Chapter 45 An angry Charlotte Charlotte points at the jerseys of Schneiderlin Adam Lallana and others Look at your own jerseys omg I thought you

Competitive colleagues are passionate and funny. Soccer words are tens of thousands of words.
Tens of thousands of total clicks. Ten thousand weeks of recommendations. I am Charlotte and this is my story.
Welcome to a world about football. What football symbolizes to me is without a doubt Excerpted from Second Life Chapter 57, Section 8, Old Rules Xiao Qi’s books have never represented a standpoint or point of view, but only for Bojun’s smile.
The Chinese ending chapter 1. Charlotte is troubled by the weather in England.
People say that everyone complains about it. London’s climate has only two seasons a year, one is the rainy season and the other is the non-rainy season. The rainy season has about 300 days a year.
In Hampshire, southeast England, the weather here is exceptionally bright. The sun shines on the waves and the sea wind caresses the harbor. The sailors are singing their favorite traditional songs, and they are setting sail. The seagulls are hovering in the sky, following the fishing boats and flying into the distance. Charlotte looked at this scene and couldn’t help but think of a sentence from the former King of Old Trafford Cantona. The seagulls sailed with the fishing boats because they thought there would be sardines thrown into the sea.
Sunshine, sand, and waves had nothing to do with Charlotte.
Shaking his head and sighing, he turned to the next destination.
Charlotte, with black hair, yellow skin, and black eyes, was an international student from China.
He graduated from the famous Cologne Institute of Physical Education in Germany.
Because of a car accident, he returned to the familiar Cologne University, the familiar graduation season, and the familiar crossroads of life. It took Charlotte half a month to believe that turning back time really existed.
The pain of pinching my thigh hard is very real, isn’t it real, but everything is as illusory as a dream? Is it the last time or this time? It’s time to go back in time. About the year Charlotte felt when she graduated from the Cologne Institute of Physical Education and got into a car accident. It was like a dream. When I woke up, I was still lying on the bed in the dormitory of the University of Cologne.
No matter what, I had to continue my life in this life. Charlotte did not choose to go back to China to find a domestic club or work for a sports company Charlotte intends to stay in Europe, thinking that she can save her life.
With her experience and vision five years ahead of the world, she will definitely be able to stand out.
So the arrogant Charlotte rejected the Cologne club head coach Staller’s invitation to join the Cologne youth team coaching staff. As a youth team coach, Olive Branch went to the Bundesliga team Hamburg to apply for a head coach, because Hamburg is currently the only team in the Bundesliga that has no head coach.
It is no accident that Charlotte, who has no teaching experience, was not accepted by Hamburg.
He didn’t even see the chairman of the Hamburg club, and he didn’t stay here.
He stayed here, and Charlotte had the experience of being rejected.
After learning this time, he didn’t go directly to the Bundesliga club, but went to Germany for the second best. Bundesliga Bochum, Brunswick, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Aachen, Bundesliga Bundesliga 18 teams. He almost searched for more than half of them, but was rejected.
A Chinese with no coaching experience just graduated from university and wanted to become a professional team.
Has the news of being the head coach of the Bundesliga team or even the Bundesliga team spread in the German football circle? There is a way, one radish and one hole. Charlotte wants to become the head coach of a team, so the original head coach can only be fired, so the German coaching circle regards Charlotte as a joke.
She can’t stay in Germany. Charlotte has to go. England, the birthplace of modern football, tried it out.
England has a mature five-level professional league with a total of more than 100 professional teams.
There is always a suitable West Ham United, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough and even some League One.
There is also no club in League Two that hires Charlotte as the head coach, but many clubs want to invite him to be the youth team coach and first-team coach because he has a senior coach certificate issued by FIFA.
With the last hundred pounds in her coat pocket, Charlotte is annoyed that she will soon have nothing to eat, sighs and then goes to the south coast to try her luck. If nothing is found in the end, then Charlotte will consider finding a job that can be filled first. After a full month of hard work, Charlotte calmed down and thought about it for a while.
Perhaps she was really too ambitious. How about accumulating some experience from the youth team and making her resume look better? But after working in the youth team for several years, my own advantages will be gone. Alas, Charlotte is still very troubled.
Sometimes bad weather can make people feel worse, and sometimes no matter how good the weather is, it can’t make an upset When people calm down, it’s like the Swiss Nicola Curtis who is sitting in his office now, scratching his itchy scalp, and then taking a sip of the coffee brought by his beautiful secretary. Nicola Curtis is The club chairman of England’s Champions League team Southampton. Swiss owner Markus Liebherr bought the club. Nicola Curtis has been working in this century-old club. Last season, the team won the English First Division. Although the second place in the British third-tier league did not win the championship, at least it got a place to directly advance to the English Champions League without having to play the unreliable promotion play-offs. The team stopped the decline in time and did not continue. It would be a happy thing to sink down, and the club is planning to go all out to be promoted to the English Premier League, which all English teams dream of. Southampton was originally a member of the Premier League group, and it has always been the Premier League before.
Unfortunately, the team was relegated to the English Championship during the season, and this has been sinking for several years. Last season, that is, the team was even relegated to the League One.
Although most of the reason is the change of the club’s top management. But it is unacceptable for the team itself.
Fortunately, last season, it got the promotion spot and only came for a two-day tour in League One.