Congratulations to the host for obtaining the mutated moon system of attributes Ding congratulations to the host for obtaining the mutated sky spirit system Ding

Ancient Spirit Beast, Flame Spirit Beast, Extreme Beast, Heavenly Dragon Beast, Jiang Leling, I seem to have signed a chapter of a beast with unlimited potential. The beginning of the chapter became the beast of a goddess.
I signed an eternal blood contract with my blood. In the woods, Jiang Leling is forming a blood bond with a monster beast.
Hundreds of years ago, there was a sudden catastrophe on the blue star.
Countless powerful monsters crawled out from various places and attacked humans crazily, turning the whole world into a hell.
In order to deal with the monsters, countless ancestors also actively sought ways.
They found that in some special places A strange spiritual power will be awakened among the crowd. This spiritual power allows them to sign a blood contract with monsters and let monsters become their pets to fight other monsters for them. This special group of people is Beastmaster Ban Yue.
The former Jiang Leling awakened her spiritual power and had the qualifications to become a beast master, but because she was an orphan since she was a child, she was so poor that she couldn’t afford a beast master at all, and a beast master without a beast master is no different from ordinary people. She had no choice but to She came to the woods to look for monsters as the royal beast, so people have to admire her courage. Now there are monsters everywhere in the world. She is a teenage girl who came to the woods alone to find the royal beast. How risky is it? What a risk! This monster is what she picked up by chance under a big tree.
She wants to try to see if she can form a blood pact and make this monster her pet. Where is this place? Why am I here? Ye Tian Opening his eyes, he was a little dazed. He remembered that he seemed to have been in a car accident. When he woke up, he found himself in this place.
The blue star changed into a beast master, and a large amount of information flooded in.
Ye Tian realized that this is a cataclysmic world.
There are all kinds of monsters, almost everything is crazily evolving and becoming stronger, because if they can’t become strong enough, there will only be one end, that is, they will die in this cataclysmic world, and everyone wants to become a beast master school. The same focus is on cultivating beast masters.
Elementary and junior high schools learn the basic knowledge of beast masters. Knowing about the profession of beast masters, you will awaken your spiritual power in high school.
If you can awaken successfully, you will be qualified to become a beast master. The respect status of the world has undergone earth-shaking changes. It seems that if you want to survive in this world, you must evolve and become stronger as soon as possible.
My hands, my feet, Ye Tian found that his hands and feet had turned into claws, which were very different from human beings.
This is really him. Ye Tian expressed his deep doubts. The implantation of the infinite evolution system was successful at this time. A voice suddenly sounded, and then some strange data appeared in front of his eyes. The host, Ye Tian, ​​level-level experience value, race, ancient spirit beast, quality-level, star attribute, fire system, weakness, water system, super energy system, identity, Jiang Leling’s beast evolution point note experience value can be obtained by fighting monsters.
You can get it by eating and so on. When the experience value has accumulated to a certain level, you can upgrade your level and increase your strength. Evolution points can be devoured by killing monsters. Materials, land treasures, etc.
can be obtained when the evolution point has accumulated to a certain level, then it can evolve, change the race, improve the quality, increase the strength, I have traveled through time and become a cute girl’s royal beast, and brought the system. Slowly, Ye Tian accepted the reality. It can be regarded as a kind of rebirth. Wow, my little cutie, from today onwards, you are my royal beast.
Suddenly, I surrounded him with both hands, and hugged him in my arms, gently stroking you. What are you doing? Hurry up and let me go Ye Tian protested by waving his paws, but this soft and cute girl’s arms are so soft and comfortable, people don’t want to leave Jiang Leling is even happier seeing Ye Tian waving her paws at her, she is really a cutie, yes, cutie me I have prepared pet biscuits for you, they are delicious, do you want to eat them? Jiang Leling took out a biscuit and shook it in front of Ye Tian’s nose.
This pet biscuit was bought in the store and used as food for beast control.
Ye Tian sniffed it very much.
The aroma makes people unable to resist the appetite.
Open your mouth, bite down the biscuit and eat it. It’s delicious! Congratulations to the host for swallowing a piece of biscuit and gaining some experience points. Ye Tianyixi didn’t expect that eating pet biscuits would actually give me experience points.
I want Ye Tian to open his paws and talk in his mouth, but the sound he said is a yah yah yah, cute, do you still want biscuits Jiang Leling asked Ye Tian nodded Jiang Leling immediately took out a small bag Hand over to Ye Tiandao, cutie, here are all these biscuits for you. This small bag contains ten pet biscuits. I gave Ye Tian one just now, and now there are only nine left.
Seeing the biscuits, Ye Tian’s eyes lit up.
Congratulations to the host for swallowing a piece of biscuit and gaining experience points Congratulations to the host for swallowing a piece of biscuit for gaining experience points Congratulations to the host for swallowing a piece of biscuit for gaining experience points Ding congratulations to the host for swallowing a piece of biscuit and gaining experience points Seeing Ye Tian wolfing down Jiang Leling couldn’t help swallowing Drooling, she bought this pack of pet biscuits after saving money for a long time, even she was reluctant to eat it, but as long as the little cutie eats happily, she will be happy too, soon the pack of pet biscuits will be eaten, congratulations to the host for being promoted Ye Tian looked at the data and information, his level changed from the original level to level, and nothing else changed. At this moment, he suddenly jumped up, raised his paw, and grabbed Jiang Leling’s back, cute, what are you doing? Ah, Jiang Leling was shocked, her feet were unsteady, she fell down, her butt hit the ground in pain, she bared her teeth and roared, and a scream sounded, which woke her up, and then she saw