Come to the island owner you can come out as soon as possible you don’t have to worry about the dead Xiao Xihe Xiao Xihe

But as far as she knows, there seems to be only one man in the whole book with a whole yin physique, the Demon Lord Xie Jiexing who was forcibly sealed in the Valley of Darkness by all the immortal sects. With pots, pans and pans full of ingredients, I sneaked into the Valley of the Shadows and tremblingly proposed to make a deal with him. Xie Zhaixing, why should Xiao Xihe cook eight dishes in half an hour and put them in front of him respectfully? Xie Zhaixingxing was sealed. Zhaxing has no spiritual power and can’t leave the Valley of the Shadows for life Xiao Xihe is going to sneak away after cleaning up the remaining poison and draw a clear line with him, but there is a tomato missing for dinner before the last practice. Fu went to look for tomatoes, Xiao Xihe, Xiao Xihe, Xie Zhaixing, when he came back from shopping for vegetables, the pots and pans and his wife were all gone. He waited for three days before realizing that he had been abandoned, and immediately tore up the seal in anger. They were all discussing who the person he was looking for would make him hate him so much.
After hearing the news, Xiao Xihe was worried and hid in Tibet, or was he blocked in a corner two years later.
Xie Jiexing covered his figure with a black cloak before Abandoning husband and son, right? Xiao Xihe, I’m not me. I didn’t abandon my husband, so that’s fine.
Xie Jiexing tore off his cloak, revealing a slightly swollen stomach, gritted his teeth, you have Lu Shu blood, why didn’t you say Xiao sooner? Xi He stunned Lu Shu. The auspicious beast with many children and many blessings. It is said that those with blood can make men pregnant. It is not a female respect, but it just so happens that the heroine has certain skills full of demons. Birth Content Tags Xianxia Cultivation Sweet Text Traveling Book Search Keyword Protagonist Xihe Supporting Character Another sentence introduction But I am a woman, I am determined to be self-improving and be a good person Chapter 1 This yin and yang accompaniment Gu is pure and strong, and there is no cure for it Once the poison occurs The poisoned person will bleed from the seven orifices and explode to death.
However, although the poison is overbearing, as long as the poisoned person finds someone with the opposite physique to cultivate together with him before the poison is released, the poison can be relieved. But if I remember correctly, you should be Quan Yang Physique, tsk tsk tsk Quanyang physique is to find someone with a full yin physique to practice with, but unfortunately there is no one with a full yin physique in this world, you can ask for blessings, this is the price you pay for dirtying your senior sister’s skirt The man’s mocking voice Surrounding Xiao Xihe’s ears, her tightly closed eyes trembled slightly for a long time, and she suddenly woke up with a white belly in the sky. The fire in front of her had already been extinguished After watching for a long time, her heartbeat gradually returned to calm.
It was just a dream.
She breathed a sigh of relief, and then she began to feel melancholy again.
Although everything just now was a dream, it was also a reality.
The heroine’s crazy admirer is also the one who poisoned her. Ten days ago, she transmigrated into this novel and became a little-known little guy in the Hehuan Sect. Being able to run and jump is better than continuing to be a sober vegetable in the real world, and this little guy is not only the same as her She has the same first and last name, even her face looks the same. She doesn’t need to re-adapt at all. The only fly in the ointment is that she is a cannon fodder in the text. In the original text, her character was hated by the heroine’s crazy admirers because she accidentally stained the heroine’s dress.
The Yin-Yang Acacia Gu was placed on her body because she couldn’t find someone with a full-yin constitution to practice together.
One month later, the poison broke out and she died of bleeding from the seven orifices. When she traveled through time, she had already been poisoned by the Gu. Now ten days have passed since the poisoning. According to the original plot She will die from poisoning in 20 days. As soon as she regains her life, she will face a tragic situation with 30 days left in her life.
Xiao Xihe is going crazy, especially thinking of the tragic situation in the original text when she was poisoned, she can’t wait to return to the real world immediately and is preparing.
When she was waiting to die, she suddenly remembered that the whole yin constitution is rare in the world, but it is not completely absent. For example, in the original text, there is such a fairy and the demon. The demon in the summit of Kunlun is the biggest villain in this article. Zhaixing has a treacherous and reckless personality, and if he does anything that doesn’t suit his wishes, he will die. If he is unhappy, he will stir up a bloody storm in the world of cultivating immortals.
However, such a person has a large number of admirers in the world of cultivating immortals because of his handsome and powerful appearance. The heroine of this article It’s one of them, moody, dangerous, murderous, and arsonist, what’s there to like? Xiao Xihe muttered something, and then sighed sadly. If she had encountered such dangerous elements in normal times, she would have run away before it was too late, but now she just wanted to survive. She took the initiative to find him, yes, she decided to go to Xie Jiexing, the only known all-yin physique so far, although judging by Xie Jiexing’s personality, doing so would be suicide, but she would not be reconciled if she didn’t work hard. And according to Xie Jiexing’s personality, she is not hopeless. Xie Jiexing’s love of food has reached the point of obsession And as the fifth generation descendant of Xiao family cuisine, she considers her culinary skills to be pretty good. She can cook some traditional dishes and western desserts, and based on her experience of living here for ten days, this world can be regarded as a gourmet desert. I love to eat, but I guess I haven’t eaten anything good.
If she can capture his stomach, maybe there will be a breakthrough.
No matter what, it’s better than doing nothing.
Take a gamble.
Xiao Xihe sighed and packed the leftover chestnuts.
She put it in her pocket and continued on her way.
After she left, a little squirrel approached the fire vigilantly, tentatively picked up a chestnut she had missed, took a bite, and impatiently ate the remaining shell, Xiao Xihe drove it away. After a morning’s journey, I finally arrived at the foot of Kunlun Mountain.
According to the legend, Kunlun Mountain is one of the three spiritual mountains in the world of cultivating immortals.
On the top of the mountain is the Kunlun School that all cultivators yearn for.
Xie Jiexing, who she was looking for, was suppressed in the shady valley behind the mountain.