Come out Coach Yang is it possible that you are going to follow me this time and look at Yang Fan the scout who is

Out of it, the Seattle Supersonics moved their home court to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the summer. Trump and the city of Seattle reached an agreement to leave the team’s original name and colors to Seattle so that a new team in the city could one day use it.
At the same time, it brought Oklahoma City a team of its own called the Thunder.
Coach Yang Fan seemed to be distracted when someone called his name, Yang Fan slowly came back to his senses, um, I’m sorry, I was a little distracted just now, what did you say just now, Yang Fan smiled embarrassedly at the man in front of him The man in front of Yixiao is Yu Yu, the team’s first scout named Paka.
He is very memorable.
One look at him is absolutely unforgettable because his head is too bald. It doesn’t matter. I just want to find him again.
Can you confirm that we really want to complete this transaction? Once this transaction is completed, it cannot be changed. Although in the draft, all teams can trade draft picks, but if it is coming soon, we are wondering. It will be more difficult to make a transaction.
Even though Yang Fan was a little distracted just now, Paka still respects Yang Fan. Although the young man in front of him is only 2 years old this year, it will not affect his status in the team at all.
The transaction continues. And there is nothing else to do as soon as possible, but you must get the second pick in the next round. As for whether to use the two picks to trade up or add cash, there is no problem.
In the end, if the pick at the end of the second round can be exchanged for the top pick next year. Fortunately, cash is also acceptable because it is already difficult to choose someone who is really useful in that position. Without any hesitation, Yang Fan said to the man in front of him. Although his tone was very polite, it can be seen from Yang Fan’s eyes. As for the trade of this draft pick, it seems that I am determined to get it. I will do it now.
We have the second round draft pick in our hands.
It is relatively easy to trade up to the pick.
There is no extra embellishment.
He just walked out of the box, presumably he was looking for other teams to discuss the issue of draft picks. After Paka left, there were still three people in the small box, except for Yang Fan who was sitting on one side with his brows furrowed.
A middle-aged man wearing glasses and another person standing behind him, apparently led by the middle-aged man in front of him, the room seemed relatively quiet.
It didn’t take long for the silence to be broken by an announcement, congratulations to the Chicago Bulls.
The team selected Derrick Rose from the University of Memphis with the first overall pick in the first round.
As the sound came from the stage, there was warm applause from below, and a young man stood up from below and was next to him. The friends shook hands and thanked each other, and then embraced the family tightly, with tears in their eyes, trying not to let it stay, and then walked up to the stage and stood beside Stern, holding a microphone and saying something But Yang Fan didn’t listen to all this, just frowned and kept staring at Derek Rose on the stage, his mouth squirmed up and down, as if he was talking to himself, it turned out to be true, it seems that I am destined not to go back Seeing Yang Fan sitting alone, frowning, the middle-aged man wearing glasses smiled and patted him on the shoulder. Fan, don’t be nervous. I know you are the head coach of the team for the first year, but you are the leader of the team.
The team’s record is so good, this kind of scene should not scare you, as we agreed before, Paka has already done those things for you, his personal ability is still very guaranteed, so don’t worry too much and look back at Dai next to him. The middle-aged man with glasses, Yang Fan, first smiled apologetically, and then slowly replied, “It wouldn’t embarrass me if there wasn’t such a scene, but I suddenly figured out that some things don’t matter, so don’t worry about me, Mr. Sam, this year.
” We will definitely have a big harvest in the draft. At this time, the person sitting in front of Yang Fan is none other than the general manager of the Thunder, Sam Prosti.
That’s right, he is the best product of the Thunder. The general manager of Niu, Sam Prosti, and the reason why Yang Fan frowned just now is because it all happened so suddenly. Anyone who suddenly opened his eyes and appeared in a foreign country would be stunned for a few days to think about life. It’s not because the time travel of later generations is so developed, I’m afraid Yang Fan would not be able to accept his current identity so easily, maybe he will be arrested and sent to a mental hospital for a mental evaluation. Yang Fan in his previous life was a basketball coach at a domestic pheasant university. When you mention the university, others may know the name, but when you mention the big ball and the basketball team, others will show a surprised expression. The kind of Yang Fan who had a meal with colleagues in the school caused Yang Fan to drink too much at the table. Yang Fan intends to go home After taking a bath and going to bed, he accidentally slipped his head after getting out of the bath and happened to hit the corner of the fish tank in the hall, and lost consciousness for a moment.
When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was actually in the United States.
Where is Yang Fan? It’s really clear, but as a basketball coach, of course he knows what the draft will look like, but it all happened so suddenly that Yang Fan always thought he was dreaming, until he had some more memories in his mind. It’s not a dream. Maybe others will be very excited when traveling, but for Yang Fan, he didn’t have much joy. In his previous life, he was a very successful person. Although he was not married yet, he happened to find a sweet and pleasant woman.
My girlfriend’s family is not considered rich, but he is definitely a second generation of rich people