Chapter 123 The cat boss Meihua rushed to sleep powder Bai Ye activated the sleep powder while the circle bear was still unable to move

The author’s self-defined label is easy to be invincible in the plane.
Chapter 1 I just arrived here. What is this place? When Bai Ye opened his eyes, he saw an old wrinkled face. The cry of this child is so loud, the future is limitless, the old lady said to the lady lying on the bed, let me see my child, the lady said weakly, madam, be careful, the old lady carefully put the child on her hands to the lady At this time, Bai Ye had the opportunity to look at his mother, Miyuki Uchiha, who had just given birth, her face was pale, her long purple hair was scattered on the pillow, and there were a few strands of purple hair stuck to her sweaty forehead. The lady gently stroked her Bai Ye in her arms also asked his wife to name the child The old lady said respectfully, let’s call it Bai Ye, Uchiha Bai Ye Uchiha Miyuki said to the old woman on the side, Miyuki, how are you? The door of the room was pushed rudely by someone A handsome middle-aged man ran to Miyuki Uchiha’s side, I’m fine, Miyuki Uchiha said softly, I just said Mrs. Lian is the best stable woman in our Uchiha clan, Miyuki will be fine, and then walked into a serious Chinese Young man, am I nervous? The man shyly scratched his hair and said, “Okay, I know, stop your missions for the past two days, and stay with their mother and son with peace of mind.” The serious middle-aged man said, “Okay Uchiha Kiyoshi.” Nodding gratefully, in the following days, Uchiha Kiyoshi will wholeheartedly cooperate with Uchiha Miyuki and Uchiha Byakuya Time flies, it has been three years and three years later, Uchiha Byakuya finally knows that he has arrived in the world of Naruto How difficult it is for a language idiot to learn Japanese. Although Bai Ye didn’t know why he woke up to Naruto, the cheating world, but since it came, Anzhi learned Japanese. However, I have waited for a lot of useful information. For example, I was born in the prominent Uchiha clan. My father is a Jōnin Uchiha clan patriarch Uchiha Fuqiu’s younger brother who opened Sangouyu Shalunyan. The mother does not seem to be a Uchiha clan. The strength of the woman is about Medical ninjas at the chunin level are very fortunate that this year is the year of Konoha, and there are still nine years before the year when the Uchiha clan will be exterminated What’s more, Bai Ye is three years old this year, it’s time to practice.
The cultivation of the big family starts from a baby.
Early in the morning, Bai Ye was pulled out of the bed by Kiyoshi Uchiha.
Today, let’s talk about the seriousness of Chakra Uchiha Kiyoshi. Looking at the white night, I know, chakra is a kind of energy produced by the perfect fusion of mental energy and physical energy. It is generally used to perform ninjutsu, and it can also be made into a thread to bind the opponent or cut off the material white night that is also composed of chakra.
After taking a sip of water, he continued to say that chakra is simply the energy necessary to use ninjutsu, and this energy is roughly absorbed by the body’s energy absorbed from trillions of cells in the human body.
The amount of spiritual energy that has been cultivated through a lot of practice and accumulated experience means that the so-called ninjutsu absorbs these two kinds of energy from the body and refines it, which is called chakra extraction.
Kiyoshi Uchiha is not surprised by his son’s erudition. Since Bai Ye was two years old, he has spent almost every day in the family library. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge since you already know about chakra. I won’t talk nonsense here. This is chakra paper. Don’t tell me that you haven’t extracted chakra. I will despise you.
Kiyoshi Uchiha took out a square piece of white paper and handed it to Bai Ye, saying don’t worry about me But a genius, Bai Ye clamped the chakra paper with his index and middle fingers and input the chakra.
One area was split, one area became wrinkled, and one area was wet.
As a descendant of the Uchiha clan who controls fire, Bai Ye has the three attributes of Feng Shui and Thunder, but he is the only one. The lack of fire is really because of Miyuki. Uchiha Kiyoshi frowned. After the test, Bai Ye was also nervous. Now Bai Ye realized that he did not have the fire attribute.
Chakra’s face also became very ugly.
Don’t care about these details. Uchiha Kiyoshi Reassuring Dawn that nothing is wrong, Bai Ye nodded. This scroll is my ninjutsu experience for many years. I will give it to you now, Dad.
I am only three years old now.
Can you just hand over the ninjutsu scroll to me right now? I looked at the scroll in my hand and asked, it’s not too late, don’t think I don’t know you’re secretly learning ninjutsu, Uchiha Kiyoshi said casually, okay, I know I can’t hide it from you, Bai Ye said helplessly, Master Qing, patriarch, please go over for a Uchiha The members of the family are suddenly in front of Uchiha Kiyoshi and Bai Ye.
I know it. Go back and tell my elder brother that I will go to Uchiha Kiyoshi immediately and nod. Sorry, Bai Ye will come back and test your cultivation results. Years may seem like a long time, but if you want to reach the Kage rank in nine years, it is almost impossible.
Even if you reach the Kage rank, you will be powerless against Uchiha Obito and others, so after three years of leisure, Bai Ye is urgent. Sharingan is the most powerful in Hokage, but the eye-opening conditions of Sharingan are extremely strict and require strong stimulation, but for a three-year-old child, there is a strong stimulation there. Open Uchiha Kiyoshi’s scroll and there are some records. Simple super ninjutsu, no matter how small a mosquito is, it’s still meat. Besides, those advanced ninjutsu are not realistic for me to learn now.
I know the principle of haste makes waste. Shirao also looked at the scroll quietly.
Saya had dinner. Shirao’s mother Uchiha Miyuki Walked over with a baby carved in powder and jade