Chong Wujin bowed to salute my nephews mediocrity troubled my uncle Wujin waved his hand and said its okay Ive been friends with your father

This year Jianwen Emperor Zhu Yunwen ascended the throne The following year Zhu Di rebelled, which is known as the Battle of Jingnan This year a traveler came to this era Traveling through Zhu Yunwen and pushing the Ming Dynasty to push the world Chapter 1 Zhu Yunwen Zhu Yunwen woke up from a deep sleep and subconsciously reached out to the pillow Groping, but not feeling the familiar cold texture of the mobile phone, this discovery made Zhu Yun a little anxious. Opening his eyes, the magnificent and antique place is full of fragrance.
Zhu Yun got up a little confused, only to find that there was still a kneeling on the edge of the bed.
The face of the woman in the palace costume is beautiful, Zhu Yun’s outfit woke her up, Xi Dao grandson, you finally woke up, you scared the concubine, you have traveled through time, Zhu Yun patted your head, it’s wrong, the secretary of the city government, I accompanied the leader last night The township inspector didn’t drink much at the evening reception, it was just a catty of wine, and he made a prank for himself. The thought of playing a prank only turned in Zhu Yun’s mind, and then he was dismissed.
Who was the original owner of this body of mine? The soul pierced through and stole the body and was reborn.
Now the soul that dominates this body is Zhu Yun.
All the memories are Zhu Yun’s own life of more than 30 years, but there is no memory left in the plain body. You are just starting to talk, Zhu Yun hurriedly shut up, this woman just called herself grandson, claimed to be a concubine, the king’s house, and rashly claimed to have amnesia, pretending to be stupid, isn’t that the way to die, who knows which dynasty and which generation have seized the heir Controversy over my original body, do I have brothers by my side? Don’t panic.
Ten years of career ups and downs.
I rarely occupy a high-level service leader.
Zhu Yun’s habit of being cautious in words and deeds has long been formed. A cry of fetching water, the woman hurriedly shouted that the grandson has woken up and quickly reported to the mother and the emperor to invite the imperial doctor to come in. Outside the door, there was a flutter of chickens and dogs. Through the doors and windows, Zhu Yun heard a burst of long live the emperor. The voice of joy I am the grandson of the emperor, so it should be my grandfather, and my father should be the prince, no matter how bad he is, he should be the prince, but this woman actually said to report to her mother and the emperor’s own father? If it’s the vassal king of the vassal, his identity should be the son of the vassal king.
How can he be called the grandson? Then he can only die. Who is he? I have limited information. Ba himself is not a major in history and archaeology.
It is difficult to analyze Zichou Yinmao based on a few antique decorations and sporadic names. Just when Zhu Yun was lying on the bed and thinking hard, the door opened and two old men with a medical box left.
The concubine Jin An came in.
The two imperial physicians got up and saluted, then stepped aside and the imperial physician came. Zhu Yun opened his eyes and took a look.
It took only two or three minutes from the report to come here, that is to say, since he fell ill, these two The imperial doctor lives here. It seems that the holy family is very prosperous.
The two imperial doctors took the pulse one after another, and then the two exchanged a few words in a low voice. Sufficiently, your body is in good health, you fainted the day before yesterday, it must have been too much work on the state affairs, reading the day and night readings and rushing to the heart, so the grandson only needs to pay attention to rest and calm down, and then he can work on the state affairs I have only heard that the emperor left the palace and the prince supervised the country. Never before did the emperor hand over to the prince when he was in Beijing.
This can only show that the emperor’s dragon body can’t hold it anymore. Zhu Yun suddenly opened his eyes and rolled over from the bed. What is the pile of notebooks? Now I think it is a memorial book submitted by the whole country.
I randomly picked up a memorial book from the Ministry of War and opened it.
For a while, I didn’t think about it. Looking down, my minister Yu Datong was shocked when he heard the death of the king of Jin. This is an auspicious person, Tianxiang, the Spring and Autumn Years, but this disaster happened. I am saddened to think that your majesty is even more mournful at this time.
I beg your majesty to mourn for the common people and millions of people. Take care of the dragon’s body, and your grandson is still young, and you still need your majesty to teach you to obey the emperor. Ordered to leave Beijing in July of the 30th year of Hongwu to inspect Monan and deal with the purchase of military household guards in 13 provinces.
He returned to Beijing on May 14th of the 31st year of Hongwu. In the 25th year of Hongwu, more than 53,600 veterans were eliminated from the army, and they returned to their hometowns as military households to set up guards. Hundreds of thousands of people from the North were established in Shanxi, Shuntian, Liaodong and other places. Six hundred and four The system of Chenguan Guards is indeed a merit of a century All the rest of the ministers have also seen the military affairs of the important border towns in the north, relying on the emperor’s mighty conquest, and the remnants of the adversity are already lingering, and internal friction is serious From Gansu to Liaodong, there are nine kings of Sai who are guarding a total of 210,000 soldiers, and the soldiers of the Monan Guards are 160,000 soldiers. Among the nine kings of Sai, the soldiers of King Yan and King Ning are the most excellent. Wang controls 80,000 chariots, 6,000 elite soldiers, brave Yan King’s soldiers, although 40,000 horses are short, they are all elites in hundreds of battles, and the nine towns in the north belong to Yan Wangwei, who are the most skilled at fighting, and Yan Wang knows how to fight.
There are hundreds of battles and victories among the kings of Sai, the most prestigious and the king of Yan loves soldiers like his son, and he has repeatedly shown favors.