Chapter 1 What is the broken shoe that father and son wear together Its simply a big story in the world people cant help but

Jiang Yan watched the news on TV and looked at the balance on his mobile phone with a hint of excitement on his face. A week ago, he was still the little guy who had been in the investment bank for more than ten years but was still doing nothing.
After a car accident, he opened and closed his eyes.
Back in the past year, the life was mediocre, and seeing the world is in a state of incompetence. In this life, Jiang Yan no longer wants to live. He wants to stand at the pinnacle of his life in a glamorous way.
The fastest and fastest way to achieve this goal is to use the memories of the investment bank in his previous life and his experience. Experience in the rise of the financial industry, just the day after he was reborn, he encountered the first stock market riot in 2010.
In his previous life, he also experienced this stock market riot. He even invested all his capital in the stock market under the temptation of someone who cared about him.
For this reason, he secretly sent his parents The only house was mortgaged at a low price and borrowed money, but unfortunately the money was not returned.
I owed a foreign debt. Later, the house was forfeited. My parents didn’t know everything until they were kicked out of the house. My mother, who couldn’t stand the stimulus, had a heart attack half a year later. Paying off debts, working hard, exhausted, and sad, and died two years later. In this life, he still mortgaged his house and entered the stock market, but this time he won 10,000 yuan and doubled his principal within a week. He completed it in just one week.
The goal of being a multi-millionaire is not enough, not far enough. In the eyes of those real bigwigs, the pocket money for children is not worth mentioning. What he needs to do now is to develop steadily, as long as he catches the next few. The financial windfall will bring about one billion and two billion.
At that time, it will be the real pinnacle of his life. Just when Jiang Yan was planning how to plan the original funds to maximize the benefits, the door was pushed open.
Wearing a revealing low-cut top with exquisite makeup, a sexy woman walked in humming a little song, threw off her two high heels casually, sat lazily on the sofa, and looked at Jiang Yan, who was standing still, and frowned. Angrily snorted Jiang, are you a waste of eyes? Didn’t you see that I’m already tired and paralyzed? Why don’t you go get me a basin of water to wash my feet? No, I don’t think you should die, you can just find a rope and hang yourself, trash.
Jiang Yan looked at the woman with an extremely indifferent expression.
This is his wife Zhou Qianrong. In his previous life, he was inferior and licked dogs.
Even at the expense of being a door-to-door son-in-law, Zhou’s family still treats him like a dog who is called around.
Zhou Qianrong even gave him a cuckold. The hickey marks on her neck are enough to show how desperately she works to serve the outside world. The wild man in the previous life, even though Jiang Yan knew the green grassland above his head, he still endured it and begged her to turn around, but even so, after six years of marriage, he was still kicked out of the house like garbage. Licking the dog, licking the dog until there is nothing left, but that was the previous life, and now he is destined to be a dog again, that is impossible, I am very busy No time, Jiang Yan raised his eyelids and refused without hesitation.
Zhou Qianrong was stunned and then furious when she heard the words Then he casually picked up a glass on the table and threw it at Jiang Yan viciously. The glass went straight to Jiang Yan’s head. How cruel is Zhou Qianrong’s heart? She doesn’t pay attention to this nominal husband.
Jiang Yan has long been surprised by this. He used to accept it obediently, but now he doesn’t need it. He casually flashed to the side and the cup fell on it.
Fell to pieces on the ground, Zhou Qianrong, you are too much, Jiang Yan said coldly, I am too much, Zhou Qianrong jumped up angrily, her eyes were spitting fire, and she yelled at you, eat mine, wear mine, live in mine, you are a dog raised by my Zhou family, if I want to beat you, I will beat you Why is it too much? To be a dog, you must have the awareness of being a dog and dare to talk back to me.
You deserve it.
Just at this time, the mysterious Mr. Jiang made money in the stock market again. With a sneering face, he saw that no one with the surname Jiang made a fortune in the stock market for a week, but you, Jiang, don’t even understand what the stock market is, right? You and me, if you have a family, don’t even mention the ability to wash your feet and let me kneel in front of you and lick your feet with my tongue. I’m willing to do it, but it’s a pity that you don’t immediately kneel down and kowtow to admit your mistake. I forgive you once, otherwise I will divorce Jiang Yan immediately. Looking at the news, she suddenly smiled very playfully and mockingly.
If this woman knew that she was that Mr.
Jiang, I really don’t know what she would look like, but does she deserve to know? Then get a divorce.
Jiang Yan lowered his head slightly.
Indifferent Now, he is no longer the licking dog in his previous life.
Divorce is what he wanted, but Zhou Qianrong was stunned and raised her head with an unsure face.
What did you say about divorce? You want to divorce me hahahahaha She smiled and leaned forward and backward Unstoppable Jiang Yan, you trash, are you out of your mind? In this Jiangzhou city, you left my Zhou family. Believe it or not, you will have to sleep on the street tomorrow and divorce me. Who gave you the courage to say that? She suddenly picked up the one on the table again. The glass smashed to the ground, pointed at the shards all over the floor and sneered, now I will give you a chance to repent, as long as you kneel here and kowtow to me to make amends, I can consider forgiving your nonsense this time and allow you to stay by my side.
A dirt dog, but you have to remember to be obedient in the future, or I won’t give you another chance