Confused it through this little centipede he thought about it he had seen the four banners released by the man just now and he was

The copywriter accidentally traveled to another world Comrade Meng Yunjue happily received the Jinjiang system set, but can the system stop being old? The promised immortality, taming, and refining artifacts reached the pinnacle of life? System error Error number The small theater reminds you that you have entered pure love The domain system issued a bottle of lubricating oil, please use it properly Dixuan smiled meaningfully, lubricating oil, so you can’t wait, Meng Yunjue put away the lubricating oil, calm and authentic, you read it wrong, this is vegetable oil Goldfinger plot upgrade, cool text content tags, powerful system, Xianxia Cultivation, protagonist Meng Yunjue, Emperor Xuan Chapter 1, Jinjiang system, Meng Yunjue was stupefied and woke up from the cold It’s as cold as being poured by cold water, not like his own.
He tightened his arms and slowly opened his eyes. It was so dark.
He remembered writing a fantasy novel last night and fell asleep on the desk when he was tired. He didn’t even turn off the lights.
Why now? But it was so dark, he subconsciously touched the side beside him to find the light switch, but he touched something that was cold and greasy to the touch, something click, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The breath accompanied by the sound kept moving around him, it didn’t look like the wind blowing from the air conditioner, what was that? Walking to the place with light in front of him, after slowly adapting to the light, he turned his head and looked, his face suddenly changed, he saw countless ghosts and skeleton creatures, those things that only appeared in science fiction films actually appeared in front of him and still There are different shapes and different breeds.
A chill rose from his back. Before he had time to pull his legs out, he rushed towards the light source in front of him. The moment he rushed out, he felt something under his feet was crushed by him.
He looked down.
His face was even more ugly. From his feet to as far as he could see, there were bones all over the place, and groups of skeleton reptiles were showing their might and crawling in and out of the holes of the bones. Looking up, the huge forest fluttered. Into his eyes, the towering ancient trees exhibited broad branches and leaves, one after another stretched hundreds of miles away. The high wind shook the trees violently, and the sound of howling ghosts and wolves made him shudder. There was also a layer of dark green miasma floating in the air. Unconsciously, he took a few mouthfuls of miasma and felt the air in his chest cavity was sucked out. It was difficult to breathe, and even his abdomen was throbbing with colic pain.
He turned around and returned to the place just now.
Only then did he see clearly that this place was actually a huge cave, and he wanted to wake up.
The greasy thing he touched when he came here should be the moss in the cave. As soon as he entered the cave, he saw ghosts and skeleton creatures surrounding him and sticking to him. He looked at them curiously. They seemed to be friendly instead of hostile. This discovery made him put it down. Instead of taking precautions, I turned to think about more practical questions.
Where is this place, how did he come here, and what are these strange creatures? Hello, welcome to Jinjiang system suddenly sounded The sound made Meng Yunjue’s heart skip a beat, and he frowned suspiciously. The system Jinjiang system serves you piously.
The first time you enter this website system, you will be presented with Jinjiang currency as a login system. I wish you a happy use of this system.
Meng Yunjue finally realized that the voice came from his mind. Could it be that the Jinjiang system is the real Jinjiang system? Suddenly, the translucent page of Jinjiang Literature City unfolded in front of his eyes, which was exactly the same as the Jinjiang page he signed in the real world. I’m afraid the world is not the one he used to be in.
It’s just not happy to come to this place after sleeping at the table at home. As a person who lives in the era of information explosion, he quickly understands. I have crossed, and this Jinjiang system is likely to be the culprit of his crossing. Although there are thousands of doubts in his heart, it seems that there is no time for him to understand.
After all, there are skeleton creatures and ghosts inside. There is miasma outside.
Survival in a weird world Now that this system has appeared, let’s see what is the use of this system The sound of the system pops into his head Dear, what can I do for you, I want to know what you can do for me This system is so humane It has a self-thinking pro-system that detects that you are in a lonely, empty, and cold state, and is now automatically providing you with heat preservation equipment. You can choose the high-energy ahead, and choose carefully.
He pondered for a while and didn’t choose anything, but used his thoughts to communicate with the system to automatically select the most suitable item for me. Since your balance is only Jinjiang currency, the system selects the best for you. The price of the same product is only so cheap.
What are you waiting for, come and send it! The automatically selected item is only half of the value of the balance. Could there be some way here? He clicked the buy button with his mind. The background of the page in front of him was gray and a small white box popped up.
Payment is in progress, please wait. Meng Yunjue sat cross-legged and waited for him to see more and more ghosts and skeletons approaching.
Among them was a bold little skeleton stretching out its white bone claws and touching him here and there, as if studying the origin of this alien species.
What constitutes him? He is already immune to these creatures. His knuckles are knocking on his knees, his eyes are fixed on the system page. This page has been jumping for so long, but there is no movement. Could it be that he feels bad in his heart? All of a sudden, this row of black words mockingly appeared on the white-bottomed page in front of him. Meng Yunjue’s face also turned black, thanks to him being so wary of this system.
It turns out that it is as old as the current system.
Try to refresh the system and finally back to normal