Come down Gan Jing sits down Li Zaoyu Chen Ruoqing and Liu Peichuan stand behind him looking at the monitor as well With a smile

Unless his daughter is crying, fans, if he writes all the soundtracks in the movie, he must be everyone in the music world Forrest Gump, I’m sorry, I’m an actor. The white hospital bed screams that I will come back. Sincerely speaking, he really came back.
He returned from the familiar earth to the strange earth. He jumped the time line and completed a unique journey. I am the actor Gan Jing, and I am alive. I am a legend, I am the winner of the grand slam. Hey, what is the matter with the crying, tearful, snotty child next to him? Dad, don’t drink any more. I want to drink milk. Gan Jing recovered from the excitement of changing timelines. It’s Gan Jing in another timeline. In his previous life, there was a system that acted for his whole life.
At the end, he finally unlocked the last benefit of the system and became himself in this time and space. Well, a self full of alcohol and having a daughter.
Gan Jing is in a different timeline.
The memory on the Internet is a bit chaotic, but in the end the actor Gan Jing, who has experienced all kinds of turmoil, still came to his senses. He stood up staggeringly and looked down at the crying little girl.
Looking at a little girl who is about three years old, I don’t want you. Drinking dad has no milk woo woo woo I want milk woo woo I want milk Gan Jing didn’t sort out his memory for a while, but it seems that the innate feeling of blood let him know clearly that this is his daughter and he should be responsible for her, the little girl is called What’s the matter? He went around the house for half a circle and couldn’t find the milk powder can.
He couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed, and with the hoarse crying of the little girl, he also became a little annoyed. At this moment, there was a knock on the door, boom, boom, there was a bad guy coming. From the corner of his eyes, Gan Jing saw the little girl’s attention was attracted by the knock on the door, and immediately followed the trend, a cautious look naturally appeared on his face, as if the knocker was really a bad guy. The little girl who is usually carved in powder and jade did not cry anymore. Gan Jing slowly exhaled a breath, thinking about it, and then went to the supermarket to buy a can of milk powder, and then sorted out his memory.
Hello, Gan Jing opened the door and saw a somewhat haggard Chinese girl. The middle-aged woman, Xiao Gan, is it your daughter who is crying? It’s not me, you, you, you have to cheer up.
The middle-aged woman took a look inside and didn’t come in. She handed over the unscrewed can of milk powder she was carrying in her hand to my eldest niece.
A while ago, I came to see Xiao Ning, she just didn’t take away the milk powder, please give me your thumbs up first, Gan Jing was a little surprised, took it over, thank you, thank you, auntie, the middle-aged woman smelled more alcohol, frowned, wanted to reprimand something, but gave up She simply took a step forward and opened the door, let me make milk powder, you are so drunk, it will be a bad thing to feed the child later Gan Jing was a little stunned, but thanked this kind-hearted middle-aged woman for taking Gan The milk powder can in Jing’s hand went into the house and searched for boiling water. I went around and couldn’t find the bottle, so I washed two bowls and washed the milk powder. She washed it and said, Xiaogan, I’ve told you many times that you have a daughter. Don’t give up on yourself like this, your daughter-in-law will be very sad for me Knowing that you have a good relationship, but she sighed and didn’t continue, but instead said, you know, I can’t wait for you to wait too long for the milk powder to cool down, and you can feed the child yourself. The middle-aged woman made two bowls of milk powder and glanced eagerly The little girl drinking milk powder smelled the smell of alcohol in the room, and suddenly took a few steps and grabbed Gan Jing’s arm. Gan Jing didn’t know, so the middle-aged woman dragged him to the washbasin, took a towel, wet it with water, and went to Gan Jing.
Covering his face, Gan Jing staggered for a moment, but didn’t try to break free. He guessed what the aunt was thinking. Sure enough, the middle-aged woman said after a few hard smears on her face, sober you up and don’t harm the child.
Wait until the water temperature cools down. Hey, she took two steps back with a serious face, still staring at the wet towel in her hand, Gan Jing smiled wryly, looked over with clear eyes and said, auntie, I’m not drunk Behavior explained, nodded and walked out in a bit of a hurry. I’m home.
You are a father. You care about your children.
You knock on the door, and the middle-aged woman gently pulls it on. This is a good man. My daughter said helplessly that I was also very hungry.
After a belch, I felt the smell of alcohol. Wait, it’s too hot now.
He pulled a bench and sat down. The name of the middle-aged woman just now appeared in his mind. The neighbor next door to Zhang Yu saw that she looked a bit haggard and didn’t know what happened to her.
She was a little confused and couldn’t remember for a while. A thought flashed in Gan Jing’s mind, but the thing to do right now is to figure out the current situation and the daughter in front of her. Although the memory has not been sorted out, the existence of my daughter still surprised me. In any case, I am alone at home with the child drinking in this time and space.
I don’t seem to be very responsible.
People in different timelines have different life trajectories.
The trajectory often leads to a huge difference in the whole world. Gan Jing is also a person on different timelines. It’s a bit strange to say it, but when it comes to time, it’s a very mysterious feeling. He’s not a tangled person. Emotionally restrained, I tried the temperature of the milk and found that it was almost the same, so I carefully fed my daughter. I will test you.
Do you still remember your own name? The real name is Gan Xuesi, learning without thinking means nothing, the little girl Xuesi replied softly, Gan Jing slapped her leg when she heard the name, yes, that’s the name, it’s the name given by the daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, Gan Jing suddenly felt a kind of feeling in his heart The unspeakable sadness suddenly emerges the memory of another person The cultivation of love on campus is fruitful The child was in a car accident when he was one year old The self-abandonment of mourning