could no longer bear the life of a mercenary, resolutely quit the blood wolf and retired to the city in spite of everyone’s opposition. A girl named Jiang Xiaoyue, a little Lingtian who was two years old, followed him from a young age, a girl who called him brother, a girl who naively promised him to be his wife when she grew up, a girl he could never forget for ten years How lucky it is to have a lover who can accompany you through joys and sorrows at the age of innocence at the beginning of love