Chapter 1 Heavenly Sword Misty Rain Divine Cloud Flying Tracks Fei Yuanqing shouted suddenly withdrew the sword and drew back and immediately split into four

Author’s custom label Dimension Traveling Ease Chapter A New Beginning The light of the morning sun in Guangzhou has shone in the courtyard of Baozhilin The door of the wing room was pushed open with a creaking sound A sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy dressed in white Stretching in his clothes and yawning, he came out of the room. The young man named Ren Yicheng was found fainted in front of Baozhilin’s gate one morning three months ago.
Baozhilin is the owner of the most famous medical center in Guangzhou. Huang Qiying is not only excellent in medical skills, but also superb in martial arts. He is admired by people throughout Guangzhou.
I remember my name, and everything else is just a question. I don’t know. The young man lost his memory and was homeless. Huang Qiying had no choice but to temporarily keep Ren Yicheng in Baozhi Forest in order to prevent him from doing anything wrong when he was alone and helpless.
Ren Yicheng really lost his memory. But he doesn’t remember everything. Apart from his name, he at least remembers the place where he used to live. There will never be people with yin and yang hair and big braids.
In his mind, he has already realized that the current world is probably no longer the world he used to live in, but Ren Yicheng doesn’t care much about it.
Although he has lost part of his memory, it hasn’t changed the kind of contentment in his bones.
Personality now, three months later, his identity has changed from a patient to a formal apprentice of Bao Zhilin, with his toes hanging on the ground, his hands flat, happy, calm and stunned, he came to the hospital, Ren Yicheng first moved his hands and feet, and then muttered formulas in his mouth The horse stance was steady and he punched, seeing him standing straight and punching in a powerful posture, the horse stance and punching skills obviously had some progress. When Huang Qiying was teaching him, he once said that the first thing in martial arts is the foundation, the horse. Step Kung Fu is the first step in learning martial arts. The foundation of the foundation.
Of course, as an apprentice, Ren Yicheng can’t learn anything other than the basic Kung Fu of horse step punching. Half an hour later, Brother Cheng, the door next door opens A fourteen or fifteen-year-old boy came out with a small cloth bag and greeted Ren Yicheng with a smile on his face Fuel-efficient lamp Ren Yicheng stopped when he heard the words, and also greeted with a smile, “Is Feihong going to school so early?” The boy’s name is Huang Feihong, the son of Huang Qiying, the owner of Baozhi Forest An inexplicable sense of familiarity is especially true for the names of Huang Qiying and Huang Feihong, but it is a pity that he can’t remember where this familiarity comes from.
Huang Feihong said excitedly that there is a Cuju competition in the school today.
You should go there early and get ready Ren Yicheng said with a smile, then you have to work hard I wish you a successful start Huang Feihong said confidently, don’t worry, with my strength, I will definitely beat them one by one After finishing talking, he invited Ren Yicheng, would you like to go to the game with me? Ren Yicheng waved his hand and said, “I won’t go for a while, I have to help Aunt Fu Bofu and them fight Bao Zhilin.” It’s a medical clinic. As an apprentice, he sorts out medicinal materials and decocts medicines for patients. Of course, he has no reason to eat and live in Baozhilin for nothing. The front hall of Baozhilin is the consultation room where patients are received.
Dressed in a moon white gown, he looks heroic and looks like he is only thirty-four or five years old. At this time, he is concentrating on dealing with the continuous stream of patients. The day is mid-day and it is almost noon. The patients have not seen any reduction. In a corner of the courtyard outside the hall, Ren Yicheng is helping the blessings. My aunt decocted the medicine and suddenly there was a bang, I saw that the screen beside the consulting room suddenly fell down for some reason, the pulse was scattered and the inner void was like Huang Qiying’s voice sounded, he was giving the pulse to a bald man with a fierce face Ren Yicheng looked up and found this patient It seemed a bit dishonest. His left hand was held in Huang Qiying’s hand and he couldn’t move his right fist, but he kept attacking Huang Qiying with his legs, trying to break free from the shackles of his left hand, but Huang Qiying’s left hand didn’t move at all.
The right hand blocked at will and stopped the bald head’s attack as much as possible.
Gentle fire moxibustion to strengthen the source. While he was speaking, his right hand picked up a bamboo pot and roasted it on the fire, and then directly pressed it on the burnt part of the bald head’s left arm, cupping pot Adding to the body, the severe pain spread and the bald head suddenly screamed.
The silver needle pierced his limbs to disperse the fire poison.
Amidst the bald head’s screams, Huang Qiying stuck another silver needle in the acupuncture point of his arm, which hurt me to death.
I only felt the pain intensified, and amidst the roar, I kicked up and smashed the seat beside me, punched Huang Qiying again and rushed towards him, bang bang bang, the two of them met with fists and palms, Huang Qiying restrained the bald head again with a backhand in two or three moves. Pressed on the table and reprimanded you to be more honest, I’m helping you heal your wounds, I’m dying of pain, I’m in excruciating pain, my head is unbearable, but I can’t hear it, I’m still yelling, I’m still screaming, bear with it, now I only need a push from Wuhuo, and I’m done Huang Qiying massaged the bald head’s left arm repeatedly a few times with the help of Diadajiu, and then helped him bandage up.
The master drank tea and Ren Yicheng handed Huang Qiying a cup of tea. Huang Qiying nodded, took the teacup and asked the bald head with a smile, how is it? Hearing this, the bald head moved his arms, then clasped his hands respectfully, and said for a long time that he had heard about Master Huang’s medical martial arts.
Shuangjue’s test today really deserves its reputation. Huang Qiying smiled back and said, “This brother has won the prize, please pay fifty taels and fifty taels for the consultation.
It’s so expensive.