Come out don’t tell me that you were a wild dog when you were a child Virtue would look for something to eat when you

Song Ersheng couldn’t figure out how the rural capital of the imperial capital in the 1990s would be so gluttonous.
Seeing the mice would be so excited for a long time.
If it weren’t for the family, loving relatives, and fun. She was once an orphan, she would really grit her teeth and die again. A loyal dog with a disgusted face.
Lala Song Ersheng’s clothes, how do you want to die? I’ll help you. Song Ersheng kicked him and rolled to death. Perverted aliens, rich, high-ranking officials, none of them.
The biggest official is the village chief.
Time is blurred. For example, what should have happened in the year, what happened in the year. Everything is fictional. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.
At noon, the hustle and bustle of the rush hour in the big factory next door gradually dissipated. The singing from the four loudspeakers in the factory is much clearer. The Asian Roaring Wind is played all day long.
The smell of food comes from the Dachang cafeteria and dormitory area. A small hand was put on a broken wall, and then the other was also put on it. With a few muffled sounds, a thin, withered little girl grinned and pouted, and finally sat down on the wall with great difficulty. The little girl Panting, clapped hands, patted clothes, even cut hair, tidied herself up simply and quickly, then pulled a small plastic horn from behind with a strap on her body, took a deep breath, the little girl exerted herself After blowing the small trumpet, the piercing sound of the trumpet rang out, scaring the sparrows on the treetops in front of her, fluttering around for a while, the little girl obviously didn’t have enough lung capacity, she blew it once, took a breathless break, and took a big breath Continue to blow like this, repeated ten times, the little girl stopped, panting heavily, her pale little face became paler, the color of her lips in light beige color became lighter for a few minutes, it was almost the same, the little girl struggled again Putting the small speaker in his pocket, he ran down the street. This big factory is a factory that processes and produces chicken, duck, pigs and other meat and egg products. The factory with the best treatment in several townships near and far is a key industrial unit in the county. Next door is a chicken farm and eggs.
Both chicken and chicken farms have pig farms and duck farms in other villages.
The wall the little girl climbs is the woods behind the dormitory of the big factory. On the outer wall of the woods, there are vegetable fields opened by workers in their spare time, and there are no traces of sick chickens after they were burned.
There are other things, so it has been in disrepair for a long time, and the dormitory often has adults and children taking shortcuts to climb over the wall, so it is broken like this and has never been repaired. Walk along the dry ditch under the wall and you can walk to the street and turn it.
The east gate of the factory is at the east gate, the little girl was arrested by the gatekeeper at the east gate for three thousand, and you went to catch the bird for your uncle again, can the uncle discuss with you, can we not play your broken trumpet I’ve heard it from so far away here, is it a trick to make noise? Boombird doesn’t take you. It’s a coincidence. Besides, your horn is really too loud. Are you a Boombird or a Boman? Be careful in the dormitory.
Then I went to your grandma to sue you, the little girl was caught by the collar of her coat, don’t be in a hurry, don’t be afraid, giggled a few times, didn’t I blow it in advance? We all eat and no one sleeps. If I complain to my grandma again, it will be bullying. She didn’t disturb the people today.
The old uncle told her several times when he set up the net today. Little girl, you’re so clever, you’re so clever, go home, it’s time for dinner, and then, your grandma is looking for you all over the street again, little girl, she said yes, and ran, waving at the gatekeeper, what do you want? Let me take care of the sticky net. Catch the sparrow, and I will send you two drinks. The gatekeeper readily agreed. The uncle is waiting for you.
The little girl laughed and ran away. Zhu Hongying after school As soon as I walked to the street, I saw a thin figure from the back.
According to the proportion of this big head and small body, it is definitely my little sister. Song Ersheng, Song Sanqian, Zhu Hongying chased after two calls The skin is pale and dull, the short braids combed behind her head are yellow and rare, but the little girl has exquisite and good-looking features, a pair of brown eyes are surprisingly large, round and round, and her nose and mouth are small and delicate, her lips are beige and white, and she leans slightly sideways Standing and looking at her face, she bared her teeth and smiled at the little girl who was chasing after her like a ghost And pinch Sanqian’s little ear, don’t hurry home when it’s time for dinner, and you ask grandma if you are a little girl, and you are only ten years old, only Sanqian in my aunt’s family is five years younger She is more than 3000 years old, so she can only show the majesty of an adult in front of Sanqian The favorite thing to eat fried house sparrow is this fourth sister Why do you have to go back to your house with three thousand? It’s so nice to be here. Your house doesn’t even have a room. You don’t have any meat to eat when you go back. Maybe you’ll be hungry.
Although three thousand is noisy and often disobedient, it suits my heart It’s fun and she really doesn’t want her to go to my sister-in-law’s house so poor. Why do you go back? Although this girl’s words are ugly, they are sincerely kind, and they are telling the truth, but Song Ersheng has no way to tell her that the golden nest and silver nest are not as good as her She is only five years old now, she is only five years old, she can be as clever as she is, but she must not say such transparent words, or she will be tricking her parents.
After all, in most people’s thinking, children think and say anything The influence of parents on education is inseparable