Chapter 1 Are you going to piss him off After getting to the big truck outside the window Song Zhiqin was stunned for a moment

Chapter 1 Give birth to an heir Yueyue The man I found for you this time is definitely the type you like I wish you a pleasant first experience I won’t do such a thing because I want to give birth to an heir as soon as possible, okay? Song Xingchen was very speechless and said, don’t worry, the other party is a poor student with no background, but he is very obedient and will not affect your plans.
I won’t tell you anymore.
Si Yueyue looked up at the room number and hung up the phone. She silently cheered herself up and was about to get the room card to open the door, but found that the door was not closed. Tsk tsk, this man’s security awareness is really serious As she spoke, she shook her head, pushed open the door and walked in, and saw a picture of a handsome man out of the bath.
The bathroom door was suddenly opened from the inside, and a man with a towel around his lower body came out. The man had a tall and straight abdomen.
There are eight sexy abdominal muscles neatly arranged, and the water drops along her high-quality and healthy wheat-colored skin all the way down, and finally hides in the bathrobe. Under the bath towel, only a section of the calf is exposed, which looks extraordinarily sexy.
It’s so tempting, those eight-pack abs, the perfect mermaid line, and the thick and powerful calves, Si Yueyue couldn’t help swallowing, his eyes were full of excitement, Song Xingchen’s dead-faced blind eyes were so good this time She found a handsome guy who looked skinny and fleshy when he took off his clothes, but where would be the best place to start? Before she could think about it, a cold male voice sounded, who are you? On his face, he has thick eyebrows, starry eyes, high nose bridge, beautiful thin lips, and his facial features are so exquisite that he can’t pick out any flaws, just like a work of art carefully carved by God. Even the way he squints and frowns is so handsome, how can this world be so handsome? Good-looking man, seeing how handsome he is, she decided to forgive him for his attitude towards her golden thigh, who didn’t even have a smile Gui nympho, she hasn’t forgotten the purpose of coming here, she needs to give birth to an heir as soon as possible to regain everything that belongs to her, this handsome guy, she’s asleep You are quite satisfied, don’t waste time, let’s start.
As she said, her fingertips landed on the man’s abs with a little tremor Si Yueyue frowned and said, “What are you doing? He just went to take a shower. This woman ran in out of nowhere. She thought it was his hidden identity and was found out. She was here to assassinate him. Unexpectedly, the woman in front of him not only yelled at him The nymphomaniac is still touching him lewdly now, Si Yueyue was stunned, and immediately realized that this man must be shy, so he rejected her, but she has no experience, and all of her reserved knowledge was found by Song Xingchen for her.
After a few love action movies, I hesitated for a while.
He blinked at Jin Sinian and said, “Don’t be shy. After all, we need to be a couple for a while.
Some things are unavoidable. Being a couple for a while, you are the woman A Chen said.
” Jin Sinian said with a very ugly face. What is Ah Chen? Is Song Xingchen the middleman? Thinking about it, Si Yueyue nodded and said yes, okay, let’s start. Seeing that Jin Sinian didn’t move, Si Yueyue ticked his palm and said softly, don’t be afraid that I will As she taught you, she stood on tiptoe and wanted to kiss the man’s thin and sexy lips. Jin Sinian frowned, shook off Si Yueyue’s restless hand, and took a step back, avoiding her lips perfectly. Indifferently said yes, we just need to act and don’t need to have sex Qi Mingchen that trash asked him to find an actor with good acting skills for him to simply act with him. The bed secretary became more and more shocked and felt like he was about to spit out a mouthful of old blood. How could she do it without going to bed? How could she give birth to an heir without going to bed? How the hell did Song Xingchen tell others that she was reliable in doing things before? In the end, even the most important thing was not explained clearly. Forget it, then I won’t go to bed today.
Si Yueyue feels a little depressed. I can’t go to bed today. The time of pregnancy will be one day later, and the time of revenge will also be later. It’s really depressing, but she can’t do such things as being strong to others.
After all, the man in front of her is handsome, innocent, and has red earlobes. It’s really unbearable to do it. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t know her well, so she resisted. Forget it, give him a few more days. After comforting himself, Si Yueyueqiang cheered up and said, since you are not ready, forget it, but the previous agreement has been signed, let’s get the marriage certificate first, so as not to be later. Thinking of Si Yueyue’s perverted look just now, Jin Sinian frowned and hesitated, but the mother’s illness can no longer be delayed, and the operation must be done as soon as possible. The mother is afraid that she will not be able to get off the operating table, so she wants to do it now.
Before the operation, I saw him get married and start a business, so he must find a wife as soon as possible and go back to make his mother feel at ease. Now there is no time for Qi Mingchen, that trash, to find another actor. Jin Sinian hesitated and agreed. You go out first, I have to change clothes. Your whole body is going to be mine, let me see what’s wrong Si Yueyue raised his eyebrows with his hands crossed in confusion and stood there without moving. This man’s figure is so good, she wants to appreciate it for a while longer? You go out Jin Sinian’s face is somber and cold Looking at Si Yueyue coldly, he was startled by Jin Sinian’s sudden powerful aura.
Si Yueyue pursed his lips and replied subconsciously, that’s okay.