Come to you If you want to spit out this pool of water again Xue Xian ignores him he is still bubbling the water is

The monk’s name Xuan Min has lost all his memories, and he has a little bit of wind and water.
The first day he came to Ningyang, he unceremoniously copied a haunted house.
By the way, he also copied back Xue Xian, who was nested in the haunted house. The earthquake-shattering Xue Xian now has one more pursuit in life How to make this bald donkey with no appearance kick his legs, close his eyes and smile as soon as possible Attacking Fake Temperament Perverted Suffering Silly Content Tags Powerful Fantasy Space Supernatural Gods and Monsters Happy Enemies Protagonist Xue Xianxuan Min Supporting Actor Jiang Shining Lu Nianqi Tong Deng Other Demons and Monsters Chaotang Complete Nonsense Volume 1 Quest Chapter Chapter Paperman One Day Jubilee 2 In the summer of the thirteenth year, a dragon fell in Huameng County, Guangdong. In the winter month of the same year in Mengxian County, Ningyang County, Huizhou Prefecture, the clapper just knocked on the fifth watch, and the sky was still numb.
Xingtang Street has faintly heard the sound of people.
The waiter of Jiuweiju carried several large drawers of steamed buns in front of the building. Alright, it’s early. The stall watchman trotted over with his neck shrunken and rubbed his hands.
He bought three buns.
He swallowed one in two bites. While swallowing with difficulty, he winked at the waiter at Jiuweiju and said, “Is everything ready? It’s here.” The waiter patted the food box on the side of the cage with a sad face. The watchman was amazed and said that he really prepared it. What if he doesn’t come today? This Jiuweiju is a well-known restaurant in Ningyang County.
The streaky chicken with skin is fat and lean, the Lishan pheasant is just right, the raccoon must be the raccoon in the snow, Jiuweiju relies on these three dishes to be full of customers every day, and the business is not worrying, but Liu Sanxiang is a pretentious one. I don’t cook too many pots, so if I want to eat, I have to go early, but if I order hard dishes as early as the fifth watch, it’s probably because my brain is a little sick.
This sick man has been here for two consecutive days. On the first day, he was stuck in the waiter After reporting the names of the three dishes in front of him, he didn’t say a word again. He really didn’t feel angry.
In the cold winter, every time he exhaled and opened his mouth, there was a cloud of white mist, but his face was clear and clear, and there was not even a trace of mist. The next day he There are too many requests for roasted chicken in clay pots, no star anise, cumin, crisp pears, oxtail raccoons, and crisp pears. This request is not like a serious meal, but like a signboard, but the waiter didn’t put it. The customer who was suspected of smashing the field forked out but tremblingly waited for two days.
Today, the food boxes were all prepared in advance.
He looked at the sky and shivered. His legs and thin feet stretched his neck like a chicken and asked the watchman when he arrived. It’s time, you, you, why don’t you shake me, people jumping up every night, what are you talking about? just say it Lying on the seashore, I heard that my muscles and bones were cramped by someone. What kind of omen do you think this is? Two months ago, it was rumored that the national teacher almost died.
The slide is coming, here he is, he really is here again, just before the voice fell, there was a man who looked like a scholar, his appearance was ordinary, with a deep tired face, and there was abnormal blood on both sides of his cheeks, as if he had been roasted for a long time This man was wearing a gray-green long gown, and his thin gown was as thin as a piece of cloth was forked on a branch.
The wind blows and he is about to go to heaven. The watchman stared at the scholar’s face in the light of a white lantern. The last bite of steamed stuffed bun that was in his mouth for a long while was frozen cold, and he didn’t bother to swallow it.
The scholar muttered something to himself, and then he slowly raised his head and looked at the waiter with his dark eyes.
It was so frightening that the waiter immediately pinched his legs and felt that he was about to urinate. Excuse me.
Peach fat roasted meat. The scholar’s serious voice is very pleasant, which is different from the soliloquy just now. It seems like green bamboo and flowing water, but it doesn’t fit his face and mouth shape.
The waiter avoids his gaze and tremblingly picks up the food box and hands it to him.
They are all ready for use. There is no pear, star anise and cumin in the porcelain jar, which is still hot just out of the pot. The scholar seems to be choking. After a while, he stared at the food box for a while, and then he responded slowly, nodded and said thank you.
The voice was a little hoarse, and it was slightly different from the sentence just now. The food box seemed a bit heavy to the scholar, like hanging a heavy weight on the branch. Zhui he left much slower than when he came, and it took a long time before he went a little farther. The watchman was in a hurry to urinate, but the watchman walked back not far away, carrying a gong and clapper, and came back again. Seeing a white shadow from the opposite side of the street coming silently from the night, the waiter, who had just been frightened, went limp and almost thought he saw something dirty again, but fortunately, he took a closer look and realized that it was a monk. Wearing a thin plain white monk’s robe with wide swing and big sleeves, from head to toe, there is no speckle of variegated color, it looks like he is wearing sackcloth and mourning.
It is very unlucky to see it early in the morning. Take a look at the five emperors’ money hanging on his waist.
The five emperors’ money can exorcise evil spirits and transform evil spirits.
It is said that the imperial teacher of the dynasty likes to use it. There is always a string hanging in his waist.
Among the utensils that are commonly used, although there are many swindlers who fish in troubled waters, most of them are waiters with three or two skills who scrutinized the monk from a distance.