Cheeky smile is charming eyes are full of romance Im a little drunk you take me to the hotel Chen Yan stood up in a

The moonlight was sleeping on the hospital bed, letting the wealthy Lu Jing work hard, but he just didn’t wake up. He really is a lucky man, but who is Fu Bo Cheng Tianqing also knows that he is married to Lu Jing and owning half of the shares in Prosperity is a prestige in the world. Mr.
Cheng, but the table of dishes he carefully prepared is not as good as Bai Yueguang’s fingertips, thinking that as long as he stays by that person’s side, there is hope, but he never thought that his life is not worth Bai Yueguang’s diary.
But people are entangled with him, slutty and shameless, asking for remarriage, loveless marriage contract whose heart is imprisoned, will it be sweet, will it be sweet, will it be sweet? The scum in the early stage will be abused. It will be a private setting. What bullshit? When a blue velvet box was placed on Cheng Tianqing’s desk on the wedding anniversary, Cheng Tianqing’s eyes widened.
Subconsciously, he covered his chest. The monster’s exquisite face was full of horror. What do you mean by chasing me? I won’t talk to my subordinates. I’m in love and I’m a married man, I know you admire me, but please restrain yourself, okay? Looking at Cheng Tianqing’s face, you finally couldn’t help it, the expression that you’ve laid hands on me, this little cutie.
Today is the third anniversary of your marriage with Mr. Lu, is that so? I forgot. Cheng Tianqing blinked and said I know, so I picked out a gift for Mr. Lu and opened the box, which contained a delicate diamond sleeve.
Last time I heard Mr. Lu say that the cuff buttons of his favorite suit fell off.
I think this gift should be very practical. Oh, you are as careful as dust.
Sometimes I wonder who is Lu Jing’s man between me and you. Cheng Tianqing was laying on the table, with a lazy, sculpted handsome face in his voice, still expressionless, he took out a piece of paper and handed it to Cheng Tianqing, saying, President Cheng, I have ordered a dinner for two at Dingshe Restaurant for you, please call to invite yourself Mr. Lu Tianqing looked at the paper saying that the private rooms of the Dinglu Hotel are beautiful. Complicated emotions flashed in his eyes. He raised his head with a seductive smile on his lips. What should I do? I have an appointment tonight. I have an appointment today. The son of Hao Pharmaceutical is worried that there is no place to eat with him. Why don’t you just go to the luxury hotel room? Hearing this, the face of the ice cube is slightly loose.
He looks at Cheng Tianqing and chokes out a sentence, please don’t make trouble. Cheng is you today. It’s your wedding anniversary with Mr.
Lu, how can you date another man? It doesn’t matter.
Anyway, Lu Jing won’t mind.
Last year, on our wedding anniversary, I cooked such a big table of delicious meals. But the hospital called and said yes. Zhuo Yu’s finger moved, he left me immediately and ran away, I don’t want to make a fool of myself again What if the hospital calls again tonight saying that Zhuo Yu’s toe also moved? He looked nonchalant, but his tone was so sour, I understand, this is jealous, but Mr.
Cheng, your delicious dishes last year included a stewed milk French soup with tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers.
Steak hard as a rock and a There are so many piles that you can’t tell the original appearance, anyway, they are all black side dishes, such a meal that Mr.
Lu can accompany to finish the meal without a single complaint is already true love, okay? Seeing this self-willed boss of my own has a headache and said Mrs. I am I don’t think this is good Cheng Tianqing straightened up, blinked her eyes that could kill people, said there is nothing wrong, I’ve been hooking up with that young master for almost a month, tonight I can negotiate a business as if I sacrificed for the company Are you unhappy about your personal time? Want to cry, no tears, unhappy? I’m afraid your backyard will catch fire.
After walking out of the office, Cheng Tianqing lays down on the table again.
He thinks of Lu Jing looking at Zhuo Yu on the hospital bed with an unbelievably gentle man.
The tenderness shown in front of him, the sky-blue long eyelashes trembled, he felt his eyes a little sore, he buried his head in his arms and mumbled, “What shit? Wedding anniversary, Lu Jing is a big pig’s trotter. The author has something to say. Hello everyone, I’m drunk here.” I posted this article on a trumpet before, I hope you like it Chapter Chapter Loveless Marriage Night Dingshe Hotel Cheng Tianqing is wearing a suit and sitting by the big floor-to-ceiling window The glass reflects his good-looking side face He is poking the steak on the plate with a fork, a little absent-minded Lu Jing didn’t know what he was doing, but he was out with other men on the wedding anniversary? When Jing’s company worked for him as a secretary, he didn’t expect that he would fall in love with Lu Jing, but love is so inexplicable.
Although Lu Jing is cold to everyone, Cheng Tianqing still couldn’t control his love. He fell in love until Zhuo Yu came back from abroad. It turned out that Lu Jing was not cold to everyone, he was so gentle when he stroked the boy’s hair with his palm.
According to the housekeeper who has taken care of Lu Jing for many years, Zhuo Yu was bought into the Lu family as a slave when Lu Jing was very young. Lu Jing was a few years older than Zhuo Yu, but he gave birth to a pair of big star-like clear eyes. Looking at this doll-like playmate, the young man was heartbroken. Later, maybe the mistress of the Lu family saw Lu Jing’s thoughts on Zhuo Yu, so she decided Zhuo Yu sent him abroad because of his poor health Zhuo Yu left but became the white moonlight in Lu Jing’s heart Lu Family Daquan also founded Prosperity, dabbled in financial entertainment, real estate, and various industries. After doing well, Lu Jing naturally took Zhuo Yu back to his side and became the secretary of the president. He took care of him and said that he was a secretary, but he didn’t have to do anything. Wear it every day.
Beautifully blinking a pair of pure eyes, laughing and drinking coffee with Lu Jing, the poor Cheng Tianqing is doing two jobs with one salary, and it’s okay to be squeezed