Chapter 63 Cut off half a step and gather spirits to kill the old man The next moment he came out he appeared on Lu

Under the scorching sun, the temperature in Bailin Town is unbearably hot. Many people are lying lazily at home to avoid the scorching sun, but at this moment, the scene in Lu’s house is different haha, accompanied by bursts of shouts.
About a hundred teenagers and girls practiced their boxing skills with the scorching sun on their heads.
Although some of the teenagers’ moves were unfamiliar and their boxing skills were immature, but because of the large number of people, the dust was blowing up, but it was quite imposing, but the majestic middle-aged man in front of them was Brows furrowed, extremely dissatisfied with their performance, reprimanded loudly, did you cheer me up, didn’t you eat lunch? Martial arts are the first to start your journey, you are at this stage when you are laying the foundation, you need to practice hard, even the heat can’t bear it in the future How to become a strong man Seeing that the martial artist was angry, he stopped his movements and didn’t dare to take a breath.
The middle-aged man saw that everyone bowed their heads, as if listening to the teachings, and nodded in satisfaction, but his mouth was still unforgiving. Seeing that the current juniors are not as good as one generation after another, even a cripple is harder than you. The martial artist couldn’t help but closed his eyes and practiced in the green shade in the distance. There was a bit of pity in his eyes. Following the eyes of the martial artist, when they saw the figure of the black-clothed young man sitting upright and practicing, many people had more sarcasm in their eyes no matter how hard they worked Doing useless things and wanting to cultivate, could it be that God sees your hard work and can make you look like a sea again? Among the crowd, a young man with a horse face sneered, obviously displeased with the behavior of the young man in black. Hearing this, the martial artist’s face sank. Loudly shouted Lu Yun, who made you talk, you want to be punished, right? That horse-faced boy named Lu Yun saw the martial master angry and begged for forgiveness, Uncle Li, I was wrong, I was wrong, why not continue training Uncle Li Lengheng Ignore this person but let them start practicing boxing again. The boy in black didn’t open his eyes as if he hadn’t heard it, but his clenched fists quietly revealed that his heart was not without waves.
Lu Yu is not a member of the Lu family in Bailin Town, but a member of the main family of the Lu family in Tianyang County. Two years ago, because Qi Hai was abolished and could no longer practice, he was sent to a branch family to let him fend for himself. During these two years, Lu Yu has also suffered a lot. My eyes are full of bullying, and now I am no different from a useless person. Lu Yu laughs at himself in his heart.
In this continent, everyone admires martial arts.
A rebellious face appeared in the middle, God Zhao Yang, he spat out the name between his teeth, clenched his fists tightly, because of anger, his arms were veined with veins, he owes everything to this person today, Lu Yu urinated since he was a child, his parents passed away The status in the Lu family is low, but his cultivation talent is incomparably outstanding. At the age of only fourteen, he broke through the pulse-opening state and successfully entered the spirit-gathering state, becoming an influential figure among the younger generation of the Lu family. When he was fifteen years old, he was It is a pity that the super sect chose to become the disciple of Daoxuanzong.
Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. During the sect contest, he was narrowly defeated by Zhao Yangshen’s subordinates. What made him even more desperate was that Zhao Yangshen’s extremely ruthless moves were fatal.
The door rules directly shattered his own sea of ​​energy, making him unable to practice in this life. There is nothing new under the sun.
Lu Yu, who returned to the family again, was deprived of the halo of genius and became a useless person who could not practice for life. Naturally, he was excluded by the family members.
People are always very happy to laugh at those fallen geniuses. Facing the geniuses that they could only look up at before, many people who have fallen from the altar will choose to step on it. Lu Yu returned to the family for three months. I’ve seen the warmth and coldness of human relationships, under everyone’s cold eyes, I took the initiative to apply to be transferred to the branch house in Bailin Town, to stay away from that right and wrong place, all this is because of that person. Yangshen is extremely talented and comes from a rich family with unimaginable training resources for him to squander and enter the country.
He was five years old and opened his pulse at twelve years old.
Facing this person, even if Lu Yu hadn’t been abolished, he wouldn’t dare to say that he could surpass him, let alone now that his sea of ​​qi is broken, and even the most basic training of breathing and breathing is difficult to do. What can I do to avenge him? This is not ours. Genius, why are you sitting here alone and spitting out? Could it be that you still don’t give up on wanting to grow a sea of ​​energy, but it won’t work? When Lu Yu was immersed in his thoughts, an abrupt voice came over. Lu Yu opened his eyes and stood up. The training is over.
More than a hundred boys and girls in the square had dispersed under Uncle Li’s order, but there were still a few boys who didn’t go out but walked towards him.
The horse-faced boy in the lead was the one who had taunted Lu Yu before and was reprimanded by Uncle Li. Seeing this, Lu Yun and Lu Yu’s heart sank and he didn’t want to tangle with him. Just as he was about to leave, he was stopped by Lu Yun with a stride.
Lu Yun, what do you mean? This kind of hard-working genius made gestures and gestures.
Lu Yun casually opened his mouth to sneer and sneer. Hearing this, Lu Yu’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley.
Obviously, Lu Yun had been taught by Uncle Li for mocking Lu Yu before.
Don’t dare to be arrogant in front of Uncle Li, you can only vent your anger on yourself Lu Yun, it’s not good for you to bully such a waste, right? It can be said that he is a veritable genius. I heard that he was promoted to the Spirit Gathering Realm at the age of fourteen.
He is much better than us.