Compared to his identity as an ant on a hot pot Shen Du spends his days leisurely with the little mage practicing the trumpet Li

From the sixth floor, the sky is misty, the road is covered with snow, and the cars parked outside the school are like frosted buns, fluffy and delicious.
Well, Ji Pianpian licked her lower lip, hungry.
She got out of bed and found one from the cupboard with her bare feet.
The bread from the supermarket is torn apart, bitten, frowning and unpalatable. In this weather, she would rather starve to death than leave the well-heated dormitory.
With a piece of bread in her mouth, Ji Pianpian sits back on the bed and stares at the laptop on the bed table.
The notebook is about twelve. Inch Lenovo’s brand Ji Heyu’s new favorite Ji Pianpian, the night before she set off to the city, acted like a baby and threatened her life Brother, you can’t bear to have your underage sister go to an Internet cafe in a strange city to look up information for a professional class.
Ji Pianpian’s words are justified The Internet cafe is so chaotic, everyone has your sister, I just in case I stumbled Ji Heyu, who was holding a hard-shell book before the desk, raised his head slightly, and the night light cast the shadow of his sharp black hair on his forehead from top to bottom. Thin lips, facial features, clear and handsome, only a pair of dark eyes, cold and cold, revealing a cold temperament that is not easy to get along with Don’t be afraid, he blinked his beautiful big eyes, right? If I make a mistake, you won’t have a younger sister.
Ji Heyu shuts the book with a bang, expressionless. Then you come on. My only child’s dream has come true thanks to you, Ji Pianpian.
The older brothers are all doting sisters and crazy monsters. Only her family is a proper cold-blooded big devil. Ji Pianpian is so angry that she doesn’t dare to ask her parents. It’s a great thing that she can get rid of the nightmare of senior year and go out to study majors leisurely. Dare to ask again, besides, there is a dedicated computer room for students in her training school.
Unless she wants to go back to the dormitory, watch anime, watch dramas and play games, she really doesn’t need to bring her own computer. Ji Pianpian arrives in the city dejectedly and finds a professional teacher to check in. The moment Ji Pianpian opens the suitcase Isn’t this dark notebook that was perfunctorily thrown in the middle of the suitcase just Ji Heyu’s darling? Thanks for the news, Lord Long En Ji Heyu kills online late at night without forgiveness Ji Pianpian is happy to understand that Ji Pianpian wants to bring a notebook, in addition to being convenient for watching anime and watching dramas, there are also games on the screen Tianqi, a large-scale online game that has been online for more than two years, has already become popular all over the world.
Elementary school students aged seven or eight, and old men aged up to twenty-four specifically point out that Ji Heyu is playing games. Logically speaking, Ji Pianpian is not qualified to play.
As a senior high school student, the countdown to the college entrance examination is over his head, let alone online games. Even sleeping is a problem, but Ji Pianpian is not ordinary A senior high school student, she poisoned seven or eight tutors with her crotch-lifting grades, and then unexpectedly gained a chance of life With a dry temper, he started from scratch and made a lot of money. He also married a loving wife and gave birth to a pair of children. It stands to reason that he should enjoy the blessings, but he is a disobedient bastard. My son was admitted to a top-notch university, but dropped out in my junior year. My daughter was cute and cute.
She was a caring little padded jacket, but her grades were not good. She stayed up all night until she was so skinny that she couldn’t get into the top 30 of her class.
Dad Ji, who graduated from college and didn’t finish junior high school, has a heartache.
Old Wang knows how he feels.
After thinking about it for a long time, there is a way to make Ji Pianpian pass the undergraduate exam.
Dad Ji’s eyes are bright.
How can I hire a few tutors? Thirty is enough, old man Thirty Wang, does it mean that one person helps to improve a ranking? Then your daughter will not be able to pass the exam.
It is useless to ask a tutor to be the first in the class. The child needs to be enlightened early.
Old Wang suggested that Ji Pianpian take the art college entrance examination.
Ji Pianpian is a student on weekdays She is very hardworking and has a pleasant personality. Teachers like her very much, but her grades can’t be improved.
Seeing that she can’t even get a good major. It’s a pity that Lao Wang thinks that she has a good family. She must be able to afford the cost of majoring. He called Ji’s father to discuss the music class, which needs at least one or two years of buffer from the elementary school art class, but the emerging choreographer and host are expected to speed up. The major is very promising. In addition, Ji Pianpian’s appearance is excellent, articulate, clear and clever. You can also try the host major.
Lao Wang once called and said that there is no reason why Ji’s father would not listen to Beijing Film Academy of Communication University of China.
His daughter is very culturally Not sure enough to pass the exam, but there are many other colleges that you can choose to repeat your undergraduate course. As long as you pass the professional courses, Ji Pianpian can at least take a second. This season, my father’s biggest wish since he made a fortune is to have a serious college student in his family.
Ji Heyu, who didn’t graduate, is not bad The boy was so mad that he forgot it, so Ji Pianpian broke away from the sea of ​​questions in the third year of high school and embarked on the broad road of majoring.
In fact, the art test is not easy, but Ji Pianpian is very suitable for the major of editing and directing.
She loves watching movies with Ji Heyu. She likes to write things, all kinds of impressions, small essays, and short stories about bad waist.
She has filled three diaries, and the important assessment items of the director major are writing film reviews and improvisation. Although Ji’s father is still in a cold war with his son, he respects him very much.
Ji Pianpian’s opinion is very good Ji Pianpian just wanted to thank my brother for saying a second time, Ji Heyu added that God closed her a door and half a window had to be opened It is impossible for her to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry well if she is so stupid. She can write a short composition, but she won’t be hungry.
Don’t ask me, she can’t take professional courses, which are much easier than cultural courses, especially recently.
Happy to play games, in fact, she has never played this kind of large-scale online games, how can she have time to play games when she is so busy in high school