Chu Yu have old Chu Yu’s card pet Breeze Kitty Wind Fairy Faerie level required magic power name Breeze Kitty life attack and defense skills

The first book of Magic Card Legend sets the protagonist Chu Yu as the main character, who was transported to the world of magic cards. The college freshman was rescued by the head of Shuding Village and accepted as a disciple. He became an apprentice of the magic card, Mu Ao, the head of the village. Aunt Sulla is unknown, the grocery store owner, Uncle Hawke, the tavern owner, Uncle Hawke’s daughter is also the waiter in the tavern, Doru, nicknamed Fatty, the owner of the magic card store in Windmill Town, business is very bad, and Chu Yu’s patronage changes everything. The golem hired by Doru has never been paid because of his poor performance. He also changed his fate because of Chu Yu.
The Wolfstein dwarf is a master swordsmith.
The one-eyed old dwarf is also a legend. The old man and Mr.
Chu Yu have old Chu Yu’s card pet Breeze Kitty Wind Fairy Faerie level required magic power name Breeze Kitty life attack and defense skills Flying Messenger Thief Sowell Stealing Fairy Fairy level required magic power name Thief Sowell’s life attack and defense skills flying hypnosis theft secret agent Donna Dewdrop Fairy fairy level summoning magic power name secret agent Donna life attack and defense skills flight reconnaissance unlocking card roll flying key fairy level summoning magic power name unlocking card roll life attack and defense skills flying Unlocking Killer Emma’s Final Life Fairy Fairy Level Summoning Mana Name Killer Emma’s Life Attack and Defense Skills Flying Paralysis Must Kill Fei Suo Nico Silk Binding Fairy Fairy Level Magic Power Name Fei Suo Nico’s Life Attack and Defense Skills Flying Snare Binding Trapped Flower Whisperer Stephanie Cursed Fairy Faerie Level Magic Power Name Flower Whisperer Stephanie Level Life Magic Attack and Defense Skills Flying Spellcaster Pollen Light Wings Pepper Fog Summon Bee Spearman Card Send Me to Another World Young Chu Yu subconsciously turned around and saw a beggar in the corner staggering towards him, calling me Chu Yu looked around at the busy pedestrians in the alley, only him standing foolishly in the rain Young man thank you beggar is very old The messy hair was washed by the heavy rain and hung down in strands, looking like a bowl of spoiled instant noodles on top of his head, no thanks Chu Yu just remembered that when he just left the Internet cafe, he threw the change into the old beggar’s empty tin can The money was given to the old beggar without saying anything, but from the grateful eyes of the old man, Chu Yu understood the significance of the one dollar to the old beggar who was waiting hard in the rain. This is the slightly cold autumn rain, dripping and washing away the dirt on the card, revealing its original appearance, a golden card, Chu Yu immediately raised his eyebrows, it’s Magic: The Gathering, this is Chu Yu’s favorite game, he is different from most of his peers Chu Yu likes the seemingly boring card game and gave it to you. The old beggar stretched out his palm. This Chu Yu hesitated seeing the cobweb-like dirt on the card.
The old man hurriedly put the card on his body.
Go ahead and rub it carefully, as if the child who has done something wrong, give it to me Chu Yu felt sore and quickly took the card.
It is the door of fate.
Chu Yu scraped off the dirt on it with his fingers and immediately became happy. The card is well made.
In the emerald green forest There is an ancient wooden door full of light.
This wooden door, which seems to be opening towards Chu Yu, is lifelike and full of mystery.
It is definitely a masterpiece of collection value. If you like it, if you like it, if you like it, you like it.
The old beggar is also very happy.
Turn around and walk back tremblingly.
Go wait, Chu Yu hurried to catch up, although there is only one card, but it is definitely more than one yuan, I will give you money, Chu Yu said, took out his wallet, no, the old beggar grabbed Chu Yu’s hand, smiled and said, child, you have already paid, but Chu Yu Hurrying to break free, he wanted to tell the old beggar that the real value of this card was only one dollar, and it was only sold for one dollar. Chu Yu had no choice but to put the card in his pocket, pulled up his collar and ran to the school. The rain was getting bigger and bigger, and without an umbrella, Chu Yu was delayed all the way.
His body was already soaked in the alley. The autumn wind blowing through the alley carefully ran out of the alley In an instant, I heard a sharp sound of brakes, turned my head, and saw the screen full of dazzling white light Hu Chuyu woke up with a long breath, but subconsciously raised his hand, but in exchange for a burst of soreness. During the long wait, the vision gradually became clear.
The consciousness of the thatched roof The functions of the waking body also gradually recovered. Chu Yu tried to turn his head and sat up suddenly.
The thatched roof, the old wooden walls, and the faded floor were scattered with objects he had never seen before, even if they were lying on his body. The bed is also in a style that I have never seen before.
The sound of hurried footsteps reminds me of the wooden wall and a door is suddenly opened. Wow, you are awake, aunt, aunt, he is awake, he is awake, Chu Yu has a mouth so big that you can stuff a watermelon into it, and the dwarf shouts The guy whose brain was hypoxic rolled his eyes and passed out. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Chu Yu, who had already accepted the reality at night, was dragged to the tavern by the residents of the small village and started the identity investigation.
It was very strange that the people in the small village didn’t speak Mandarin, but Chu Yu But I can understand the guest. Where are you from? The tavern owner, Uncle Hawke, spoke first.
I don’t know the plot. No comment is the best answer. Does the guest remember who you are? Yu Chu Yu Chu Yu suddenly popped up in his head One word, everyone looked happy and hopeful, Yu, how did you get here? It was Uncle Hawke’s daughter Lori who was speaking.
It was she who opened the door of Chu Yu’s room in the morning.
Looking at the concerned eyes of a group of people, Chu Yu decided to say Seriously I don’t know do you have anything on you I mean is there anything that identifies you only this wallet is missing