Close your eyes and rest for a while try your luck after half an hour if the true energy can flow unimpeded then everything will

Bone-biting cold winds blow from the Yongjia River, shaking dead trees, old branches, dwarf brambles and withered grass, there is a rustling sound, frozen clouds cover the afterglow of the setting sun, and the gray sky is brewing with thick snow, whistling wind A few crows of jackdaws were sent from the waves, and suddenly scattered snowflakes, silver flakes and jade shavings drifted down from the gray sky, and dots of crows were reflected in the flying snow. Flying hurriedly to Kuocang Mountain, the wind and snow are getting bigger and bigger.
In an instant, it has turned into a pinnacle powder ball, and the strange peak piercing the clouds. A few bright red leaves protrude from the sky, and it is almost impossible to distinguish the heaven, earth, mountains and rivers.
At this moment, on the snowy ground in a deep valley between the cliffs of Kuocang Mountain, there are four young men in blue shirts sitting side by side.
As the sky turned into the night, the blue scarves on the four of them had been completely covered by falling snow, turning into a piece of pink and white snow on the ground, and the people were gradually getting trapped in the snow.
The person on the left suddenly opened his slightly closed eyes. The snow on the body trembled and asked in a low voice what time it was, the person on the far right opened his eyes and replied that it was about the second watch, the person on the left looked around and said that the time was coming, the voice just fell on the opposite cliff, and a sneer sounded.
You guys are getting impatient for waiting. With the voices, a figure falls.
The four teenagers in blue shirts raised their heads together and looked up. I saw a man wearing a light yellow knee-length coat with a three-inch wide white silk belt.
Light yellow silk trousers.
The boy with high boots and rolled up sleeves reveals four dazzling golden rings. Under the reflection of the snow, he can be seen faintly.
He has a kingly face, sword eyebrows, pretty eyes, and a nose augmentation. He is a handsome young man. I just feel that this person looks the same as me, his age is also similar to that of brothers, except for the clothes, his figure and appearance are all cool. When the four of them looked at the yellow-clothed boy, the two cold eyes of the person also slowed down.
Slowly sweeping across the four people’s faces, I saw a smug smile on his face, saying, where is the Canglong? Dragon shape, eight moves, Tengyun nine palms, how is it? The young man said, “White Tiger Master Fist.
How did you do with the angry tiger’s seven and ten punches?” The blue-shirted boy who called himself White Tiger replied, “Break the mountain with ten punches, and you can send out ten punches in one go.” Sixty percent of the heat is ready, after a slight pause, Suzaku is the third blue-clothed boy, stands up and walks forward, and responds merely, the yellow-clothed boy said Suzaku’s main sword, you have recorded all the shocking five swords, and the blue-clothed boy replied: I remember the boy in yellow nodding, that’s good, then he said Xuanwu came out and saw the last boy in blue standing still, only one person left thought he didn’t need to move. The boy in yellow said that Xuanwu is one of the four spirits. He should be good at lightness kung fu and hidden weapons.
To what extent have you learned it? The boy who thought he was Xuanwu replied that he traveled thousands of miles every day and waved eight kinds of life-seeking lights.
The boy in yellow said that you can send out at the same time with one move The eight kinds of hidden weapons are passable, the voice paused slightly, the face suddenly turned serious, and said, “Your family background and name will be erased from now on, and they will be called Canglong, White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu and Four Spirits.
The blue-clothed boy called Canglong said, can you say it?” The skills that each of us is good at is enough to show that Gao Ming must be our master’s friend.
The boy in yellow smiled slightly and said, who is your master? The gate will be opened in the middle of the third watch when the closing period is over.
I will come here to welcome him out. The boy in yellow said, have you seen your teacher who passed on the arts? The teacher will not know Suzaku when he sees it, and said angrily, who are you, how dare you be so rude? The yellow-clothed boy smiled and said, I am the teacher you are looking for, Xuan Wudao.
Answering the non-questioning question with a smile: There are many people in the world with better bones than you.
Why did I choose the four of you to teach martial arts? Have you ever understood the truth behind Suzaku saying coldly? Said that I am the master who taught you martial arts Suzaku was about to attack, but Canglong reached out to stop him and said, “Although the master lives in seclusion in the opposite stone wall, his martial arts proficiency is the best in the world.
He must be an old man of high standing. Your age.
” How can we have such martial arts between brothers? The yellow-clothed boy smiled and said that those with high martial arts must be older? Attack me four moves with unique skills, if you can’t hit me, you should believe it, Canglong raised his blind hand to his chest and stood up, said yes, you first catch me with a palm, with a wave of his right hand, he slashed out with a wave of palm The powerful dark energy pierced through the air and roared, the yellow-clothed boy smiled slightly, clenched his left hand to meet the palm and struck out, but it was a unique move in the ten punches that broke the mountain, which happened to be the nemesis of the blue dragon’s palm strike. The white tiger snorted coldly and said, so you can The ten fists of breaking the mountain, the right fist strikes the boy in yellow with a lightning strike. Although the strike is also a move in the ten fists of breaking the mountain, it happens to be the nemesis of the boy in yellow.
A move in Tengyun’s nine palms happened to restrain Baihu’s punch, Canglong and Baihu saw that the technique he used was actually the two of them are good at winning the game, and they are familiar with the use of their skills, and they have reached the state of being ready to send out their thoughts.
Can’t help but feel confident Leap back