Come up quickly Tianlonghuang said to Emily I have activated the teleportation function of the bronze mirror we can go back to the imperial palace

Doomsday crisis Su Yu was unfortunately bitten by a zombie Su Yu was very lucky to be bitten by a zombie He evolved into a unique gold eater who came and who lived and who died How to escape from the doomsday wilderness Zombie virus Xenodemon radiation monster human Who used blood and fire to compose a legendary song of the doomsday gold eater in Life and Death It is written that the year, month, month, day, month, and day of Yishen Zangji, which is the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, is the legendary Qixi Festival. This summer is very hot. In Su Yu’s words, it is extremely, very, super, invincible, and unparalleled.
Even if you sit at home and do nothing sweat It also soaks through the clothes and sticks to the body, making it very uncomfortable, and the wind blowing from the air conditioner is also hot The high temperature, every time you exhale, people always have the illusion that fire is blowing out from the chest.
Su Yu is bored at home alone in such a hot weather. Doing anything is depressing, so I can only click on a recent popular video to hope.
Can you forget that in this damn hot video, many reporters are chattering around a fat man with fat ears Boss Yang, what do you think about the biochemical crisis caused by the Shengsheng account? The camera quickly shifts to focus The middle-aged man was about a meter tall.
He had a fat round face with two small eyes.
The middle-aged man reached out and snatched the microphone from the reporter’s hand. He stared at him sharply. It’s the medicine of Shengshenghao developed by Wanzhong Company. It can give cells a powerful life. I can tell you without exaggeration that it can even regenerate dead cells. We have reason to believe that in the not-too-distant future, human beings can truly obtain immortality, but now some people don’t want to see the progress and development of others.
The company’s Shengsheng Pharmacy slandered and claimed that it would trigger a zombie frenzy and a biohazard.
This is a naked rumor, an irresponsible speech, and an act of unfair competition.
The company will resort to legal means to pursue its legal responsibility and will cooperate with it.
The confrontation to the end, Wanzhong company once again stated that the so-called biting incident is groundless. It is some people with ulterior motives who slandered Shengshenghao Pharmacy. Please don’t be deceived by some people with ulterior motives. Impossible movies are always just movies and not reality. Please believe in science. Believe in the science. The biochemical experts from Wanzhong Company looked at the fat man in front of the screen talking eloquently. Su Yu felt disgust for no reason.
This fat man is the boss of Wanzhong Company. Yang Wanli always looks like an entrepreneur. No matter how bad things are, he can blow them up naturally, but Su Yu knows that Yang Wanli is actually an extremely despicable person.
With a snap, Su Yu turned off the boring video and closed the computer. Ready to go out to dinner for this kind of businessman Guarantee that Su Yu has never been too cold.
Businessmen are always looking for profit.
Many businessmen will pat their chests to guarantee their products, but when something goes wrong, no one will admit it. Wanzhong Company is a well-known multinational consortium that mainly deals in biochemical products.
Not long ago The Shengsheng drug developed by Wanzhong Company has caused intense controversy.
On the one hand, the effect of the Shengsheng drug is obvious to all.
Its ability to change cell life is indeed unparalleled, but on the other hand, the Shengsheng drug seems to be imperfect. There are many deadly drugs. Side Effects It is said that in some cases disabled people who have taken the potion of Shengsheng have regrown their severed limbs, but they are deformed.
After that, it became mentally retarded and bit everyone, and those who were bitten seemed to have the same symptoms. This situation is a bit like the beginning of the plot in the movie Resident Evil, so this made many people panic and questioned Wanzhong Company.
The No. 1 medicine is also dubbed a virus by people, but these things are far away from Su Yu. He is just an ordinary otaku who usually surfs the Internet in his spare time at work, and is far away from the sky-high price of medicine. However, fate seems to be with Su Yu.
He made a joke and sent the powerful potion of Shengsheng to Su Yu in an almost cruel way. The summer night was breezy and the city’s night sky was brightly lit. The path Su Yu walked on had no street lights, only faint starlight in the sky. The buildings around the very remote alleys and alleys are very old. The glass on the dilapidated wooden window sills has long since shattered into dark square holes.
A long banner hangs on the side of the building with the words “Demolition Su Yu was bitten by a dog.” On such a remote path, he was lying on the ground with no strength left to get up. Thinking of the scene in the movie Resident Evil, and the incident of the Shengsheng account that has been discussed recently, Su Yu suddenly felt an unknown panic, thinking of the dog. Su Yu is still trembling with horror, he can’t fully accept the experience just now, he even thought that he had broken the dog’s back several times, but he was still bitten and bruised. Fortunately, Su Yu had practiced with his grandfather for a few days. Only then can we burn that mad dog to ashes with all our might Will the Shengsheng potion turn into a zombie? Su Yu lay powerlessly on the ground, a little desperate, thinking that he was going to die.
When Su Yu panicked, there was a screaming sound above his head, as if something was falling rapidly.