Chapter Sixth suddenly saw a long strip of wavy unidentified object in the water that swam towards the two of them and prayed what is

Chapter 1 The inexplicable increase in fans The sixth day of the first day was very flustered.
After dinner, I leaned on the sofa in the living room and logged on to Weibo. I saw that there were 300,000 fans. What is the concept? The 4,000 zombie fans bought for 100 yuan is the boss who bought the zombie fans for an event. Buy 4,000 and get 296,000. On the sixth day, she shook her head.
When she bought it, she bargained with the boss and let him give 50 more. I’m so stingy, I’m sure it’s not a private message from the boss. There are more than 3,000 private messages.
Sister, sister, you are so beautiful, little beauty.
I’m 1.
85m, can cook, sing, love to play basketball, and like to listen to music.
Graduated from the big city Tieling Shuguang Technical Secondary School Now Be an electric welding teacher at Lanxiang Technical School.
Would you like to date me? You look good, but you are just a little bit worse than me. Don’t be discouraged. There is still room for improvement. You can pay attention to my Weibo. Micro-plastic surgery makes you more beautiful. What is it? Who will tell her that there is nothing related to her when I open the hot search one by one? Why did she become a follower for no reason? Thinking about Chu Liu, she searched her Weibo name in the search bar to see if there were any clues Chu Liu’s Weibo The name is the sixth day of junior high school. At the beginning of the sixth day, I wanted to call this kind of English name. Internet celebrities call it this way. There is an English prefix in the front and a Korean name in the back. But when I changed the name, I saw a popular science blogger saying so.
In the eyes of foreigners, those popular English names on the Internet are like the iron pillars of emerald flowers and wealth in the eyes of Chinese people. They feel enlightened in the sixth day of junior high school.
After thinking for a long time, they finally used the number six in the name. The sixth day of Dasu is very satisfied After clicking on the search on the sixth day, I saw the latest selected Weibo I finally found the clues I quit Weibo and posted on the Tianya Forum. A post attracted the attention of the sixth grader. Take a look at the beauties I met in those years.
As the saying goes, the world is beautiful everywhere, but you lack a pair of eyes that will discover it, and the host has it.
With the eyes of so many years of experience in the rivers and lakes, the host also saw countless beauties.
Next, the old driver will take you to drive and sit still. I have seen how wretched the person who posted this post was. On the sixth day of the sixth day, I was silently complaining, and my fingers kept sliding the screen.
It seems that this is not about her.
I just wanted to go back and continue to look at other posts. I saw my own photo. The last one is this one. The photo is the treasure of my town building. The landlord named it cute baby.
I really don’t want to release it, but since everyone is so enthusiastic, the landlord will not keep it private. This is what I found when I was playing in Happy Valley, and I was shocked. After buying the ice cream, I mustered up the courage to strike up a conversation, and the person had disappeared. The picture shows Chu Liu sitting obediently on a low chair by the flower bed, with her hands crossed, her eyes quietly looking at the roller coaster in front of her, and her waist-long hair. blown by the wind from You can even feel the long eyelashes vibrating from the angle of the photo My sister is so cute, my god, I finally know what type of girl paper I like, and I can’t get back to my senses after looking at this photo on the sixth day of the post. The poster said that the Happy Valley is the pain in her heart.
In 2010, a tragic mechanical accident occurred in Happy Valley, more than 60 meters high, which is equivalent to the height of a 20-story building. The parents who died were Chu Liu’s parents at the age of 68 at the beginning of the year. Afterwards, the amusement park paid a huge amount of compensation, but it still couldn’t make up for the pain of the death of both Chu Liu’s parents.
Sitting quietly on the small chair for a whole day, now she has come out of the pain at that time, but she still misses her parents, sniffed her nose on the sixth day of the lunar new year, and no longer remembers it. Now she finally knows why she has become popular, and it’s fine.
When it was her publicity, she originally wanted to open an online store. At the beginning, she wanted to learn from online celebrities and plan to manage Weibo well to win over fans and build a foundation for the online store. She couldn’t beat the blow of reality, except for those 4,000 zombie fans.
Those who pay attention to her are all micro-business advertisements.
Where is she developing customers? She has been developed into customers. Now at least she is considered a small Internet celebrity.
Although the online store she plans to open is women’s clothing, now follow her Most of them are men. The sixth day of junior high school is also very satisfying. It is enough to have someone pay attention, but life is so dramatic.
Occasionally, there is an unexpected surprise, and sometimes a surprise surprise. Bo fans have already exceeded a million, and now the sixth day is like Fan Jinzhong is stupid Ding ding ding ding ling 666 You’re hot ah, the sound of the buddy song and dance came from the phone I, me, me, my sixth day stuttered You, you, you, you, go to Weibo and check the trending searches to find out hahaha, don’t forget to sign me when the time comes, so I can sell it and hang up, you Mongolian doll, go to Weibo and check it out Qu Wu joked and hung up The most beautiful anchor is recruited for Aishang live broadcast Recruiting the most beautiful anchor Aishang Recently, a new platform for live broadcasting is being vigorously developed. Beauties gather. You are beautiful, you are talented, you are funny, you are welcome as long as you have a heart that wants to live broadcast To sign up for this live broadcast, the top 20 will be selected from the elimination system to sign a gold medal contract with this platform for live broadcast. The first place will have a cash reward of 200,000 yuan. The registration method is as follows: Attached is the hot comment area