Come out with Liu Hui and gently close the door Young Mistress Hui whats the matter Didnt he break up with Miss Xia I didn’t

Chapter 1 Our young master wants to see you Lin Qingqian stands in front of the presidential suite in the magnificent corridor of Lincheng Mansijia Hotel, staring at the group of golden room numbers with hesitant staring eyes for a long time, unable to muster up the courage to open it At the end of the door corridor, there are a few bodyguards in black standing with their backs. On the entire top floor, there are only her and the person inside the door, Lin Qingqian, that person we can’t afford to mess with, and your sister is about to get engaged to the He family.
You must not lose your virginity tonight.
Zhiru, I will issue a passport for you tomorrow, so that you can go abroad, and you will no longer have to be ridiculed here as an illegitimate daughter.
And your grandfather, I will also arrange the best hospital for him to be treated, just for one night. Gu Yanyan’s provocative voice was next to Gu Yanyan’s voice, Lin Qingqian’s long eyelashes trembling, her tightly clenched little hand slowly rested on the doorknob, and after a dozen seconds, she suddenly pushed the room open. Walking through the door, the room was very dark, only a gleam of light came from the half-covered bathroom door. A cold male voice came over, making Lin Qingqian tremble as if she had fallen into an ice cellar. She raised her head in horror, and through the dim light, Lin Qingqian I can vaguely see a tall figure sitting by the bed, although I can’t see his face clearly, but the coldness of his body exudes a prestige that no one should enter I don’t turn around and run away, trembling slightly, I move my legs two meters away from the man. I’m here, why did I see Lin Qingqian in a daze, motionless? I only have Lin Qingqian who is so nervous that she can’t even breathe.
She is only eighteen years old and just graduated from high school.
If you don’t want to, just get out and wait for the Lin family to disappear in Lincheng tomorrow.
I wish Lin Qingqian didn’t know where the strength came from, and hugged the man’s arm, seeing him stop, groping helplessly to unbutton, she only had this chance, Gu Yanyan was right, just one night, tomorrow she can get out of here The one and only grandfather who treats her well will not die. You have thought about it. The man turned around in the darkness, a pair of terrifying eyes surged like an undercurrent in a deep pool, watching the girl’s flustered movements, the corners of her perfect lips in the darkness With a sneer, the man pulled Lin Qingqian, whose mind was in a mess, to the front of the bed. The two of them were very close to each other, breathing intertwined. A male voice sounded eerie in Lin Qingqian’s ear.
Lin Zhiru, you are very good. After Lin Zhiru’s half-sister woke up from fatigue and pain, Lin Qingqian looked out the window and the sky was already dark. This demon had tormented her all night, listening to the sound of running water coming from the bathroom, Lin Qingqian.
Getting up and putting on the clothes with great effort, Lin Qingqian simply threw the shirt away, and the long skirt was lifted up into a tube top and short skirt.
Not daring to make a sound, she felt her shoes at the door, quietly opened the door and walked out After going out for five minutes, the bathroom door opened.
A stalwart and tall man came out from the inside.
His body as tall as a mountain walked out slowly, and his sharp black eyes were still sweeping under his dripping short hair.
When passing by the empty bed, the cold eyes narrowed dangerously, and he ran quite quickly, with ice-like voices slowly echoing in the room.
The man went over and turned on the light. The dazzling red plum on the snow-white mattress made him feel heavy.
The sword eyebrows tightened suddenly, why did Lin Qingqian step into the small building of the Lin family stepping into the morning light, the house was quiet, only two servants were cleaning, but she was always unwelcome, even the servants of the Lin family never looked at herself. Lin Qingqian went out early and came home late, was sick and injured, and only her grandfather who lived alone in the country and the labrador raised by her grandfather returned to her small room on the first floor. Lin Qingqian hurried into the bathroom, took a shower and changed into a clean suit. Lin Qingqian was sore all over the clothes lying on the bed, Lin Qingqian cursed secretly, she covered the quilt and cried silently, fell asleep all morning, Lin Qingqian got up, washed her face, walked out of the room, Lin Qingqian wanted to go to the kitchen to find something to eat Qingqian, when did you come back? Lin Zhiru, who was sitting in the living room, looked surprised at Lin Qingqian who appeared suddenly Oh, you are quite capable, Lin Zhiru came over and looked at the refreshing Lin Qingqian, showing a hint of contempt After being tortured by a cripple all night, you are still so energetic, you are worth it, how is this night comfortable, you Lin Qing Qian Huan turned around and stared angrily at Lin Zhiru.
At this moment, he really wanted to go up and slap this sister hard. He was not doing it for her.
How could he suffer a night of torture? How could he lose the most precious first night?