Come out from the kitchen I know what mood you are in right now Mengmeng’s grandpa was in the same mood back then you just

Meow Jingxiu is he? Si Ruoshu walked on the floor tiles, her high-heeled shoes rubbed against the ground, and then made a shrill sound.
She, who was walking so fast, suddenly stopped in place, and her feet inevitably sprained. The entire world, which is painful and painful, has become extremely silent since her eyes fell on that person. There is only one voice reminding her all the time, that is her heartbeat, thump, thump, and the heartbeat gradually deviates from the original calm It turned into a speed that made her blood start to boil quickly, but she didn’t know whether it was because of joy or panic. Standing ten steps away from her was a figure that was familiar to her but also unfamiliar. She wanted to confirm it with others many times. It was him, but he was afraid that if he moved, everything in front of him would disappear without a trace like a daydream. She had experienced this dream countless times, her hand hanging by her side gradually clenched her lower lip because of the turbulent emotions. Trembling slightly, she bit it, but she couldn’t hide the panic and confusion in her heart. Her throat still felt a little bit of pain because the fishbone was pulled out just now. She swallowed, and her eyes began to flicker, but she couldn’t get away from him no matter what.
Moving away, the person on the opposite side was explaining something to the nurse. The sun was hitting his handsome face from the side. It was indescribably beautiful and familiar. It was obviously a very ordinary medical clothes, but he wore them out of a fashion show.
The tall body is still as oppressive as before. It seems that he found someone watching him.
He slightly turned his head to look at himself, frowned uncertainly, froze for a moment, and then dismissed the nurse. He started to walk towards himself and stood in the original place. Si Ruoshu on the ground feels like her heart is soaked in honey, but there is a slight pain in her heart. She wants to choose to walk away arrogantly at this moment, but she can’t do it. Gu Ci, this man named Gu Ci, is always there She can easily take off her strong mask, and then step on the ground recklessly, smashing her bones to pieces. She met him again. One can imagine another disaster. Maybe it was a disaster for him, but what is it for her? The people behind Ruo Shu questioned, as if wondering if she was yelling at him to go home in front of the doctor just now. Why did she stop now? Si Ruoshu was pulled back by the voice, and she shook her head and smiled at the people behind her. She smiled and said she was nothing, she told herself that Si Ruoshu was nothing but just met that person again, it was nothing, he may not have any influence in your life anymore, you may not have any intersection, let’s go She walked over quickly and passed by Gu Ci without looking sideways.
She restrained herself very well and restrained herself over and over again wanting to question his heart and tear ducts that were about to shed tears. The posture of her leaving was almost like running.
Ruoshu, why are you reincarnating so slowly? As soon as Si Junyi’s voice fell, I saw Si Ruoshu, who was rushing forward and obviously didn’t want to care about others, who was like an angry bird, fell down the stairs with a bang. The crow’s mouth is a bit embarrassing with this situation and that Gu Ci who is walking straight into the distance He seemed to have sensed something, and turned his head to look at the woman on the stairs who was lying in another man’s arms. His eyes gradually deepened and turned cold, but in the end he did nothing but suppressed all the arrogance on his body, turned and walked away from where he was standing. The place is left with icy wind and the pungent smell of formalin. Si Ruoshu has broken her bones. She has never believed that blessings never come together and misfortunes never come singly.
But now the bloody facts tell her how unlucky she is today and it’s time for the welcome banquet. The fishbone went down the stairs again and broke her leg and met that person. Did she never come back from England this time? Or is it just a sign that there are more tragic things to come? Si Junyi will install the film Put it on the bed and looked at Si Ruoshu, who was sitting on the bed and sighing, and said, “Well, I’ll bring you some clothes, come and lie on the bed and don’t move around, you know?” Si Ruoshu flipped through the magazine in her hand and didn’t look at him.
I want the best orthopedic doctor in the whole hospital. I have already arranged for you.
Si Junyi looked at his watch.
The doctor will come over later. Don’t run around. She is a few cousins ​​since childhood. The least worrying one is the best one at the same time. He treats her like his own younger sister. Today is her welcome banquet, but after a lot of trouble, she ended up in the hospital. Si Ruoshu’s face is full of impatience, she won’t go abroad to meet her like seven years ago, so Si Junyi can’t help but rub her hair