Chen Yin Xiaoxing felt a strong arm holding her Xiao Xing I finally showed you the starry sky of Tian Huan Xing Ye Chen hugged

Chapter Chapter Good Luck Bracelet Three o’clock in the morning is said to be the most sleepy time for people Yin Xiaoxing is no exception In the sound of Xia Ye’s cicadas falling into his ears, he fell asleep leisurely Yin Xiaoxing walked in a dark place and there was nothing but nothing.
Endless darkness, hello anyone? However, the only response to her was a sound like in a valley.
The echo seemed extremely silent, and she felt something hard under her feet.
The silver bracelet looks novel, and there is a beautiful word “Chen” on it. Before Yin Xiaoxing thought about his feet, he suddenly lost his center of gravity and fell down! It’s a dream.
She reached for the phone on the table to check what time it was, but she was shocked by the bracelet on her wrist.
The ordinary silver bracelet was exquisitely engraved with a beautiful Chinese character “Chen”.
It was clearly a dream.
What the hell is this? It wasn’t a dream, Yin Xiaoxing was also stunned and couldn’t resist the onslaught of sleepiness, and fell asleep again. The morning breeze mixed with the leisurely fragrance of flowers refreshed her heart, and the alarm clock pulled her back to reality harshly. Yin Xiaoxing rubbed her eyes and slowly opened her eyes. The picture gradually came into focus. Yin Xiaoxing stared blankly at the ceiling and remembered the dream from last night. She slowly stretched out her right hand and saw that the bracelet was safely on her hand.
What the hell is this? I took the ring off and researched it, but it seemed like it had magical powers, and I couldn’t take it off. Yin Xiaoxing simply ignored it, got up quickly, took a shower, took a piece of bread from the refrigerator, looked back at the empty villa, smiled lonely, and went to school. I don’t know when. At the beginning, I lived alone in this huge but suffocating house, and I couldn’t find any sense of existence.
Did you feel that the test paper yesterday was so difficult? Meng Huanhuan ran over with a lollipop in his bag Only then did Yin Xiaoxing come to his senses and said expressionlessly, ah, Xing Xing, Meng Huanhuan held up a lollipop and said suspiciously, Xing Xing, you are so strange today, the absent-minded Yin Xiaoxing didn’t say anything, it seemed that Yin Xiaoxing had something on his mind until he walked into the corridor of the teaching building. Come to your senses, Huanhuan, what did you ask me just now? You said you were so strange today. Meng Huanhuan was a little confused when he was suddenly named.
It wasn’t the previous sentence. Did you feel that yesterday’s paper was so difficult? But Yin Xiaoxing didn’t show anything, but his face was a little gloomy and helpless, he seemed to have left his homework at home, seeing that it was too late to go back to pick it up at the door of the classroom, but the class teacher’s temper didn’t bring the homework, it was regarded as unfinished, because Yin Xiaoxing was tall and slender, and was dismissed by the class teacher After being assigned to the last row of the classroom, she subconsciously walked to her seat and opened her schoolbag, only to see that the papers were in the schoolbag.
What’s going on? She obviously put it on the desk at home, so she couldn’t make a mistake, but could it be that she really made a mistake? Teacher Yin Xiaoxing Tell your class monitor Yang Zixin to push the glasses Standing on the podium, he knew it expressionlessly. Yin Xiaoxing handed the test paper to the team leader and went to the office.
Chapter 1 Is this open? Just after leaving the door of the classroom, a basketball hit him head-on. The basketball on his face stopped in front of him, but within a second, the basketball fell to the ground. It turned out that a sunny boy jumped from the corner of the first floor and entered the corridor. Fortunately, he didn’t hit the glass, he muttered. Holding the basketball and leaving, the entire corridor was empty just now. The man picking up the basketball obviously didn’t see what happened just now. Yin Xiaoxing, who was stunned in place, felt her heart beating until now. She bet she really saw it right. The ball that hit the face just stopped in mid-air. It was so weird.
Yin Xiaoxing, who emphasized on adjusting his mentality, walked into the office in a daze. Yesterday’s on-duty point deduction caused the class to fail to get the honorary title, and it was not pursued. Then something even weirder happened to Yin Xiaoxing.
In the physical education class, he was left at the end as usual, but he didn’t step on it and fell down. But before I felt the pain, the obvious bruise on my knee healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. I really didn’t feel any pain, but the physical education teacher insisted that Yin Xiaoxing stop a class and go back to the classroom to rest, but it was a lucky day. After all this, Yin Xiaoxing still finds it unbelievable that his life needs no explanation.
Back home, Yin Xiaoxing made some food as usual and went back to the room. As soon as he sat down, he looked at the bracelet on his wrist and fell into deep thought. The unexplainable incident It seems to be the root cause, isn’t it going well? A pleasant voice came from the empty house.
Don’t scare me. Yin Xiaoxing jumped onto the bed in fright. I live in a big villa and I’m scared. Do you want to scare her like this? Don’t scare you, don’t worry, I’ve protected you for a day, so how can I hurt you Don’t you know magic? Faced with the girl’s curiosity and ignorance, the man smiled and said, “Come in, come in, where are you going?” Yin Xiaoxing slowly got out of bed, but saw that the full-length mirror in the corner of the room slowly formed an abyssal vortex, but it was beautiful like a galaxy in the sky. Yin Xiaoxing only I feel as if I am in the universe, I subconsciously reach out to touch the mirror, but I am sucked in for a moment, and my consciousness gradually recovers, Yin Xiaoxing slowly opens his eyes, and what he sees is the sky full of stars, just like watching a movie.