Communication Senior Brother Qin can make your ex don’t come and watch me every day I have my own life and my own

Wedge Wedge On February 14th, I received a text message from Chao Ling. This is the first text message from him in three years.
The content of the text message is concise and clear, which is very similar to his usual style. My friend, He Man, please wish me a happy engagement. Received this message When I was texting, I just drank with another single sister and came out like a crab. I was standing slightly drunk on the overpass at Xinjiekou, acting as a young literary girl. The breeze blew my scarf like a steel wire. Stirring up my messy hair out of nowhere, the sweet fragrance of flowers all over the city sticks to the same place, the lovers who are rubbing hands together make me suddenly feel a little sad, I open my arms and close my eyes, facing the wind with incomparable humane melancholy Immediately, the sadness I had just brewed disappeared without a trace. I just glanced at the text message and immediately became dizzy and angry.
There is a new spring, tears streaming down my face, holding my mobile phone and blowing the wind, I was dizzy and sent the most brave and beastly text message in my life I fell into a tiger body and woke up from the drunkenness.
I saw that the text message displayed on my mobile phone had been sent, and I was scared out of my wits. The tile is the dividing line of humanity. Speaking of the bad relationship with Ye Chaoling, it can be traced back to my college days.
I just entered the university and belonged to the university The first few weekends of freshman life are so boring, I am lonely, I am lonely, I am empty, I am helpless, the rhythm of the university is not as intense as that of high school, the time is much longer than that of high school, and it seems particularly abundant.
Every day, except for the extra time in class, there are four people in the dormitory. You look at me, I look at you, everyone is a woman with breasts and buttocks, if you watch too much, you won’t grow a leg, so each other is very empty, lonely, lonely and helpless Wait until the second weekend, everyone finally couldn’t hold back the positive I have a dream to conceive Harpy’s channel.
The head of our dormitory, Rui Xiaofeng, is a woman with a very humanistic temperament. The beginning of every sentence is full of greatness, saying that everyone has been completely immune to her humanistic temperament. Otherwise, we will also learn from her.
Let’s start a retro trend, let’s go to a dormitory to continue the fellowship.
Everyone seems to be very uninterested.
I have a friend from the health school.
She enthusiastically suggested that everyone’s expressions are weird. I have a friend from the teacher’s school. Re-propose that everyone’s expressions are even more weird, even with some kind of unpleasant emotion. Rui She can’t hold back the angry eyes of the crowd. Xiaoman, if you say it’s okay, you just turn to look at me, a pair of small eyes that are eager and sparkling, why do you ask? How nice is my friendship dormitory? When I go out for a trip, everyone will raise their arms and look majestic. How interesting it is. When eating, more people can order more dishes.
Everyone is more happy.
I can respond to her very simply. Everyone’s eyes immediately turned weird. And this time it seems that the dissatisfaction has increased a little bit Xiaofeng, if the female dormitory is not necessary, everyone is not Lala dormitory, four people are not enough to unite What Yi said was very straightforward. Rui Xiaofeng had an epiphany and stretched out a finger to make a proposal word by word. I have a senior who is taller than me.
The male Xiao Ruirui who is currently studying in the Police Academy raised his hand and asked, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, everyone.” I jumped up and clapped my hands.
I was more joyful than anyone else at that time. In fact, it doesn’t matter to me who I am, but I am very pleased that I have a place to go out on the weekend, so I also follow The Paper.
Let’s make an appointment this weekend.
I will contact Rui Xiaofeng The whole person was in high spirits, and immediately rushed out to make a phone call. When I passed by, I lifted up a corner of my little bear’s pajamas. I always thought she was a gentle type, but who knew that she would explode, and it turned out to be a hot-tempered weekend.
Everyone made an appointment to meet at the McDonald’s in front of the school. When I was about to go out, Xiaofeng pulled me aside alone and told me carefully for a while. Please help me ask Senior Ye for his personal contact information.
I only have the phone number on their floor.
It’s inconvenient, I’m a little awkward, why do I have to ask you? Xiaofeng was a little shy and avoided answering, just raised a finger and carefully tempted me. A spicy chicken leg burger.
Asking for a contact information can give me an extra hamburger.
This deal is still acceptable. Add a pair of grilled wings. She saw that I didn’t answer immediately. She raised her second finger to make the deal.
I firmly held her hand, remembering the pair of chicken wings plus a hamburger.
I thought it was inappropriate.
Let’s add a glass of Coke.
If you’re afraid of trouble, it’s a children’s meal.
It’s also a children’s set meal and there are toys. You can take it well. Xiaofeng’s mouth twitched and she agreed straightforwardly, so Xiaofeng and I are both satisfied. This McDonald’s is a big cafeteria for students, because many couples come here early to order because it is close to the school. Coffee or Coca-Cola can see each other affectionately for a day.
It’s too late and there’s no place to stand.
The four of us struggled to sit upright in a reserved and elegant way, especially when I’m sleepy hiding my toothbrush and being dragged towards McDonald’s.
I’m walking on the road. Turning around, I feel that Xiaofeng is very different today. The morning sun faintly refracted on Xiaofeng’s lips, and I suddenly realized, Xiaofeng, it turns out that you put on lip balm today. I even put on eyeshadow.
I think I am Xiaoman and you are the only one who didn’t tidy up. The clothes I wear are like sacks. Why didn’t I tidy up? There is something to eat, and Xiaofeng promised me a pair of chicken wings, a hamburger, and a glass of Coke. If you don’t wear looser clothes, I’m afraid that sitting there will make your belly pile up.
This dress is really not good-looking. When the foreign trade store was on sale, everyone went in and snapped it up. Only this one hangs there and no one wants it