Check it out if its just an accident its okay if its related to the previous ones Qi Chengye frowned and thought about it and

Once he learns about the plot, whoever finds out that he is the villain in someone else’s story wants to abandon the scumbag and get divorced to ensure safety in the future, but before Shen Qiqi leaves, she still wants to argue with you so that she won’t cheat you. I’m really sorry for my wasted three years. After a long time, the illegitimate sons of the second youngest of the Qi family piled up.
The weak and poor one, he suddenly discovered that the woman was still his original match. Immediately, the prodigal son turned around to pursue his rich and rich wife, but Ren ignored him. The weirdness and unpredictability stared at him until his forged marriage certificate was discovered, and his wife turned into his sister-in-law, Qi Yunyi, regretting it.
Back then, Qi Chengye remembered coming to drink wedding wine, and Shen Qiqi called her sister-in-law. Wealthy Family Abilities Sweet Text Search Keyword Protagonist Shen Qiqi Qi Chengye Supporting Actor Qi Yunyi Su Marie Other abusers have a special liking for a word Introduction The wealthy female supporting role awakens blackness and neutralizes her intentions to make her lover love herself first Chapter Shen Qi hey, listen What did you say? Xiaohua, who just became popular in that drama, took over Qi Ershao.
Recently, she sprinkled sugar everywhere to show her affection. I know it’s very arrogant. If you say it’s because Qi Ershao made the second wife into a wealthy circle. I made a joke of the two women who put on facial masks in the box of the club chatting like no one else. The maintenance technicians on both sides kept smiling and listened to the gossip. They didn’t realize that the door of the box was not closed tightly, leaving a gap to pour water into the door.
A few strands of light in the corridor could faintly see a tall and graceful figure standing there, who just happened to accompany me here, and the manager who heard the conversation inside was slightly embarrassed and had to raise his voice to remind Mrs.
Qi, please go this way. The sex is actually very good in the private room, which made the two people who were talking inside froze instantly. The atmosphere was suddenly so quiet that a needle could be heard. Shen Qi Qi glanced at the foreman and still stood still.
The two in the private room couldn’t sit still, almost at a loss. Rushed and rushed out and saw that the person standing outside the door was indeed their topic just now. The parties couldn’t help but turn pale. One of them stuttered and apologized, Mrs.
Qi Qi, we didn’t mean it, we were just chatting. There is absolutely no offense to you.
It doesn’t matter. Shen Qiqi didn’t hold on to this trivial matter, instead, she looked at her and asked if you were in the entertainment industry, or the woman who stammered and apologized, and explained that she wasn’t her family, she had a little money and was cheeky, and she was in the same circle as Shen Qiqi, but she was a sister It was just hiding by the side and pretending to be dumb. When Shen Qiqi looked over, this person shrank her neck and smiled at her, Shen Qiqi asked her calmly, didn’t Qi Yunyi date the Queen of Hundred Flowers before? Qi Yunyi was stunned for a moment before responding. Coming over, it was probably Qi Ershao’s name timidly replied, now it has been changed, Shen Qiqi was silent for a moment, did not lose her temper as they thought, still she nodded to them peacefully, okay, I know After you continue, pay attention to what you say. After all, the trouble comes from the mouth.
The two tremblingly promised that it would never happen again.
The one who waited until Shen Qi turned around and walked away to apologize, then patted his chest.
The second wife of Qi is so gentle, tall, thin, and temperamental, she is much prettier than Xiaohua, the queen of the movie, what is the use of her sister in the entertainment industry whispering slander? Baizhan is so good.
It’s not that even her husband can’t hold back these words.
Shen Qiqi can’t hear anymore. When she was escorted out of the beauty salon by the manager and sat in, the driver of the blue Bentley, Uncle Wang, started the car after waiting for a long time and asked her for instructions. It’s still Shen Qiqi going home, without thinking about it, she won’t go back to the riverside, turn around, there’s no one around, she doesn’t want to go back to that cold and empty villa for the time being, so waiting at home alone for someone who can’t come back will make her look as pathetic as they said The blue Bentley car was not slow, and quickly turned across a street and drove into Yanjiang Road.
The river breeze slowly blew in.
Shen Qiqi looked at the white water outside the car window, her eyes were out of focus. It has been three years since she promised her father to marry into the Qi family. Three years ago, because of an accident at a banquet, she got drunk and lost herself to others. Afterwards, she found out that it was Qi Yunyi.
Ken stepped into her room for half a step and cared about being romantic and happy outside, and her widowhood for three years has now become a joke in the eyes of everyone, is it worth it? Shen Qi thinks about her mother and the company she has put her heart and soul into.
It should be worth it, right? The second wife’s car stopped on the river embankment at some point.
Uncle Wang answered a phone call and reported to Shen Qi Qi that the young master came back today and the kitchen is already preparing meals. See Shen Qi Qi regaining consciousness, looking at the sky, closing the car window and returning. Bar blue meets the sunset and merges into the traffic flow all the way through most of the urban area, and finally comes to a group of villas, and Qi’s house is located in the one with the best scenery by the mountains and water.
After entering the community, the car did not stop and drove to the gate of the villa garden.
The Angel Fountain, illuminated by the afterglow of the sunset, finally stopped slowly at the bottom of the steps of the villa. The maid who had been waiting there respectfully opened the car door and carefully took the lady’s bag from Shen Qiqi’s hand to welcome her in. Shen Qiqi walked into the hall and scanned Asking around to welcome the butler, Uncle Wang said that the eldest brother is coming back today? The butler explained that it would take a while for the youngest to get home due to flight delays, and the second youngest was also notified by the youngest to come back for dinner tonight. The butler specially mentioned such a sentence, Shen Qi There is no response because it is useless to come back. So many examples in the past have shown that Qi Yunyi regards her as a shame that she was forced to submit to the family arrangement, resulting in an involuntary marriage. She humiliated her to show that he is powerless to resist the oppression of reality.
People in their twenties are still so childish and ridiculous.
No matter if he cooks the dishes that big brother loves, I will go back to the room to wash Shen Qi and get ready to go upstairs.