Chen Xiao couldnt help but secretly laughed Chen Xiao took the opportunity to pull Gu Jiatongs hand looked into her eyes affectionately and said softly

Chapter 2 World A tall, slender, but not rugged young man with sword eyebrows stands at the entrance of a small mountain village.
He looks down at the blue long gown on his body. Well, the design of the ancient costume is good. The touch is exactly the same as that of a real person. Now the technology has developed to this point.
To what extent? In this era of information explosion, I haven’t heard any news.
The secrecy work is too good. Countless thoughts flashed through the young man’s mind.
Although he is down-to-earth and flesh-and-blood, he knows that these are not real, but a virtual world. The world of the game Chen Xiao is a 20-year-old orphan. A third-year student at a college of traditional Chinese medicine. On the last day of his junior year, he was dumped by his girlfriend who had been in love for more than a year. After a night of grief, he healed his scarred heart and started to do something great. Looking for a part-time job Yes, part-time job It’s a great thing. He needs life.
He needs help.
The orphanage he grew up in can continue to operate. Even if his heart is still bleeding, he has to do his best.
No graduation, no diploma, no work experience.
Of course, he can only find some temporary part-time jobs.
After wandering around the market for a long time with nothing to gain, Chen Xiao, who failed both in love and career, walked out of the labor market in despair.
A man in a suit about 30 years old stopped him. Do you know how to play online games? Chen Xiao looks like he should be here to recruit him. Although he wants a job The man in the suit who was working but unwilling to lie shook his head in disappointment, but his eyes lit up. There are not many young people who can’t play online games now.
After talking, Chen Xiao realized that the man in the suit is an employee of Tenglong International Network Group. According to the man in the suit, it took five years for the strong company to develop a virtual game called Second World after joining forces with the world’s seven largest Internet companies and receiving strong support from various countries. Just put on their smart holographic simulation helmet to enter The simulation degree reaches 99% of the real game, which can be called the second world of human beings. The name of the game also comes from this.
Now personnel are needed to enter the game. They have selected thousands of people from many game lovers for the inside. But this game is developed to create a real second world for human beings, so we still need to find a group of ordinary people to experience it, so he came to the labor market to recruit people.
Although Chen Xiao is interested in these, his greatest interest is the issue of treatment.
The answer I got is that the basic salary for the two months inside is 6,000. If you perform well in the game, you will be rewarded.
The Chinese area is based on the martial arts world. The cultivation level is divided into congenital, acquired, daily, earth, mysterious, yellow, and below yellow. The rewards for the top 10 players are 10,000 to 100,000.
In just two months of summer vacation, Chen Xiao agreed without hesitation. The base salary is 6,000, which is higher than other part-time jobs. As for the top 10 rewards, he still has them.
Self-aware, he signed a few agreements with the man in the suit, got a helmet, and went home happily, but he didn’t know that after he left, the man in the suit looked at his back with a meaningful smile and turned away, but he didn’t After re-entering the labor market, Chen Xiao felt the realism of the game.
I found that I didn’t know how to find the attribute panel, and I didn’t know how to play it. I just remembered that the man in the suit carefully explained that this game completely simulates reality, so a player only has one life. I can’t die, otherwise, not to mention the rewards, even the salary will have to be cancelled, Chen Xiao lamented, I should have known that I learned how to play games before, so now I’m just a novice, so I’ll ask other players when I’m about to enter the small village to have a look, and then I’ll find out There is a sheathed sword at the foot, and there is a small bag hanging on the sword. Opening the bag, there is a string of copper coins and two books. The books are written with basic internal skills and basic sword skills. This is the legendary novice gift bag. When you pull out the long sword, it looks like It’s very sharp, nodding in satisfaction, then read the two skill books, they are full of mental formulas and sword moves pictures, but there is no option to use it, what the hell is this, do you have to practice it yourself? This setting is too boring, right? Entering the small village, I saw an old man who was frowning and had a task. He walked forward happily and asked if you have any tasks. I promise to help you complete the old man. The excited stranger asked what, um, what do you want for credit? Chen Xiao secretly said, oh, they don’t know that they are just a bunch of data. He clasped his fists and said, “Old man please, I see you frowning, maybe there is something distressing, maybe I can help you.” In some busy minds, there is a heroic spirit of fighting for justice