Chenfeng answered the question lightly then Jiang Shaowu did Chenfeng want to talk to him but the woman in front of him was Ke Chenfeng

Where is this? He opened his eyes and looked around.
Chenfeng murmured that he was lying on a hospital bed, covered with a white quilt. The head of the bed was an infusion stand.
Looking sideways, it was clearly a ward.
It was too good.
After Chenfeng, you finally woke up.
The doctor said that as long as you wake up, you will be fine. At this moment, a voice rang in his ear. Turning his head to look at Chenfeng, he found that it was his buddy Zhang Qiang, who was sitting beside him with a surprised expression on his face.
Looking at him, Chenfeng tried hard to recall what happened before. He was defending his graduation and then walked out of the classroom. He seemed to be hit on the head by something. After waking up, he found himself in this ward. He was the only one lying in the ward. The few hospital beds next to here are empty.
How long have I been in a coma? Sitting up hard, Chenfeng asked.
At this moment, he felt as if he was falling apart, feeling uncomfortable and dizzy. It’s only been a few hours. Looking at his watch, Zhang Qiang replied, “Isn’t it just a few hours since the defense in the morning? Chenfeng was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage.
Through his unremitting efforts, he was admitted to the medical university in Chuzhou City, Tianhua Kingdom, and today has passed.
He will officially become a graduate. The reason why he said graduate instead of doctor is because it is too difficult to get a job in a hospital. An orphan like Chen Feng who has neither money nor background is almost impossible to become an intern doctor. Zhang Qiang’s family conditions are good, and he has already found a good relationship under the arrangement of the family.
After graduation, he can become an intern doctor in the Second Hospital. Chenfeng doesn’t take these things too seriously. He has gotten used to the hard life since he was a child. Find a place to go to work, let’s talk about it, since the doctor said it’s fine after waking up, Chen Feng and Zhang Qiang simply packed up their things, then left the hospital and returned to the dormitory, Chen Feng endured a headache and picked up his mobile phone to see if he could find some job information on the Internet Graduation After that, he will formally enter the society.
He must find a job that can support him.
The host is ready to bind.
The host meets the system requirements.
After scanning, the formal binding is completed.
At this time, a voice suddenly appeared in Chenfeng’s mind. The voice was like The artificial synthesis does not have any emotional color, whoever was talking there, Chenfeng was shocked and quickly yelled out.
Fortunately, there is no one in the dormitory. Zhang Qiang has already returned to the house he rented with his girlfriend, otherwise, someone will definitely say that Chenfeng is crazy. Congratulations on binding the god-level hospital system to the current level.
I am your assistant.
You can call me whatever you want. The electronically synthesized voice sounded again. Fortunately, I was prepared.
This time, I didn’t scare Morrowind.
What system are you? Why did you appear on me? Faced with the sudden situation, Chenfeng is already a bit confused. The hospital is still a god-level hospital, which makes him feel at a loss.
I am your assistant, call me anything, you can ask any questions when you use the god-level hospital system.
My voice rang again for no reason and appeared in my head. Isn’t the god level a system? The system you said What exactly is the god-level hospital system? Chenfeng doesn’t want the sudden appearance of something in his head to hurt his head, and he is very puzzled why there is such a thing in his head after he fainted and woke up. Hearing Chenfeng directly Name him the system.
The system is a bit speechless.
The god-level hospital system.
To put it bluntly, the system is like a hospital on your planet, which can expel diseases and treat human beings, so it is called this name.
Aren’t you from this planet? Chenfeng asked nervously. Chenfeng very much hopes that this thing will be removed from his head immediately.
No one wants to have more things in his head. You don’t have to worry. Having a god-level hospital system will not only do you no harm, but also help you improve in all aspects. The benefits brought to you by the god-level hospital system are huge. According to what you said, what can this god-level hospital system bring to me? Chenfeng didn’t believe what the system said.
He asked, the system came too fast, and Chenfeng still felt a little unacceptable.
Just listening to the system introduction, it is hard to imagine the use of this god-level hospital system. Now the system can only be exchanged for a primary physiotherapy bed. May I ask if the voice of the exchange system sounds again from the head? It doesn’t matter what the system says about the physiotherapy bed. This kind of Chenfeng is going to exchange it first, and then Chenfeng feels a flower in front of him.
The next moment, a single bed appears in the dormitory.
This single bed looks very ordinary, like the folding bed sold outside.
The difference is just that. It’s a little thicker, and there’s something like a box on the head of the single bed. What’s the use of this bed? Looking at the unremarkable single bed in front of him, Chenfeng wondered how awesome the god-level hospital system sounds. Fork, but it can only be exchanged for an ordinary single bed, which disappointed Chenfeng.
The function of the elementary physiotherapy bed is to suspend the pain of the cervical spine and head. The function of nano-microwave physiotherapy is used to relieve pain. Usually, one use can relieve the pain for three days.
It is so miraculous. After hearing the introduction of the system, Chenfeng couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Using it once can relieve the pain for three days.
This is amazing.
With the current level of medical treatment, even medicine can’t achieve such an effect.
As long as it is caused by all diseases in the relevant parts The pain can be relieved, but it can’t cure the disease. As the owner of a god-level hospital system, you can use it once for free. Is there a charge for this bed? Forget it, let’s try it first.
After hearing the explanation of the system, Chenfeng felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart. To use it, he still needs to charge.
The system is too dark, but at this moment, Chenfeng’s head still hurts.