Chapter A Ling A Ling of the Black Wing Guild Su Chi was a little at a loss seeing A Ling like this she should

If the data is wrong, please verify the iris password. A pleasant mechanized female voice came.
Su Chi opened his right eye. A laser beam swept across his pupil. Verification is complete. The player is logging in to the Demon Realm.
Welcome to the Demon Realm. The world’s most popular holographic game players connect to the network through the game cabin, and the equipment in the game cabin will establish a connection with the player’s cerebral cortex, making the player feel as if they are in the game.
Due to the popularity of the game, it is derived from this game.
There are too many power leveling studios, and Su Chi, who has just graduated from university, is one of them, and he will not be able to find a job for a short while. This game Su Chi opened his eyes, and the dazzling sunlight immediately shone in, making his lacrimal glands involuntarily start to secrete tears. Even though it is a virtual world, everything seems to be real.
No, I was offline in the underground labyrinth yesterday.
How could it be? In the sunshine, Su Chi immediately rubbed his eyes and carefully looked at the surrounding environment. This is a town full of people, medieval European town-style buildings, bustling players and people wearing town costumes, but in Su Chi’s eyes This is indeed no stranger here.
This is Xinshou Village.
He was the first batch of Chinese players to enter here when China opened up a month ago. Is this my account hacked? Impossible, indeed, it is impossible to hack my account because of the iris password.
It is said that the non-existing player himself is the account. At this time, Su Chi realized that his skill column, backpack column, and inventory column were completely different from the original one. Except for Ni Lin, his game character was different from the beginning to the end.
The data was wrong. This must be a data error, Su Chi muttered, but he spent a lot of hard work on this game, he didn’t want to waste a month of hard work, he still wanted to rely on the game to earn the first pot of gold in his life, log out and try again It’s really impossible to find the game operator to make a decision. He called out the operation panel and prepared to exit the game.
Game Settings Operation Settings Online Banking Turned on the social system again, and sure enough, the option of contacting online was also grayed out and couldn’t be used at all. What’s going on? Only then did he have time to look at his attire, and suddenly found that he was actually dressed like those on the street.
The townspeople of this town This is my costume. Just when Su Chi was flustered, two game players walked towards him.
Look at you, you look nervous. There must be some hidden mission, right? One is holding an epee and holding the world invincible on his head. The male player who looks awesome said to Shenji what the hell, I’m a player, have you ever seen someone with such a unique name as Ni Lin? Su Chi yelled at that player, it’s already annoying enough, buddy I’m here to add It’s messed up, wow, but you’re wearing exactly the same clothes as the townspeople.
Is this the new official fashion? Another female player immediately said, dear, you’re reading it wrong, didn’t you see the holy shield in his column? How could it be a player? But this very interesting male player said, can you stay away from me? Su Chi almost growled, while clicking the gray contact online button in vain, while searching for a way to exit the game.
Originally, there are holographic games that run in the game cabin.
An option to force quit is to forcibly turn off the power of the game cabin in the game, but later research found that this may cause damage to the human brain, so the subsequent games do not have this option, etc.
Su Chi just saw the power outage and then It immediately dimmed again.
He has lived in this city for four years.
It seems that such a power outage has never happened. As for not paying electricity bills, in this society with a very complete welfare system, personal electricity consumption is completely free for residents, so there is no need.
Maybe use this method to forcibly get out and ask other players to help call the police Su Chi thought of another way. What kind of plane is your official doing? But there is no mission scroll above this head. If there is no mission or activity, just walk away.
Didn’t see that I was busy. Leveling? It’s over. This method can be regarded as a failure.
In the era of such advanced technology, no one would believe that there would be people trapped in the game and unable to leave. If you make a false alarm, you need to pay a large fine. After visiting Xinshou Village for a whole morning, Su Chi still made no progress in communicating with players.
Su Chi, helpless, could only silently look at his own character. This game has levels and occupations just like players, and basic attributes such as attack, defense, and health are all complete.
The only difference is that they have several special skills, passive holy shield, Su Chi only found such a lonely skill in the skill bar, of course he is no stranger to this skill, this is a passive skill passive holy shield that everyone in the safe zone has. You temporarily have a holy shield protection that can resist an attack and is immune to all control and immune to 50% damage for the next ten seconds.
When the holy shield is broken, you need to leave the battle for ten minutes before refreshing the next holy shield. The skill is very strong because there was a version in which some players took pleasure in killing and some functions completely failed