Cheng Fei immediately said it hey I take it as expensive don’t worry I’ll pay it it’s a small amount of money my senior brother

Keke Ali, have you seen it? I can drive you.
Have you ever heard of time travel? I came here only after time travel.
You can do magic. I can’t.
Let’s Climb into the Rivers and Lakes Chapter Basic Situation It’s been almost half a year since I came to Obsidian, from an orphan who didn’t enjoy the warmth of a family for a day and didn’t know what fatherly love and motherly love is, to now I have a home.
This family has grandparents, mothers and younger brothers and wants to stay there every day. The little sisters around him are all the same. They gave him selfless and endless love, and Xie Ziyun felt this warm love, and the sweetness of happiness gushed out from the bottom of his heart. At this time, not only did he have the dream he dreamed of when he was a child.
My family members now have a mysterious power, which comes from the bio-nuclear chip in the brain, which is an alien product from a high-tech civilization.
They have the resources of more than 100,000 civilized planets, but at present, due to their lack of ability, they still have There are many magical functions that have not been revealed, and now there is a small group that he trusts. Everyone can gain his trust. Also, everyone in his team has him as the core. Thinking of this, Ziyun never seems to hesitate. But he believes that no matter what he needs, he hopes to win over everything he needs with his own hands.
According to the natural laws of this planet, he also feels that he has gradually integrated into this planet.
The planet that brought him the starting point of his second life is now getting darker, and two red suns, one big and one small, are also setting on the horizon.
The last night on the earth was also approaching the evening, as if this year’s summer had been endless, it had been unbelievably hot and humid for more than two consecutive months, making the humid air pervade the entire mountain village, and there was no wind due to the surrounding bamboo forests.
Originally there were a lot of insects that should be buzzing cheerfully one after another at this time, but now it is very eerie and quiet.
The villagers working in the fields in the village are also tired after a day and return to their homes and start to cook dinner.
The roofs of every household are covered.
Covered by the smog that floated out for a long time, I couldn’t disperse for a long time. I was talking, but I heard a summer insect called a cicada called a local.
It called out, but it only sounded for two seconds, and suddenly stopped abruptly, as if being caught by someone.
I suddenly choked my neck and couldn’t make a sound. It was so quiet.
Normally, at this time, there was still a bit of sunset, and the surrounding area should be fairly bright. The afterglow of the setting sun was also pressed down by the dark clouds to the top of the mountain. It seemed that there was going to be a heavy rain already. It has not rained for half a month, and the farmers in the village are worried that this year’s harvest will be affected.
Today is Saturday and the first day of the weekend, which happens to be a national holiday.
Mid-Autumn Festival. The students are all on holiday. Xie Ziyun sent away the last one The students who came to him for supplementary lessons also felt a little relaxed.
He stretched at 1.
83 meters and held a teacup in his hand.
He looked through the window of the office in a daze and faintly saw the distance. Curls of cooking smoke linger on the farmer’s house and the humid air forms a piece.
The teaching life of the past few years has gradually brought him some habits in life, but now his brain is filled with emptiness.
Due to teaching reasons, he often gets up early and goes to bed late. Correcting homework at night and preparing lessons for the next day, even if you are very sleepy, it is not like some old revolutionary teachers, the house is full of smoke, but he has a cup of thick local tea, which is given by the local fellows. Sometimes he also helps Xie Ziyun, who studied traditional Chinese medicine for five years at university and received a postgraduate degree, why did he come to this remote village to teach again? This has to be said a few years ago.
This mountain village is called Heizhuling Village.
It is located in the western fringe of Huaxia Kingdom Shu Province in Jiuzhou, a gathering place of ethnic minorities Heizhuling. Heizhuling is located at the east longitude and north latitude. It is almost at the same latitude as some mysterious places such as the Devil’s Triangle in Bermuda and the Egyptian Pyramids. Another place in Shu Province near the northern latitude is Sanxingdui, Guanghan, where a large number of cultural relics have been unearthed, and there are no definite written records so far.
It is a mystery. Heizhuling covers an area of ​​about square kilometers. Valley, known as the Valley of Death, is located at the back of the village. Later, it was transformed by the local government into a peripheral scenic spot, which brought economic benefits to the local government and also brought some problems. They often bypass the official police line and cross the safe zone to explore completely undeveloped mountainous areas. Therefore, it is often reported that some people lose contact after entering the ditch. There is no news of the mysterious disappearance of the fascinating animal entering Heizhuling.
There are frequent disappearances and deaths.
Many media have also disclosed how people disappeared after entering.
Many reasons are still a mystery. Therefore, there are still six rumors in the local area. Unsolved Mystery Unsolved Mystery – Mysterious disappearance of fascinating animals entering Heizhuling, frequent disappearances and deaths have long been heard.
Many media have also disclosed how people disappeared after entering.
Many reasons are still a mystery.
According to the statistics, since this year, the exploration team of the Forestry Department of Shunan Forestry Bureau and the surveying team of the Forestry Department of Shu Province and the Hei nationality compatriots have encountered dangers in Heizhuling many times, and three of them died, three were injured and two were missing. The rest of the remnants crossed the Heizhu Ridge and entered the mountains with excellent weapons, and no one survived, so the unsolved mystery of the horror of the Death Ridge was left here.
There are many wild animals and plants in this land, many of which are rare in the world. A giant panda with striped patterns and another black and white flower panda with circular patterns