Che called Qinglang comfortably Master Han asked the concierge what was the matter The boy was about to speak but saw Han Gengyao took back

The scorching sun is in the sky, the loess stretches and the golden light makes people feel impetuous. A woman in a cloth robe with a blue headscarf and a basket on her back is holding the scorching sun and pushing open the heavy wooden door. Yaya Niang An eight or nine-year-old girl came out of the door and combed her hair with a pair of flat buns. Wearing a green onion white skirt, oval face, small face, white tender eyes, black and quiet lips, small and lovely, she was holding a half-new book in her hand, and she hurt her eyes while reading carefully.
The woman was helpless. The third generation of the Su family was a farmer.
Their husband and wife have been married for more than ten years and only have this one daughter. Naturally, she has grown up pampered.
This book will be returned in two days. Worried that the crops will be dry, then you can rest for a while, I will go out to release the ducks, come back early, don’t run out every day, carefully tan the skin, the woman told the girl, said hello, and left with a book. The girl’s name is Su Xijin, her nickname is Yaya, she lives in Xiangyang The village came through time travel three years ago.
Before time travel, she also called this name.
She was the executive county magistrate of a fourth-tier city.
To help fight poverty, she encountered a mudslide during a field trip to the countryside. After waking up, she came here. Su Xijin is where she is now There is no record in the history of the Chen Dynasty, but according to her analysis, the national conditions should be similar to those in the early Song Dynasty. The Chen Jian Dynasty two generations ago.
Everyone in the village makes a living by farming.
The Su family is a relatively wealthy family in Xiangyang Village. Su Xijin’s third uncle is the only scholar in the village. Half of Su Xijin’s books are bought from Su Yiren in exchange for half of the village in the north of Xiangyang Village. People in the village usually play in the stream, touch fish and wash clothes.
When Su Xijin arrived, she saw two girls playing by the stream. Su Xishang, isn’t that your sister? The girl in pink nudged her playmate next to her with her elbow. It is the granddaughter of the village chief, Li Xiaohua, she is not my sister Su Xishang from the uncle’s family raised her head and snorted coldly, we have separated a long time ago, she looks very good-looking. Smile, look, she still has a book in her hand. Don’t pay attention to her. She just likes to pretend she’s good-looking. If she’s rich, she pretends to be rich.
Who should she be? Upstream of the creek, who has been an official for many years, she is not angry because of two little girls.
Mighty and domineering, it is said that it is the ancestral house of an official in Beijing. People in the village call it the red house. Usually, children are not allowed to come here. Su Xijin is not taboo. When there are people in the downstream, she will come here to read in the grape shed. Today’s house is a little different. Some people made noise in Yueyue Su Xijin just entered the state and heard a bang, a large piece of water poured over his head Hey, you little devil can pick places, this voice is extremely arrogant, it sounds young and looks like a teenager, Yunyu, didn’t you say that there is no place here? People? Whose voice is this? The sound came again. Su Xijin turned around and saw a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy standing behind him with thick eyebrows and big eyes.
Zhou Zhenggang was resolutely dressed in a purple brocade jacket embroidered with mountains and clouds.
A short sword was tied around his waist, and the scabbard was inlaid with a thumb-sized thumb.
The emerald green is translucent, which she has never seen in two lifetimes.
It should be a child in the village. Don’t be frightened.
Just as I was waiting to inquire, I saw a 12 or 13-year-old boy in white clothes and shawls walking in outside the grape shed. The aristocratic young man walking out of the painting is not stained with dust, but his body is too slender and his face is pale.
It is obviously hot in summer, but he wears several layers of clothes, which makes him look sick. Are you Su Xijin asking about our identity? Su Xijin secretly raised his eyebrows, this kid is quite arrogant, my surname is Han, and I am also from the village There is a faint smell of medicinal herbs on your body, little sister, your clothes are wet, I will ask the servants to take you to change, but the sun coat is thin and dried in the sun Su Xijin shook her head indifferently, but she opened her arms to reveal her bosom The book just came out of nowhere, even though she held it in her arms for the first time, most of it was wet, and it looked like it might not be able to recover, but this book was borrowed by me, if it can’t be returned to Zhao, it will never be borrowed again. You mean let us As soon as I finished talking about compensating for your book, the young man in purple went into a riot to appease the young man in white. He shook his head in disapproval and explained this book gently to Su Xijin.
My study didn’t compensate you for two taels of silver, okay? In this era, movable type printing has not yet been invented.
Books haven’t yet. It takes about two taels of silver to make a book for the common people.
Su Xijin nodded and agreed with her.
If you lose money, this old book should be yours. Pretending to be generous. An old book can be exchanged for two taels of silver.
If you want me to do it, Su Xijin turned around and saw the young man in purple lying on the stone slab with his legs up.
Gentleman’s belly, Su Xijin just pretends not to hear appeasement, blunt temper and no malice The favored princess participated in the imperial examination as a commoner at the age of sixteen and won the first prize in the Manchu Dynasty.
It was a sensation because she was a woman. Although the emperor did not confer a large official position, she still used her name to stay in Qing Dynasty. At the end of the prehistoric dynasty, Princess Xie Min led the army and killed the enemy. A woman is unable to turn the tide and finally the country is destroyed