Chu Nan Sighed Im afraid something big is going to happen the guys the more they look at it the more terrifying that kind of

The sun on the third floor of a dilapidated unfinished building is very venomous and scorching.
Brother Earth can’t escape anyway. Why don’t we make this woman? One of them has a scarred face panting with an evil smile and the other smiles even bigger hehe What love do you do? Yes, yes, tsk, I can’t help it.
The other person said that he is about to rush over. Don’t come over, or you will die badly. This woman is terrified, but she is tied to the stool and can’t move at all hahaha It’s so hot.
I like hot girls. The woman’s cry for help is loud. Judging from her clothes, she should be a very pure and cold woman.
Her upper body is wearing a sexy beige knit shirt, and her lower body is light blue that shows a youthful atmosphere. Colored jeans, but at this moment, the aloof and arrogant temperament no longer exists. These wolf-like kidnappers have already frightened her into a pale face.
Hey, I didn’t expect it.
This is the most beautiful and richest woman in Jianghai City, tsk tsk, damn it It smells like a student, brother this time, I will go up first, and my big eagle is already hungry and thirsty. Don’t come over, the woman shouted for help. At the same time, the entire deliberation hall in the police station was silent and tense.
The tense atmosphere made all the members sweat Facing the current crisis, they are helpless, but once something happens to this woman, no one can escape responsibility.
This is simply the worst terrorist kidnapping case in Jianghai City in decades. The media reporters on TV have already arrived at the scene wearing hip-wrapped skirts.
The reporter from the radio station is currently reporting nervously, viewers and friends.
It is located at the scene where Ms. Fu Hongxue was kidnapped in the middle section of the unfinished building on Hongxing Road, Jianghai City. Our radio station is further tracking and reporting. At this moment, the kidnapper has put forward a condition that 10 million unconnected numbers are required within half an hour. Cash and a car, but in such a short period of time, even the Fu family’s Jianghai Group can’t get it all together, and the public security agency has already intervened in the negotiations. The old bureau chief Li Zhengying dropped the remote control of the TV.
One of the young white-headed men felt sorry for him.
This kidnapping operation is obviously a purposeful, planned and organized operation.
It is a fantasy to save people without loss.
Let me tell you. It’s all the fault of the person involved.
You said it’s a good girl’s family, or a big group.
Why do you go to the unfinished building? Isn’t this an opportunity for the kidnappers? Another person sighed and said yes, yes, it’s over, what can we do? The people around shook their heads one after another.
After a while of chaos, there was still no countermeasure. The time passed by every minute. The old bureau chief looked excited and the situation was urgent, so please stop talking nonsense. Whoever has a good action plan speaks up? In the general silence, no one dared to speak, not to mention that Fu Hongxue is the president of the group, even if he is an ordinary person with a noble status I don’t want to mess this up The old bureau chief Li Zhengying sighed again and again, I don’t think it’s possible to mobilize the crowd and touch it quietly. It’s the safest way to control the enemy. At this moment, a slightly immature and not very confident voice came from the corner.
He was wearing loose clothes.
The usual appearance can be regarded as delicate, with a little restraint between the brows, and a feeling of going through vicissitudes. Everyone was shocked when they heard this sentence, and then laughed almost sarcastically.
Is this crazy? Thinking about things without using your head? You thought you were a member of the Shenlong Brigade? Chu Nan is either showing off his personal heroism or fighting the enemy with one move. You are useless now, understand? Look at your current state Just sit down obediently and don’t talk anymore.
The voice of the discussion sounds so harsh.
In fact, if it wasn’t for him, Chu Nan took the initiative to speak, even the people at the scene would have forgotten his existence, or maybe he said something three years ago. Everyone here has to be courteous and fearful for three points, but now people are right, he is just a useless person Chu Nan doesn’t want to talk to these people who are eating a national meal and encountering troubles, but their heads are stuck in their stomachs for a second. Turning his gaze to Li Zhengying, looking back at Chu Nan, he really doesn’t have the heroic posture he used to have. On the contrary, because his limbs were crippled, he lost all his internal strength. Even though three years have passed, he still looks pale and slightly sick. No one can believe that he can.
One move to control the enemy, Xiao Chu, your body obviously doesn’t believe Li Zhengying, let me try it, because of the hatred three years ago, Chu Nan chose to go dormant, it stands to reason that it is absolutely impossible for him to stand up and steal the limelight for such a thing, but who can One of the most important reasons why Fu Hongxue, the female president of the Jianghai Group, Tianzhijiao, fell into the hands of the kidnappers is that Fu Hongxue is the sister of his dead comrade-in-arms and also his fiancée, even though Chu Nan has already planned to divorce in a few days. Li Zhengying shook his fist fiercely in mid-air, the man made a quick decision, and there is no better way at this moment, Xiao Chu, I believe you, and then there was an uproar at the scene. What kind of international joke is this? If you anger the kidnapper, Miss Fu Hongxue, her life may be in danger at any time. Serious situation I see this matter, I still have to think twice before acting recklessly.
At this time, the people around me are starting to rely on the old again. After all, they think they are old. Do you have a better way? There is no way not to show your face and give it to me.
Shut up, Li Zhengying yelled, all the veterans on the scene blushed instantly, and even looked up in embarrassment, Xiao Chu, do you need help?