Chapter 294 Crushing the boundless sea of ​​blood the raging waves hit countless bloodcolored monsters standing in the waves surging with the waves like a

There are endless mountain ranges in the vast and prehistoric legends.
There are innumerable peaks and dangerous valleys. Since ancient times, there are countless mountains in the endless mountains.
There are ancient monsters and beasts that live for thousands of years. They can swallow the splendor of the sun and the moon. In just a few moments, you can turn rivers and seas, tear the sky and tear apart the earth, and become the great horror of the world. However, the hardships of the world are always cruel.
Life forces people to have nowhere to go. In order to continue their lives, they have to risk themselves. Drugs make a living Now that the imperial court is corrupt and the king is in power, the world is in chaos, wars are everywhere, and the people are in dire straits.
Many people go deep into the wilderness with their families to escape the troubled times and avoid being caught by the strong men. Many people are buried in the belly of animals. Two figures, one big and one small, walked slowly, Grandpa, how far are we until we arrive? An immature voice panted and asked, seven or eight years old, with a small medicine basket on his back, in which were several plants of Rhizoma Polygonatum and the like There is also a water bag and a few pieces of dry food, a pair of bright eyes on a slightly dark face, sweat drips down the temples, the boy holds the arm of the old man beside him, and follows step by step, his legs can barely move, but he persists without saying a word Followed by the old man’s dark eyes rolling around, curious about everything around him, the skinny old man straightened his back and gasped deeply, his cloudy eyes cautiously looked around and thought for a moment, saying don’t worry, we’ll be there soon, I remember going around the big rock in front of us I can see the little boy looking up and looking a hundred feet ahead.
A stone the size of a house is lying halfway up the mountain.
In the dark and humid dense forest, it looks like a blood basin.
The mouth is dark and deep.
It makes people a little scared. Grandpa was also about your age when he went up the mountain with your grandfather. When I saw that century-old ginseng, it was as thick as your little hand at that time. Now it is estimated to be almost two hundred years old. Generally, no one will come to such a far place.
It should still be there. Save it when you grow up and dig it for you as a dowry to marry a good wife, but I never thought that your father and grandpa Xiaosong don’t want a daughter-in-law As long as Daddy comes back, the boy blinked his eyes seriously and said hehe Xiaosong, be good, your father will definitely come back, the old man is dry Gently stroking the little boy with his palm, looking at the distant northern sky, suffering and confused, only the boy beside him is the only reason for him to live Climbing the grass and trees, walking up the mountain step by step, the mountain road was difficult to walk.
Half an hour later, the two came to the boulder, already covered with sweat, breathless and panting.
The boy wiped his sweat and was too tired to walk. Gasping for breath, I suddenly found that there were engraved marks on the two-foot-sized stone. A bucket-thick dark red groove went three inches deep, which was similar in color to the brown stone. From a distance, I couldn’t see the strange marks on the surface of the boulder like a dragon and a snake. It stopped in shock at the root, as if being snapped off by a sharp weapon. Grandpa, what is this? The little boy stretched out his little hand Pointing to the pattern on it, the old man smiled and said this ah, back then, your grandpa said that this is the fairy script, which we mortals can’t understand. It’s not that bad, of course, with the old man, the immortals, they can fly around in the sky faster than a horse can run, they’re taller than an eagle can fly, they can blow down mountains with just one breath, they’re amazing, really they all live Is it in the sky? The boy blinked his bright eyes and asked earnestly.
Grandpa doesn’t know, but I heard that there are a few immortals living in our imperial city who can summon wind and rain and have great powers, but only the emperor of the royal family can meet us on the big day of sacrifice The old man stood up and said with a smile, Xiaosong has enough rest. Let’s walk a few more steps and we’ll be there soon.
When we dig out the old ginseng, we’ll go down the mountain immediately before it gets dark. We should be able to return to the village at noon tomorrow. Cheers, boy He jumped up with a sound, carried the small medicine basket on his back, and followed behind the old man, walked around the boulder and walked several tens of feet away. At a glance, he saw a touch of verdant green among the scattered forest leaves.
Under the palm-sized leaf, there was a bit of snow white, and there was a thin line around it. The thin red line circled around and found it.
The little boy cheered and helped the old man quickly stepped forward and took out a small medicine hoe more than one foot long to clear away the fallen leaves around.
The old man scraped away the surface soil with his hands.
The size is definitely a treasure in the world, and the value is immeasurable. The hoe dug up the soil and the ginseng was nearly a foot long. The old man was very excited. His wrinkled face looked like a blooming flower. Suddenly, a cold wind blew through the icy and bone-chilling forest leaves. There was a fishy smell in the rustling, damp air. The old man’s complexion changed drastically, revealing a flustered look. He hurriedly put the ginseng into his arms, pulled up the little boy beside him, and ran to the back. The voice was very low, and he said, “Xiaosong, go fast, there is a beast.
” They came, but before they ran to the boulder, they suddenly stood upright, their bodies trembling, their faces were horrified, and they looked ahead in horror, only to see a big black snake hovering beside the brown boulder at some time The body is five or six feet long, and the two green triangular eyes are like two bright lamps emitting a faint light.
The snake mouth is slightly open, and the red tongue keeps flicking and hissing. Dazed, my stomach rolled for a while, the grandpa and the boy were so frightened that they burst into tears and almost cried.
A pair of small hands tightly grasped the old man’s sleeves, and his legs trembled, and they were about to collapse on the ground. Although the two of them also live in the mountains, where have they ever seen such a huge python, they immediately thought of it. According to the admonition handed down from the ancestors, there are demons in the mountains