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Content introduction A soul awakened from chaos was reborn on the body of a six-year-old female partner with extremely poor celestial talent and ruined appearance For this reason, she embarked on a road of desperately upgrading, beating people desperately, and subduing beasts and demon souls. Butterfly of the Butterfly Palace found it. On the left side, there is a big blood-colored scar.
The scar looks like a burnt red dripping blood corresponding to the setting sun. With this feather grass, it will surely cure brother’s illness. The girl took out a small shovel and carefully dug out the scar.
The condensed feather grass is hidden in the weeds, the expression is very focused, I am afraid that it will be damaged, the condensed feather grass is a good medicine for healing, Luo Chu, go and have a look, your brother was bullied by Luo Ling, Luo Fu and the others again, a chubby little girl The girl ran over in a hurry and shouted out of breath.
The girl who was called Luo Chu’s joyful little face suddenly turned pale. What did you say? It’s outside the forest. Then the little girl pointed in the direction Luo Chu will dig The feathered grass that came out put it in his arms and ran out of the forest in a hurry, Xiao Chi, don’t worry about it.
Outside the forest, a seven or eight-year-old boy was surrounded by a group of half-grown children. The boy was very thin, his face was pale, and his clothes had been torn. His white arms were bleeding, but even though he looked miserable, he was still unafraid. His hands hanging on both sides were clenched into fists, his lower lip was bitten with traces of blood, and his eyes glared at the person opposite him.
On the opposite side are two gorgeously dressed children, surrounded by the crowd, one of them is a girl of thirteen or fourteen years old, she looks very pretty, her name is Luo Ling, the other is a slightly younger boy named Luo Fu, they are the second in the clan The elder’s children are distinguished and have great talent, especially Luo Ling, who has already touched the body-refining realm at the age of thirteen.
The little boy named Luo Fu sneered and said that your whole family is a virtuous family.
The patriarch only took in your family because of his pity. Don’t know what to do. Being a father is shameless and being a daughter is even more shameless. You are not allowed to say that father and sister.
The little boy rushed towards him like crazy, but more children rushed towards him, crushed him and beat him. Kicking the little boy curled up and hugging his head.
Sister once told him to protect his head when fighting.
He was afraid of pain, but he couldn’t be subdued. No one can say that Father and Miss A hurried here. See you for the first time When I arrived, my younger brother was surrounded by a large group of children, punched and kicked, and the fist that landed on my younger brother hurt like myself. That gorgeously dressed little boy satirized you even more when he saw her coming.
An ugly monster with no qualifications dares to come. Luo Chu ignored him at all. She ran over to stop those children from beating her younger brother. She tried her best to pull them, but how could a skinny girl pull those boys who were a head taller than her? The child, but she doesn’t care about pulling, but she just opens her mouth to bite, twists and turns with her hands, and makes a weapon with a small shovel in her hand, arrogant like a lion cub She finally rushed into the crowd, hugged a man’s thigh, pulled his fist away from her younger brother, and then threw herself on him, pressing his thin body under her body to protect herself, and let the fist hit her body, but she ignored it. She is also as thin and sweet as her own.
Luo Chu groaned and suppressed the blood in her mouth.
She couldn’t let her brother worry. After a long time, the pain on her body would already be numb, but those little hands were still tightly hugging her.
My younger brother was afraid that he would be hurt a little. Miss, the little boy began to cry. Luo Ling’s beautiful eyebrows were wrinkled together. Don’t hit me anymore. The crowd began to disperse. It is a pair of beautiful shoes on good pink silk, embroidered with crimson lotus and inlaid with blue jade Luochu.
She raised her head and looked at Luo Ling, who is as slim as a pink lotus.
She is like a lotus in a clear pool that is not stained with mud.
I am like the ugly moss on the bottom of the rock. In this scene, she is everyone’s favorite heroine, but I am the ugly female supporting role. Your father’s cultivation is only at the level of physical training, and he is not qualified to be the fourth elder, but you and I know You have been engaged to the second son since you were young, but now the second son has reached the second level of body training, he is a genius in the clan, you are not worthy of him, only I am worthy of him Luo Ling’s beautiful voice echoed in his ears, Luo Chu bit The two contradictory feelings of cowardice and strength collided and merged, and finally slowly settled into a kind of firmness.
She stood up with effort and slightly raised her head to look at Luo Ling, who was half a head taller than herself.
The voice was immature but abnormal. He firmly said that my father’s cultivation base was greatly reduced because he did not care about his own safety to save his people, including you.
As for me, don’t think that it’s great to be stronger than me now.
Luo Chu will surpass me one day.
You sound so good that even your mother doesn’t want your father and you guys. Luo Fu said mockingly that you are talking nonsense that the dragon has reverse scales.
The small shovel rushed towards Luo Fu and pushed him to the ground.
The white teeth bit Luo Fu’s shoulder and tore off a piece of flesh, but she didn’t want to let go.
It seemed that she was not rational, like a crazy little lion. Luo Fu had already cultivated a lot. Half a year and a boy, it should be easy to push Luo Chu away, but in the face of the crazy Luo Chu, there is no way to push him away.
He beat her and left green and black scars on her body, but she just refused to let go. She was bitten. The painful Luo Fu helplessly called out to my sister to help me, and shot at Luo Chu with an elemental force, only to see that Luo Chu, who had never let go, was hit by the elemental force and fell to the distance.
This group of children grew up Looking at Luo Chu who was knocked into the air in surprise, it turns out that the little princess Luo Ling has reached the state of body training