Coming here sure enough as soon as he came here he saw Zhao Yihuang sitting on a gazebo holding a bottle of beer in his

Chapter 1 Twin Brothers A Rolls-Royce gallops on the road in Guanghai City in the evening Tang Haotian, who was sitting in the back row in the rearview mirror, both had just returned from abroad. Tang Haotian’s facial features were sharp and his expression was resolute.
He looked at a diary in his hand and replied blankly.
Zhang Jing, who switched back to domestic investment and drove the car, went on to say that we have a company in Guanghai City covering real estate, finance, manufacturing, Internet and other industries with assets of more than 100 million yuan.
The annual net profit of about 100 million yuan is not too much. After all, this is a fourth-tier small city. We are already The person in charge here is called Chen Hai.
He knows that you are here and wants to see you very much.
Tang Haotian coldly said no. The person in charge of the city is not qualified to see Tang Haotian.
The car drove into a high-end community and stopped in front of a building. Zhang Jing immediately got out of the car and opened the door for Tang Haotian. Boss, your twin brother Tang Yitian lived here before his death. The diary got off the car and waited for me in the car. I went up to see if I could find any clues to the truth of my brother’s death. Tang Haotian and his brother were twins. When they were two years old, they were kicked out of the Tang family and lived on the streets.
My elder brother was adopted by the Zhao family as a son-in-law. Three years ago, he formally married in to Zhao Yihuang, the most beautiful granddaughter of the Zhao family.
She and her mother, Zhao Xuemei, and her father, Zhang Bing, are sitting on the sofa in the living room. The dining table is full of delicacies from mountains and seas.
They are rich in color and beauty. This is not made by them, but the four sets of bowls and chopsticks ordered from the hotel are already neatly arranged. Why are you dressed like this? Go get dressed up, put on heavy makeup, lipstick, put on that tube top and short skirt, this is your advantage, you have to give full play to it, Zhao Xuemei said while pushing Zhao Yihuang Zhao Yihuang was lying in pajamas with disheveled hair and a plain face Unmoved on the sofa, she said in boredom, Mom, why do you want me to dress up with heavy makeup and sexy clothes, what is the difference between this and a coquettish slut? Why sell yourself? You are selling a girl for glory and I am already married.
Tang Yitian, that trash has disappeared for a month, and the police can’t find him, either he’s dead, or he knows he’s ashamed to stay in this house and leave.
Are you going to be a widow for him forever? I’ve consulted a lawyer, as long as you go to the court File a lawsuit and the court will announce a divorce within 1 day. Zhao Yihuang doesn’t like Tang Yitian and even hates her a little, but Tang Yitian is really kind to her and he is indeed a good person. After getting along for such a long time, there is no love, but there are still some things like family affection.
Tang Yitian is missing and she is not.
sad just In the days without him, my heart is empty.
In short, I will not be with that Li Feitian.
Zhao Yihuang said stubbornly.
Zhao Xuemei stomped her feet in anger.
What’s wrong with Li Feitian? Yes, although the Li family is only a third-rate family in Guanghai City, it is much better than that trash Tang Yitian, yes, I tell you every day not to let Tang Yitian touch your body, have you listened to me, is your body clean? I have inquired Li Feitian has a virginity complex, do you want to leave your first time to him, you know Mom, you are too much, how can you do this Zhao Yihuang jumped up angrily and stared at Zhao Xuemei Zhao Xuemei knew that Zhao Yihuang was really anxious Smiling face daughter mother is also for your own good I don’t want you to marry a trash like me and be ridiculed and looked down upon for the rest of your life With a glance, he continued to say that you didn’t marry Tang Yitian voluntarily, but your grandfather forced you, didn’t you have trouble for a long time? Now Tang Yitian just disappeared on his own initiative, and the grandfather who forced you to marry has also passed away for so many years. This is how you changed your destiny. One chance, Zhao Yihuang was silent, Zhao Xuemei saw that her daughter had softened her attitude, and continued to persuade her, even if you don’t think about yourself, you have to think about the Zhao family.
Now that the Zhao family is facing difficulties, it is gradually declining.
Recently, Datang Real Estate has a big project, we must take you down Grandma is begging for help everywhere, but even Chen Hai, the person in charge of Datang Group in Guanghai City, can’t see Chen Hai. He held a high-end business reception recently and we couldn’t get the invitation letter.
Li Feitian promised us that he would bring us the invitation letter today. If we help your grandma get the invitation letter, the Zhao family may still have a chance to win this project, and the status of our family of three in the Zhao family will also improve.
It will also be good for the Zhao family to divide their property in the future. Without any rebuttal, Huang dragged her to her room and forcibly took off her clothes, took off her bra, put on a strapless underwear, put on a tube top and short skirt, put on high heels, combed her hair, Zhao Yihuang let her go the whole time like a zombie My mother doesn’t like it, I don’t know how to make up, you turn yourself into Zhao Xuemei orders you to change Zhao Yihuang’s passive resistance, then I’ll put on lipstick for you Li Feitian is a straight man, as soon as he sees lipstick, he thinks you’ve put on makeup, and my daughter’s skin is so fair It doesn’t matter whether it’s tender or not. Cleaned up, Zhao Yihuang will definitely crush all Internet celebrities and first-line actresses. Let Ding Dong knock on the door.
Zhao Xuemei said excitedly, come with me at the door and welcome Li Feitian in. Mom Why do you look like a soliciting bustard Zhao Yihuang rolled his eyes, what old treasure and little treasure go