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The author, the Son of Heaven, surpasses and transcends borders.
The environment is ghostly and strange. The doctor of the dead is a doctor who is self-medicated. A young doctor who is knowledgeable and talented and proficient in Xingyiquan. A bizarre experience of wandering between life and death. The modern urban legend is an urban version of the rise of a hero. Preface This book is a literary work that promotes justice and evil must defeat.
The characters, places and plots involved in the book are purely fictitious. What makes an upright What makes a kind youth become a ruthless avenger What makes an optimistic man embark on a rough road to the end of the world Here is the outburst after the end of the world, the suffering silently endured and the hearty revenge There is an increasingly firm belief and source The bursting potential unleashes the power of justice and axiom in the thrilling struggles against fate. Chapter 1.
The female patient in the emergency room. The colleague who is about to leave apologizes, I’m sorry, Lao Tan delayed you to go home, the slightly thankful Lao Tan smiled without hesitation, it’s okay, usually you don’t have enough work for me, haha, I have to hurry up and go back home, that woman doesn’t know What medicine did I take wrong? Recently, my temper is getting worse and worse. You young people are good. Kang Ning watched Lao Tan leave while filling out the shift log while shaking his head and smiling wryly.
When distributing the apples, I said a few words to him, but the next day, Lao Tan, who held a grudge, turned away an acquaintance who was brought by the head nurse.
On the back collar of Lao Tan’s white shirt, there was half a vague imprint, and he secretly put a few condoms in the interlayer of Lao Tan’s handbag.
That night, Lao Tan’s savage wife burst into tears and made a fuss. After going through some fast-talking speculations from the college and the affiliated hospital, it turned out to be Lao Tan who has more than two mistresses outside. After a little tidying up, Kang Ning walked out of the door.
The young nurse Xiao Pan greeted Kang Ning with a smile on his face. Doctor, we all went to see you play football in the afternoon.
Doctor Kang is really good.
One person scored two goals.
One is better than the other.
Seeing those old women in the cheerleading team of the Department of Finance look dingy, our sisters can relieve their anger. Kang Ning smiled slightly. How did the ladies in the hall offend you? It seems that they are not considered old. They are not old. Not one of them is under 30 years old, so they are not considered old if they are covered with brand-name makeup. The last time our women’s basketball team lost to them, they were ridiculed by them. Humph, the little nurse looked up and left, Kang Ning smiled dumbly, and just as she was about to leave, she heard a rush of calls from outside the door of the emergency room.
Followed by two elderly people and a fashionable woman with heavy make-up, all four of them looked panic-stricken and anxious when the middle-aged man saw Kang Ning I hurriedly said, doctor, save my son, he is bleeding a lot, it’s all my fault, I accidentally let the baby fall down the stairs, doctor, please save my child, it doesn’t matter how much you want, two panting The old man and the fashionable woman were also begging at one another.
Kang Ning and the middle-aged man put the child on the cart pushed by the nurses, and carefully checked the child’s injuries. The boy’s white right arm was injured.
Bent in the opposite direction, Bai Sensen’s bones pierced through the muscles and skin, exposing as much as four or five centimeters, Corning frowned slightly, and immediately ordered the child to be pushed into the operating room, and the nurse next to him called the anesthesiologist to prepare for hemostasis, oxygen infusion, etc.
Emergency treatment In the operating room, Corning and the other two doctors who arrived were nervously performing the operation. Outside the operating room, there was a different look. The parents of the injured child were fidgeting and walking back and forth at this moment, thinking of the anesthetist who came last with a slick mouth, they were very worried. Reminiscent of the two young doctors in the operating room, they were suddenly very anxious.
The couple had a little discussion, and the woman shouted loudly to the nurse, “Oh my god, that old anesthesiologist is still full of alcohol, can the other two young people do it? Tell me about them.
” Do you know how to do orthopedic surgery? This is a matter of life and death! Tell me where are the old experts in your hospital? How much money does it cost? Xiao Pan answered patiently and politely, two of you, please be quiet, you are in the middle of an operation, and shouting like this will not affect the effect.
The two doctors inside are the best doctors in our hospital. It’s the attending physician of cardiovascular disease, Dr. Zhang, and the doctor Kang who received you was the surgeon, so you can rest assured.
How can the attending physician do this? That little boy looks like a novice at his age, maybe he’s an intern. No, we require a professor-level doctor to perform this operation, at least a chief physician-level doctor, otherwise what if the child is left with a disability? The woman yelled hysterically, please be quiet, please, no, please tell me the phone number of your dean.
The fat man sweating profusely approached Xiao Pan. At this time, the old man among the two old men stepped forward and grabbed the fat man to persuade the child to ask the phone number of their hospital leader in a low voice.
It is said that the best doctor in this hospital is Professor Kang, who is highly respected, has a good reputation, and is one of the best medical skills. You might as well ask Professor Kang’s home phone number and ask him to think he can do it. The old lady also said anxiously, Xiao Pan who was standing aside He interjected angrily and said stop arguing, okay? Let me tell you the truth.