Class rapids exploration Secondary ship Warship data Total length meters height meters width meters weight 10000 tons Nano weight reduction module minus the above weight

The night is beautiful. Although the starry sky is covered by the high-pollution air in the city, it still can’t stop the water-like night moonlight.
The night moonlight carries the breath of the starry sky.
It is disturbed by the wind and scattered everywhere. This is prophesied At the end of the night, the story of everything begins in a residential building next to the South Railway Station in the city.
The protagonist of the story is this man named Gongzi who is covered in scars lying on the bed and not knowing what to think. The surname may be because of his name, or it may be because of something else. Anyway, the son has been wronged since he was a child, and he is not welcomed by others.
He has never had friends and never been in love. At the age of youth, people of the same age are enjoying life in high school and college. From time to time, they compare love.
But the young master has no chance of all this. In his school days, the teacher hated him and his classmates alienated him.
Even when he was a child in an orphanage, no one gave him a good face.
He was obviously very good, and he was scolded every day.
The young master who was kicked out of the orphanage also left the school, came out to roam around on his own, was beaten, cheated, hacked, hacked, cheated, and stolen. In the past few years, I can’t finish writing a book with rich experience. The strange thing is that it’s endless I don’t know why everyone hates him, even if he can’t get along in a gang formed by the scum and the most unpopular people, the son is disheartened and returns to normal life.
No one likes the helper in a restaurant, not to mention that he likes him, and he is not even treated normally.
The boss didn’t fire him just because the job was very expensive and the salary required was very low.
I like to use games to paralyze myself.
I would rather not eat a good house.
The boss gave him the worst house to live in. I have to buy a good computer and open broadband to play games, but it is even more strange.
Even in online games, no one will treat you normally, as if you have magic. Even if the person is thousands of miles away, even if the name is not the son, he is still not welcome. Although he lives in a garbage-like house, the whole house is still very tidy, because the son is a super clean freak, he will clean up the house at any time and remove all bugs. It is possible to clean it up, but every time you clean up the bugs, the son will vomit and feel sick for a while, but there is no one to help him, and naturally he will gradually develop a little resistance. As time goes by, the son no longer plays online games, nor does he type and chat online, no matter what he enters A website that never speaks except for replying to visible posts.
Gradually, my son fell in love with online novels and stand-alone games. In stand-alone games, they will not deceive him.
A world, and this world is formed based on his own brain and computer. His own brain will not deceive him.
The computer is also sincere to him. Among the many stand-alone games, his favorite is Crysis. The powerful nano suit makes the son miss him every night. also swore Willing to exchange his soul for power Willing to be hit by a car while crossing Willing to be struck by lightning while crossing The son is no longer afraid of death because he has seen too much darkness He has long given up hope for this society, people and even life What he wants most is to take an isolated island The nanosuit in the crisis has traveled to an era of incomparably vast, magnificent and boundless interstellar universe.
You can gain strength through hard work.
Maybe others will no longer hate him, and you may not caress the jade pendant with the word “son” engraved on his neck. His eyes are full of tears. But I can’t sleep at all. Are my parents too far away? Will they never find me? How I wish I could go fishing as a family.
When I catch a fish, my father will pat me on the shoulder and say, good boy, you are good at it. My mother would smile silently at the side, with tenderness and love in her eyes.
If I didn’t catch a fish, my father would also touch my head and tell me next time you can do it. My mother would also smile and encourage me.
My son whispered secretly.
Why can’t such a simple wish come true, parents, where are you? Tears flow down the corners of the eyes, draw a wet line of lovesickness on the cheeks, and then are absorbed by the pillow towel Is it really the end of the day? The little boy’s father said whether it is the end of the day or not. Today, our family of three will go fishing. Do you think it is okay? The smile on the father’s slightly vicissitudes face is so sincere, so touching, so warm and kind. Listening to the little boy and his mother’s answer, regardless of the boss’s scolding, he walked back home silently, ate instant noodles, started downloading the hard disk version of Crysis: Interstellar World in traditional Chinese without installation, and then lay on the bed I fell into bed and shed tears from 1:00 p.
m. to now when the sound of Ding Thunder finished downloading sounded. For the time being, the young master cast aside the sadness and quickly came to the computer and gently shook the mouse to wake the computer from the energy-saving mode. What the young master now needs is a drug-like drug The game temporarily paralyzes me, regardless of whether it will be more painful or a little easier later, click on the Thunderbolt download folder, and start to unzip the latest Crysis of Gundam. The sound hit the son’s eardrums crazily, and the son’s tears flowed down easily again, asking himself when will he be able to press the shortcut button to start playing the next song, the familiar melody, the sad lyrics, the touching voice, this is the classic old song of McBray, son, low With a roar, he quickly closed the Kuwo music box, covered his face with his hands, trying to stop the tears that kept falling, it was useless at all, and it was useless for a while