Commercial theft travel athletic competition crossing the border Huangquan Road guiding stealing is nothing more than a trivial matter to him Hermes Ares is here

Not only that, Chen Xiaohai also discovered that various novels and animations also have chat groups, so one day Chen Xiaohai discovered that WeChat shopping, WeChat drifting bottles seemed to be different hehehe, Chen Xiaohai’s fate changed. The third child in the group, we are leaving, are you really not going out? Pitiful and pitiful, let me pay for the money I paid for the night at the Internet cafe. Second and fourth, let’s go. The third said no.
Walking back to the ground, a group of unscrupulous bastards Chen Xiaohai stared at the backs of several roommates leaving, lying on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling The family background is average, the physical ability is average, the game level is above average.
In short, he is an ordinary freshman student.
He used to have a girlfriend who had been dating since high school. The two broke up before the freshman year was over. Became an ordinary freshman single. Yesterday was his ex-girlfriend’s birthday.
He took almost a month’s living expenses to buy a pair of jewelry for his girlfriend. He thought that his ex-girlfriend would spend the month before and end in a hotel room to end his 20-year virgin life. It was the ex-girlfriend who broke up, and then the ex-girlfriend got into someone else’s car and left in the dust, leaving behind a snow-white car buttock. In a rage, Chen Xiaohai threw the jewelry that spent almost a month’s living expenses into the river. Gone now, Chen Xiaohai regrets that his girlfriend lost his living expenses, and he planned to go to an internet cafe with his roommates all night long, or get killed, but ended up staying alone in the dormitory, staring at the ceiling, feeling lonely and empty Leng Zao knew that it would be nice not to throw that jewelry away, take it back and return it, Chen Xiaohai looked annoyed and hungry, Chen Xiaohai turned his head and saw that there was a bucket of old sauerkraut on the boss’s table, got up and got out of bed Skillfully tore open the old altar sauerkraut, soaked it in boiling water and put it aside to wait. Chen Xiaohai picked up his phone and found that there was an update reminder on WeChat.
Discovered whether the new system WeChat Wanjie version has been updated.
The name Penguin Company When did this happen? Chen Xiaohai casually clicked on the update, threw it aside, then turned on the computer and randomly clicked on a movie. Seeing that it was a movie adapted from a novel, it was called Demon Supreme Chiliu.
Chen Xiaohai was eating old sauerkraut While watching the movie, it’s really good, but the original book seems to be better.
The sound of ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, what’s the matter? Chen Xiaohai picked up the phone and looked at the content.
You join the fairy world chat group, followed by a series of messages Bodhi Patriarch invited Taishang Laojun to join the fairy world chat groupBodhi Patriarch invited the Jade Emperor to join the fairy world The Bodhi ancestors in the chat group invited the Queen Mother of the West to join the chat group in the fairy world These people have read too many fairy tale novels, Chen Xiaohai is thinking about quitting this crazy group Seeing Patriarch Bodhi’s speech, Patriarch Bodhi paused For the development of the fairy world, at the request of the Jade Emperor, God Hongjun left behind a piece of Hongmeng Qi to refine this treasure to create a chat group.
You can use this chat group to chat with each other, increase exchanges and deepen mutual relationships. Build a beautiful fairy world together. To celebrate the chat group Established I am going to send a red envelope Equaling Heaven Great Sage Sun Wukong My master speaks, everyone applaud quickly, otherwise don’t blame my old grandson for destroying your Dongfu with a stick De Xing Jun Shui De Xing Jun Taibai Jin Xing Quaternary Gongcao and so on all made expressions Erlang Shen Yang Jian made a disdainful expression and then said that others are afraid of you, a hairy monkey, this Zhenjun is not afraid of Monkey King with three eyes and dares to hit him Are you fighting Erlang God Yang Jian? If you fight, you will pull out all your monkey hair.
The true king does not live in the heavenly court.
At this time, the broom star said weakly, the true king, you do not live in the heavenly court. Famous gods are bubbling one after another, there are onlookers, there are booing, there are persuading fights, it’s extremely lively.
Chen Xiaohai looks at the chatter of the gods in the group and tilts his head. These guys really regard themselves as gods.
Chen Xiaohai wants to quit the group every minute, but he remembers Patriarch Bodhi said he wanted to give out red envelopes, so he stopped. He is poor now. If he can grab a big red envelope, he can live in half a month.
The bustling group suddenly fell silent, Chen Xiaohai held his breath and waited for Bodhi Patriarch’s red envelope, a bright red envelope appeared, Chen Xiaohai quickly nodded, only to find that the red envelope had been robbed.
How many years have these guys been single? Ahh, the hand speed is so fast and it disappears in the blink of an eye. Thank you, Patriarch Bodhi, I have obtained one hundred merits.
After eighty meritorious deeds, the Bodhi patriarch is really rich and rich, and Uncle Feng has nothing.
Please Bodhi patriarch to send another red envelope. Patriarch Bodhi